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Equipment / Re: 11 Meter SW BX Band....
« on: May 05, 2014, 0732 UTC »
I got some Day's a lot of Broadcasting Station's on CB here in Europa.
Not every Station send a ID but a lot OP enjoy the Prop. on 11m.
I copy the first ID from a BX Station from Radio101 transmit on the CB Channel seven,years ago.
This BX tx automatic if the short skip prop.(ES) is good. -> www.radio101.de/radio101/how_to_d.htm

To made a littel TX is very easy,the same like on 48m plus the LPF to cut Freq. above 30MHz.
But maybe it will be great if anybody post a BX Station that tx on 11m online,like cluster.dk for DX.

Someday's,with good weather,sunny sky, FreeRadioBumbelstock is portabel on air ;D

More people should to try on 11m,with god prop. the signal will travel far....

Good DX!

Playing now with S 8.
Sinpo 44444,great Signal!

Thank's for TX!

Yesterday, 10.03.14 at 1915UTC, i listen to Pink Panther Radio again with my simple indoor RX Degen 1103 plus the Teleskop Ant.!
Great Signal from the Netherland's for a indoor Reception ;D
Audio via http://youtu.be/A9-0Nr3gbVc!

Thank's, PinkPanther!

Good DX!

Equipment / Re: 5 w IRF510 tx kit from QRP club.
« on: February 28, 2014, 0947 UTC »
Nice Transmitter Kit,very simple with this small parts!
Thank's for the link ;D

HF Beacons / cw on 6220 1910utc signal 5
« on: February 06, 2014, 1921 UTC »
listen now on 6220 cw to the signal :)
anybody listen to it??

Equipment / Re: New local QRM source identified
« on: February 03, 2014, 1132 UTC »
The Loby for 'AM' will be smaller and smaller.. Sometimes i think nobody interessted to MW anymore.. Some people just ask,why i have the 'old' MW switch on my Car Radio :D,they just wont to have 'USB Stick Sound' :P
Got the same noise problemes at my home,the best thing is to walk outside from town and spend so time into the nature with the radio in the hand ;D

Good DX!

Equipment / Re: Transmitting audio on Yaesu HF rig
« on: February 03, 2014, 1121 UTC »
Jordan,100%  ;)
I have done this to a AM CB Rig plus my modified TR45 Transverter to tx portabel some music.
You simply just take the wire setup from the mic jack, 3,5mm mono jack wired to 'NF' Pin and Ground and one switch to do 'TX' to the 'Ground'.  I use just a CD Player or other Audio Source.
Made this with the 8 Pin Alinco Mic Connector and it work's also. Audio comming good,you just take a look about the Audio Level from your Source,this should not be too high.

Good DX!

HF Beacons / Re: Dasher 6917 2108 UTC 20 Jan 2014
« on: January 23, 2014, 1702 UTC »
Copy it Today near Dresden!
1850utc with Signal 7 in the Peak, dit daa  dit dit ;D

Will be ''A I'',sound's very clear and the Fading is not strong.

With mag. loop pointed south and north the signal is at the strongest point.
Antenna pointed east / west the signal is about 3.

Will listen the next day again :)


MW Loggings / Re: 1646kHz AM TX UNID
« on: January 21, 2014, 1943 UTC »
Today 21.01.14 1940utc same AM TX with Sinpo 44444 ;D
Anybody now the ID? :)

Hello Token! I'am a little bit confused ???
Made a sound record about 1900kbit and change the rx modulation during the record.
First RX in AM,than switch to FM,than USB/LSB,and i also switch the Frequenz from 6260kHz up to 6280kHz plus chance the filter settings and i do not copy a clean voice >:(
Do you get any ID from TX?

Greeting's ;D

Anybody copy right now this TX on 6270kHz??
Modulation from TX is unknow,copy loud female voice,but don't read it..
At my icom plus wire ant. signal 8,at my degen plus mag. loop pointed west/east signal 8 also,copy the tx also on WebSDR RX in NL.
But i don't now if it realy tx on 6270kHz or is it a strong overwave from any broadcast???
1747utc Signal still S8!!
1820utc off ??? bevor, the voice was German!

Greeting's ;D

The RF Workbench / Re: One of my favorite Home Brew sites...
« on: January 16, 2014, 0553 UTC »
I read this Topic and want to write some.
My favorite homebrew site is:


Also transistor and tube tx,a lot of rx and helpfull electronic stuff ;D
Write in german language,but the schematics don't need to be translate.


MW Loggings / 1646kHz AM TX UNID
« on: January 15, 2014, 1820 UTC »
1810utc Sinpo 44444,very nice Signal with a homemade MW Loop
playing nice bavarian sound's ;D
The TX is possible from NL,because Loop is receiving east/west,i will listen to copy the ID ;)
Signal is stabil,modulation superb..
Listen also with my Degen 1103 and the internal MW Ant. Signal about S4!
off 1842utc ??
comming back on 1636kHz ???
something with 'Torpedia', Radio Torpedo ??? ???
off 1849utc..
1853utc listen again to NL Polka ;D
1855utc German Language Sound's 'das Mädchen aus Athen'*

Thank's for TX!

The RF Workbench / Konverter for SDR Stick to listen LW,MW and SW
« on: January 07, 2014, 1146 UTC »
Anybody can show me some schematics to 'homemade' a Konverter to listen to LW up to SW with my SDR Stick on the PC,please?
I now,this unit could be ordered via Internet,but is there a simple way to mount it 'selfmade'?
Greeting's and good DX!

The RF Workbench / Re: AM generator
« on: January 07, 2014, 1139 UTC »
Hello irf510!
..will post again in right topic ;)

I have built this MW TX for my home and i think this TX will work on LW with change the Coil 'L'.
Picture and schematics in Attach.
Greeting's and good DX!

 R1 = 1k
 R2 = 2,7 k
 R3 = 2,7 k
 R4 = 2,7 k
 C1 = 0,22 µF (Tantal)
 C2 = 100 pF
 C3 = 390 pF
 C4 = 390 pF
 T1 = JA 101 (any HF - Transistor (BF xxx), PNP, 30V and 0,2A  are perfect)
 L = ca. 80 - 100 Wdg. (for MW !)  ;D

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