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Came to the party about 1405 using the Scranton SDR.  Heard the end of a comedy monologue on Madonna then the announcer coming back with an email for QSL.  Signal is strong and the announcer is completely legible. But the recorded comedy sketches are poorly modulated and are barely understandable.

These shows were produced for audio specs of a certain transmitter originally if I'm not mistaken, Sid. At least that's what I was told by Sanjay 20 plus years ago. Which Sanjay is hard to say? the FRN didn't have passwords then, you could be anyone you wanted to be. Sometimes there would be three or four Sanjay's on the board at any one time, including that scamp, Sanjay Brownyard.

I was hearing something weak there earlier tonight, after seeing CDS's post on the Euro board.

That's one of the Risen Fansome's favorite songs, Skip. I knew he'd intervene after Sycko passed on playing the Go-Go's.

Nada, but I did hear someone running interval signals on 4030 about a half hour after Ballsmacker signed off. Radio hooligans in both cases would be my guess.

I wondered what this was? A whole lot of yelling with guys bashing guitars. The son's of Suicidal Tendencies?

Running about 10 over on the big loop at Smolinski's Farm. This young lady is singing in English and wants to be Kim Deal when she grows up. It could be Canadians playing radio, they've been known to do it before.

S-9 on the Kiwi at Smolinski's Farm. 43 Meters is holding up nicely tonight. Not "Arizona" by Mark Lindsay, why would you play such a thing? I know Mark's last name contains the theme for tonight's show, but that's no reason to torture dx'er's.

Played the Animals, now into Al Fansome's ex-BIL's band, REO Speedwagon w/ "Riding the Storm Out". Play some Go-Go's for the Risen Fansome.

And I thought he was segueing into Elvis Hitler's "Green Haze" for a second?

I've got them in AM playing funky R&B w/ a good signal.

Bud's Wayne Shorter Memorial Show. Some Jazz Messengers would be nice.

0257 UTC S5 just over the noise. instrumental jazz Id say

I think this is B-Side with Bud's Wayne Shorter tribute?

This is the stuff you played to impress your friends. I'm not going to say what you played to impress the ladies, because it still works.

Wayne is dead? Jaco was beaten to death by a Miami bouncer well before his time. Time to dig out what's left of the Red Bud and burn one for the fella's.

Wayne Shorter, I remember him from his Weather Report days.

Peskies / Re: MEXICAN Peskies 6900 LSB 0022 UTC 8 JAN 2023
« on: March 03, 2023, 0059 UTC »
They're talking about what they had for dinner tonight. One guy has an American accent and is getting yelled at for running over the net. Frequent mentions of Jalisco.

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