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Rock City isn't in Russia, it's above Chattanooga,TN. on top of Lookout Mountain on the Georgia side of the state line. Didn't that op's folks take him to "See Rock City" on the way to Florida when he was kid? There were hundreds of signs that pointed the way there. They could have saved him the shame of sticking it in Putinstan as an adult.

Anyone remember Natalee Holloway? She was from near Rock City, grew up in a subdivision on top of Lookout Mountain. She decided to go to Aruba and she's never seen again. Why? You can't see danger coming on a flat island, but you can see it coming from 5 states away on top of Lookout Mountain. The girl was out of her natural element, Deliverance Country.

Halftime is over, I've got a basketball game or three to watch. This is the best 3 weeks of the year.

22 Meter Band HiFER Beacons / Re: What have I got myself into?
« on: March 09, 2023, 0038 UTC »
Wait until the penguin migration gets into full swing in a couple of weeks.

22:14 Sounding good here S9 +5
22:36 come home Dicky your done with your day job at walmart
22:40 we miss you Dicky

Are you from Possum Lake or Port Asbestos?

Haitians speak a French patois made up of mostly French and some Spanish due to sharing the island with the D.R. My money would be on the Francophone islands further south in the West Indies or snowed in Quebecois up north.

There is a Kiwi on Sardinia that Indy comes in well on to confirm NA reception. I can't remember the name or the location, but it's the only Kiwi on the island, it's not hard to locate on the Kiwi sdr map. The guy who owns it refers to it as a "SuperSDR" as he designs and builds his own antennas. It's a fun SDR to waste time on from LW through HF.   

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: LRA36 15476 USB 2045 UTC 4 MAR 2023
« on: March 05, 2023, 1957 UTC »
I could translate for you, but I don't think you can handle the news. Just imagine that doomsday iceberg that recently broke of as a huge aircraft carrier for millions of supposedly flightless birds? It's heading our way.

These guys aren't Mexicans. They sound like those bullies who were teasing poor Stumpy tonight. He was maimed by a bad man at birth.

I heard some wuss music and off. Where's my 2002 QSL, Shorts?

Still on with a nice fat signal on an SDR in Central Florida. 444. If wasn't for some stray static from a wideband ute below him this would be a 555.

He's blasting in Utah. 10 over.

playing jazz. Very weak. OM announcer, sounds like Bud Bigly.

Lol. I had them on the Anchorage Kiwi on 12203. Not a great signal but they were in there. I had them on the Maui Kiwi, too, with a decent signal.

BTW, the Mexican Kiwi is down. No predictions on Pancho and Cisco's ride home. They should try 6900, that's the Mexican Casa Frequencia.

"Good Golly Miss Molly"? I wonder how Tio Juan is doing with her?

You're S-9 on a Kiwi SDR in St. Lucia in the S.E. West Indies. They should be able to hear you in Venezuela and Colombia. Careful of your dog, these people were so hungry at one time they tried to hunt and eat Pablo Escobar's escaped hippos.

0123: music, sounds like conga mx
0125: "Celebrar Con la Familia" - Tendency
S9+10, 35443
0128: "Hola, radio" - > ID: WDOG -> "Musica Clasica" - Tendency, per Shazam
0131: "Aye Caramba" -- per Shazam: "Musica para Disfrutar" - Tendency
0134: more Latino mx + dog barking
0135: "Rumbata'" -  Afro Cuban Jazz Project
S9+20 peaks - very easy listening, SNR: 24 dB peak
0141: ID, "Latin American Service"

LMAO @ the ID and "Latin American Service". You know they can hear you down there, but they've got to be thinking same about us as we do the Peskies.

Thank you for the broadcast and the very nice music!
Thank you for a very refreshing change in music selection!

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