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SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: KPH kiwi SDRs
« on: March 16, 2023, 0011 UTC »
Thanks for the info. I use those when things on the funny band go way long in the east.

Great to see him back back.

Very professional unlike that dead air op whom does rants.

It's more fun to let that op rave on and respond to the posts that mention he's talking about you. I never listen to him, but he thinks I do and blames me when he gets jammed. I just like to have fun with the old coot. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Group W Bench / Re: YHWH 7475 AM 0313 UTC 13 MAR 2023
« on: March 15, 2023, 0543 UTC »
0344 UTC Just caught the mention of Yaway... that's enough for me! LOL S5 in the noise where it belongs.
A religious Zeke? LOL

From what I understand, Josiah The Prophet of Mojave doesn't like organized religion? Perhaps he and Stumpy could join forces against Male Genital Mutilation,(MGM), together they could spread the message of Stumpy's NOCIRC organization over the air on both coasts. Circumcision was originally based in ethno-religious beliefs. It seems Stumpy and Joe-Moe have a lot in common.

Too bad Heidi Fleiss's wacky old Dad isn't around to give them moral support? The Doc was pioneer against MGM. He tried to surgically restore missing foreskins. Both Dad and daughter were obsessed with male genitalia.

Why be specific, when you can half-ass it with no research and no facts? Specific's are hard.


058- "The Little Red Hen" by Johnny Otis.
100- Old blues tune with OM vocals, I can't ID (102- YL synth voice IDs over music, twice, one-time with email address too).
103- "I'm Tore Up" by Billy Gayles.

Johnny Otis, the man that gave the 13 year old Etta James her start with the Peaches and their raunchy little hit, "Dance With Me Henry". She didn't sound like a 13 year old on that record. She, like Richard Pryor grew up in a brothel and was supposedly the daughter of Minnesota Fat's. Otis's near constant touring with his "Rock N' Roll Review's" brought the music to the masses.

Johnny was no saint. He swiped Bo Diddley's rhythm and turned it into a number called "Willy And The Hand Jive". He later formed a band with his young son, Shuggie, and called it "Snatch And The Poontang's". Karma got him when Frank Zappa stole his facial hair style in the mid-60's figuring, "If it work's for Johnny Otis, it could work for me." Two Greeks with same facial hair, why not?

A "Rainy day woman" was beatnik/folkie slang for a joint.

The Order Of The Eastern Star is a Masonic offshoot, sort of a Ladies Auxiliary? Men can join but they have to be a Master Mason beforehand. I used to know a radio pirate that was Mason but he wasn't in Whereazona.

It must be something going around? Friday night, Bill Walton called his co-announcer Dave Pash, "a midget", live on air, covering the PAC-12 basketball tournament on ESPN. ESPN was swamped w/ complaints via social media, and officially by "The National Association of Little People", Saturday morning. (To be honest, Pash is a bit short and Walton still hovers around 7 ft. in his old age.) Walton is known for saying wild things on camera, that's why ESPN has him doing color commentary, if a game is a blowout, Bill still holds viewers sticking around to hear what he'll say.

That's why outspoken ex-players and coaches get jobs as color commentators and analysts. TNT keeps Barkley and O'Neal in separate green rooms before "The NBA On TNT". Why? They want all the spontaneity between the two of them to come out on the set, not in the dressing room.

I can't imagine the trash talking that went on when Barkley was with Philly and Bird and Walton were with Boston in the 80's? All three of them were forwards, down in the low post, before the zone defense was legal in the NBA, and notorious trash talkers. It must have been akin to The Three Stooges? At least Lineker was going on about something important

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: KiwiSDR future/replacement?
« on: March 12, 2023, 0425 UTC »
The infamous "Fanbot 3000" was built using a RaspberryPi. "He Whose Name Shall Not Be Mentioned" could've cranked out thousands of SDR's had he been so inclined and taken them seriously, but as we all know, real radio's have knobs and buttons.

If you folks would have asked nicely, he might have done it as a favor, but none of you prostrated yourselves before his lawn chair at Shady Acres and asked humbly. Now there are no more Kiwi's and the Holy One has been assumed into Paradise. "Ask and you shall receive", only applied when he was stomping around on Earth and could build you something to receive with, not now. You're too late.

Rockit Radio was Benny Dingo's old station. I used to relay shows for him way back when. He used to play a lot of rare demo recordings from the 50's and early 60's, like a studio pressing of Big Maybelle's "Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On". She gets into a fight with the studio engineer during the intro because he wanted her to use a microphone? She'd been doing that number in juke joints for years w/o a mic and didn't see a reason to use one in the studio. Maybelle was a big woman, I wouldn't have argued with her, but I'm glad he did. Her version makes Jerry Lee Lewis's cover sound like a 13 year old boy whose voice is changing.

10/11 meters / Re: Zeeky on 27.3850 (CB 38LSB)???
« on: March 12, 2023, 0310 UTC »
Most of them did graduate 6th grade.

Listening to you on 6960 on my vintage Drake SW-4A ... nice audio

I haven't seen one of those in 20 years. Were you just using the whip?

Big Joe Turner probably couldn't get away with recording "Shake, Rattle, and Roll" these days. He's trying to get his woman to act right, yelling, "Don't make me nervous, because I'm holding a baseball bat." That could be seen as just a bit misogynistic now?

I always liked how he worked "Hi-O Silver" into the song. The Lone Ranger was big then, might as well aim for the widest audience you can get.

10/11 meters / Re: Zeeky on 27.3850 (CB 38LSB)???
« on: March 11, 2023, 0202 UTC »
It was just a matter of time, wasn't it?

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