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Shortwave Broadcast / Gospel For Asia - New Freq via Nauen
« on: November 02, 2017, 2123 UTC »
7380   GERMANY. Gospel for Asia - Nauen. S/on 2330 in what sounded like a minority Indian subcontinent language, NF (ex 9510). Weak signal and it faded by 2345. It's tough to identify the languages used by this station. There are more than 110 languages transmitted, many of them are largely unknown in the west, each one is only 15 min, and there are different languages every day, some transmitted only once or twice a week. Interesting! The schedule on GoA website is long out-of-date and given in Indian Standard Time. Nov 1.

Shortwave Broadcast / Big WHRI Signal in AU/NZ
« on: November 01, 2017, 0912 UTC »
11825   USA. WHRI - Cypress Creek SC. English to Aus/NZ at s/on 0859, Midnight Cry Ministries programming, NF (ex 13690), huge signal on Nov 1.

Shortwave Broadcast / Al Seela Txer Fault?
« on: November 01, 2017, 0908 UTC »
13660   OMAN. BBC - Al Seela. At 0845 with Dari service to Afghanistan, into Pashto at 0900. Fair to poor signal with a bad transmitter hum. NF (ex 17720) and // 15310 also heard, Nov 1.

Shortwave Broadcast / Filipino Service from Kuwait
« on: October 31, 2017, 2334 UTC »
17760   KUWAIT. R. Kuwait - Sulaibiyah. Filipino service at 1015 with news, weather and pop songs. NF (ex the formerly registered 21580), fair signal Oct 31.

Shortwave Broadcast / New Service from Turkey
« on: October 31, 2017, 2333 UTC »
17530   TURKEY. VoT - Emirler. In this era when services are being reduced, it's nice to see a new service being introduced. Noted in Malay to SEAs at 0535 to s/off 0554, excellent signal, Oct 31.

Shortwave Broadcast / Some VOA Freq Changes
« on: October 31, 2017, 2332 UTC »
5840   MARIANA IS. VoA - Tinian. Korean to EAs at 1215, NF and a fair signal, Oct 30.

9790   PHILIPPINES. VoA - Tinang. Mandarin to EAs at 1040, NF (believed to be ex 11825), very good signalů.and so with the CNR jamming! Oct 31.

9940   PHILIPPINES. VoA - Tinang. Mandarin to EAs 1210, NF, strong signal and QRM CNR 1, Oct 30.

9975   THAILAND. VoA - Ban Dung. Korean to EAs at 2023, NF (possibly ex 7365), very good signal and no jamming (!), Oct 31.

11660   PHILIPPINES. VoA-Tinang. Mandarin to EAs at 1150 to s/off 1200, NF, good signal and also good QRM CNR 1 jamming, Oct 30.

12075   BOTSWANA. VoA - Moepeng Hill. Bambara service to WAf at s/on 2130, NF (perhaps ex 11900??), weak signal, Oct 30.

There are probably more changes to unearth still!!


Clandestine Stations / Voice of People of Somaliland
« on: October 31, 2017, 2328 UTC »
9600   MADAGASCAR. Voice of the People of Somaliland - Talata-Volonondry. Somali to EAf at 1926 to s/off 1930, NF (ex 7325), good signal, Oct 31.

Shortwave Broadcast / 9910 TWR India
« on: October 31, 2017, 2325 UTC »
9910   ARMENIA. TWR India - Yerevan-Gavar. Service to SAs at 1250 in a minority South Asian language (listed from old schedule as Mundari on Mondays). Then into the Kharia language with clear ID and anncts. NF (believed to be ex 12055), excellent signal Oct 30.

Shortwave Broadcast / New KSDA/AWR Frequencies for B17
« on: October 31, 2017, 2324 UTC »
5965   GUAM. KSDA/AWR - Agat. Korean service to EAs at 2110, NF (ex 11790?), poor signal, Oct 30.

