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Tuned in at 0009 utc on Barrington Hills IL sdr with fair-good S9 to S9+10 signal and wideband signal, soft pop tune sung by woman, at 0012 howling sound and WDOG ID, DJ sounds suspiciously like Dick Weed from RFW, at 0044 said: "1980's night on WDOG", nice music, thanks for the show,   

All Yankees sound like either Dickweed or Bud Bigly. You can't tell them apart by voice alone. I won't comment on their looks.

He played the Jam, Paul Weller's first band. MRI played the Style Council, Weller's second band, a promising development. I used to be one of the only pirate's that played Weller's music Stateside. The guy's in the UK played his stuff because the Jam was huge there. I played them because I thought they were the best band of the British punk explosion of 1977. If only someone had played the Jam's cover of the Kink's "David Watts" the night would have been perfect.

"White Wedding" Billy Idol    I still can't see that video w/o getting pissed about getting my Norton Commando stolen. That's what Billy was riding, they looked just like a Vincent Black Shadow. Send that dog out to track down the SOB who took it. 

"Fascination" don't remember who did it.

LOL! That's what I tell Evil Elvis.

Like a hen, eh?

The Clash- "Rock The Casbah" I tried to get the band at my college to play this one at football games.

Annie Lennox and that geeky looking guy with "Sweet Dreams".

Sounds like Bowie w/ "Station to Station" Conditions are degrading.

Blondie-"One Way or Another" switched to another SDR. Sounds solid now.

Gary Numan-Cars

Fun Boy 3-"Ghost Town" singing about the end of the 2-Tone Ska scene in London due to violent right wing extremists.

Style Council- "Walls Come Tumbling Down"

"Tempted By The Fruit of Another"- Traffic?

Who? We only log him as "Stumpy" here.

Madness-"One Step Beyond"

Their front man Suggsy took football season off every year to follow his team and fight with opposing fans. A bit of a hooligan.

Annie Lennox was hot for a Suedehead chick. Can't remember the name of the act, just her name.

Oh yeah, the Eurythmics. Thanks Juliet! Are you ever going back on the air?

B-52's w/ "Love Shack". And guy's that Black "woman" you were eyeballing in the vid for this song was RuPaul. Sweet dreams. ;)

The Spud Boy's w/ "Whip It"

The Car's "I Like The Night Life". Saw them on their first tour. They had the misfortune of following AC/DC, and started repeating songs halfway through the set, I thought there was going to be a riot.

General Public with "Tenderness". Andy Wakeling and Ranking Roger. I was a big fan of The Beat which they fronted.

U2 with "Gloria". Back when Sonny's boy mullet was trendy.

Do you have the Gang Of Four's "At Home He's A Tourist"?

Had to tune around a bit to get the freq. right.  David Byrne at his weirdest.

Improved for a bit, did couple of comedy skits, canned id and gone. High noise level. 222

Where's my QSL from 2002? I heard you from 400 miles way and was told by your box op, Andy "Shorts" Yoder, it was impossible, as the antenna was inside. The thing is old enough to vote and drink now.

Must have been Stinky.

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