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Set your alarm and get up. Then have your butt in the pew for the sunrise service like Grandma expected from you, you lazy heathen!

Hmm...I've got a couple or four crystals in that section of the band, and it looks like there's going to be an exorcism of Weinerville from 7415. What to do, what to do?

Wrong again. You're sounding great on Smolinski's skyloop, where ever that could be.

The station playing the Spud Boy's is Jamba Radio, HW.

Traffic out here in the Mojave in Yahweh's schoolbus. Audio is much better out West than in the East.

Audio is cutting out a little bit. Groundhog's haven't been getting into the privy studio's and gnawing on the patch cords, have they?

Sounds like the Chipmunks on ecstasy. I.D. was bell clear, but the audio on music is crap. Fat's Waller doesn't deserve a cover like this.

6945 khz, 0042z FEB 25, 2023 Irish Rose Radio", heard in western New York

I think this is the one that has been playing Zeppelin for the past while.
0041z ID as "Irish Rose Radio" at 0041, "catch you on St. Patrick's Day ... you have no idea what you're dealing with!"
(there have been some interfering signals and the dj has a strong opinion about that!)
0048z "Good bye, catch you on St. Paddy's Day"

A relocated Yankee lunatic?

St. Patrick? St. Palladius brought Christianity to Ireland. A real Irishman would know that.

Soul Deep / boxtops S5

Is Alex Chilton still alive? He did a killer demo cover "Jumpin' Jack Flash" when he was trying to revive his career after the Boxtops. Recorded it in a studio bathroom in Memphis right before he formed Big Star, named after a grocery store chain in the upper South.

The Big Star stores used to leave their produce in wooden display cases out front during the summer, which led to a lot of watermelons getting up and walking away in the middle of the night. Don't ask me how I know that.

S8 is WMPQ here in Central Wisconsin. Got SSTV Image: WMPQ, Where's My Precious QSL? OP sounds like Outhouse Radio.

Nah, he wouldn't do something like that. He'd tell you where to put that Precious QSL.

Fans of the University of Pittsburgh sing "Sweet Caroline" when they're about to win a football game. I can see fans in Boston doing it, Caroline's family was from nearby Hyannis Port, but Pittsburgh?

Strange segue from Ace Cannon into what's arguably the first reggae song, Desmond Dekker And The Aces, "The Israelites". It's the theme song to one of my favorite movies, "Drugstore Cowboy". "No hats on the bed! It's bad luck!"

Other / Re: Music in the AM Window 3870 AM 0801 UTC 26 FEB 2023
« on: February 25, 2023, 1616 UTC »
Bored and snowed in would be my guess. Calls up a buddy he knows is up and says, "Hey Chuck, I'm going to play a little music. Get back to me and let me know how my new audio settings are sounding." At least that's the way it used to work.

Activate the Cone of Silence, and fire up your shoe phones. Great stuff and most appreciated!


How many characters did Don Adams voice in those days? He was "Tennessee Tuxedo" in that time period, too.

That's an old station, nice to have them back on the air.

S8-S9 for Goat Cheese Radio here in Central Wisconsin. Content: The Pirate Radio Wars continue on air.

Don't they know modern pirate radio wars take place on blogs and in chatrooms? This isn't 2003 and the Battle of Lula. Pat Murphy and Radio Bob are dead and fertilizing the grass in graveyards.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: R. Mali 5995 0620UTC Feb 24
« on: February 24, 2023, 1403 UTC »
I used to love to listen to them in the middle of the 40 meter ham band late at night. Nothing but music and an ID when they got around to it. The rumor at the time, as reported in the old "Passport To World Band Radio" was you had to send them porn to get a QSL? I never chased after QSL's so I never found out.

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