9610   GUAM. KSDA/AWR - Agat. Amoy to EAs 1225, good signal and NF (ex 9475), Oct 30.

9975   GUAM. KTWR - Agana. Mongolian to EAs at 1100, ID at 1103, NF (ex 12120), excellent signal, Oct 31.

11610   GUAM. KSDA/AWR - Agat. Vietnamese to SEAs at 2215, NF (ex 15630), weak signal, Oct 31.

11630   GUAM. KSDA/AWR - Agat. S/on 1230 in Cantonese to EAs, NF (possibly ex 12105), fair signal Oct 30.

11690   GUAM. KSDA/AWR - Agat. Mandarin to EAs at 1110, NF (ex 11750?), excellent signal, Oct 31.

11800   GUAM. KSDA/AWR - Agat. Indonesian to SEAs at 2205, NF (ex 15320), fair to weak signal with co-channel QRM RRI-Tiganesti, Oct 31.

11980   GUAM. KSDA/AWR - Agat. Mandarin to EAs at 2240, NF (ex 15215), weak signal, Oct 31.

15215   GUAM. KSDA/AWR - Agat. Mandarin to EAs at s/on 2300, NF (ex 15625), fair to weak signal and // 17520 also heard, Oct 31.

Quite a number of changes there. Possibly more that I haven't discovered yet!

73, Rob VK3BVW

Shortwave Broadcast / KSDA 11610
« on: October 31, 2017, 2223 UTC »
11610   GUAM. KSDA/AWR - Agat. Vietnamese to SEAs at 2215, NF (ex 15630), weak signal, Oct 31.

Shortwave Broadcast / KNLS - 6155 Poor Choice!
« on: October 31, 2017, 2140 UTC »
6155   USA. KNLS - Anchor Point AK. S/on 1300 in Mandarin to EAs, NF (ex 9655). Fair signal but not a wonderful choice as CNR 2 sits here till 1600 and causes a strong het. Oct 30.

Shortwave Broadcast / Ozy Returns.....Briefly!
« on: October 27, 2017, 0948 UTC »
Ozy Radio 5045 after weeks off-air! Noted 0930 UTC, complete with txer hum.
Hmmmm.... 0930 News, 0935 Kookaburra and Ozy ID. Now just an open carrier. Obviously still some tech issues here.

General Radio Discussion / A Visit with Victor Goonetilleke
« on: October 21, 2017, 2327 UTC »
The legendary South Asian DXer, shortwave listener, amateur radio operator (4S7VK) and all-round-good-guy, Victor Goonetilleke has been here in Melbourne over the past two months visiting his daughter and her lovely young family. I have known Victor since the early 70s when we were both strapping young lads, and we corresponded occasionally either directly or through the pages of the Australian DX News. Many years later, I had several contacts with him on the 20m amateur band, which I was most excited about! And then about three years ago, I got to meet Victor face-to-face on his first visit to Melbourne. On that occasion, we spent the morning visiting the Reach Beyond Australia (formerly HCJB Aust.) studios, lunch and later back to my radio shack.

Well, Victor has been back in town and we caught up again at his daughter's home this week. We yacked away, like two old women....except we are now two old men!! 😉  Three hours later, the conversation had ranged across many topics including the past, present and future of the shortwave listening hobby, DXpeditions, coping with the RF interference menace, raising the standard of reception report writing, QSLs, amateur radio, and many other things. We also reflected on what has been happening in our respective families.

While he was here, I had hoped to take Victor on a mini DXpedition for a day out listening in the bush. But it could not be arranged on his visit this time around. But perhaps next year? Anyway, it was a wonderful morning spent with this delightful and genial famous DXer. I very much look forward to his next visit to Melbourne.

73, Rob VK3BVW

Equipment / Using a Mixing Console in the Radio Shack
« on: October 14, 2017, 2323 UTC »
For Terry and others who have seen my Behringer mixer in the radio shack, here is a detailed look at using the Xenyx Q802 USB mixing console with four receivers into a pair of powered speakers. I cover how the mixer is connected to the radios and the speakers, explain the various controls available to the shortwave radio listener and amateur radio operator, advantages of using this system in the radio shack, and a few tips when buying a mixing console such as this Behringer unit.


73 all,  Rob VK3BVW

« on: October 08, 2017, 0406 UTC »
This time, Craig Seager explores the upmarket RF-5000. This is an 11-band set, including 8 x shortwave, longwave, mediumwave and FM, originally released around 1969/1970.


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