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Pounding in on 6925 U, 12-13-13, from 2318 tunein to 0000 tuneout or signoff.  Mix of electronica and punk.  Only songs ID's were "Computer Love" by Kraftwerk and "The Joker", which sure sounded like a cover rather than Steve Miller.  Frequent "X-L-R-8" IDs spoken slowly almost in a whisper, at times over the music.  Stupendous signal - armchair copy !!

PLS QSL.  Also posting this for a friend who was listening and couldn't remember his login for HFUnderground:


J.D. Stephens (dx-tips@att.net)
3130 Cove Lake Road, SE
Hampton Cove, AL 35763-8613

Jim Pogue (KH2AR@comcast.net)

Radio Halloween.  6950 USB, 11-01-13.  0239 - 0300 UTC

"Ghostbusters" theme at tune-in.  Numerous IDs in spooky male voice "to all you Pirate DXers out there in Pirate Radio Land".  More music, including "I Put A Spell On You", before seeming to leave the air @ 0300.  Re-broadcast of an old show ???

SIO = 444
DX-398, built-in whip


J.D. Stephens
3130 Cove Lake Rd., SE
Hampton Cove, AL  35763-8613

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