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0152utc  Thar blows some pirate on 6924.1 am.  I'm pretty sure I made out a bit of Hendrix. It fades up now and then.  Sun just went down. There was some crazy meandering interference too, it lingered right around the area of interest.
0156utc  Getting some definite Hendrix now. S6 with S4 noise floor.

0327utc, a carrier. Much stronger than 6770am.  Fades a bit now and then.
0335utc some short bits of audio will fade in, sounds like music

0228 UTC, Made out the name "Benway"
S4 with an S3 noise level. The music is good quality despite the low signal. I hear the treble and bass well

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 6950 USB 2318 UTC 1/22/16
« on: January 23, 2016, 0049 UTC »
0046utc XLR8 ID heard. Reception getting a little better as sun goes down. 447pm here. 

LOL, I got an SSTV after hearing some guitar. It was difficult to tune in.

S5 here with an S3 noise floor. Not good reception, I can tell there's music and then some talk. Usually I get KCPR better than this. I thikn there's some reggae playing now.

Hey, I just found this web page this week. It has a wonderfully simple capacitor.
It uses pex pipe with aluminum sandwiched inside for the radiator. And for the capacitor a bit of coax cable stuffed inside. You slide it in and out to adjust the capacitance.


Wow, thanks for expounding on the details, I learned a lot.  But what I'm talking about is something that the officer's use to help them do a quick judgement of a person to see how likely it is that they will hurt the officer or others.  Its not evidence used in the courts. Its like the cop is asking a robot, "Hey Robey, I just pulled over this car, what threat level is the owner to me." 

Similarly, I figure the FBI could consult robots to do the same with the likely hood of committing a crime with radio.  Say there's a terrorism crime where somebody uses radio transmissions.  I can see that just being a SW listening member like myself would make my "radio-using-terrorist threat score" go up.  And if I'm in the same neighborhood of the terrorist act, I think it would go way up.

Cool QSL, Jari, it took me a while to figure out what your post meant!

General Radio Discussion / Re: 3824 khz Maritime activity
« on: January 11, 2016, 2138 UTC »
CoooOOOOooool, I'll monitor this frequency and let it be known what I hear.

Here's an article of a police station that uses software to help them determine how much of a threat somebody is:


Basically the software digs into online public data including social media and come up with a threat score.  Its like a credit score but for the police so they can know how much of their finger needs to be on the trigger of their weapon when they respond to a call. 

Does anybody think being a member of hfunderground would make them more "threatening" to the FCC or FBI? 

Huh? / Re: Rumor.......
« on: January 04, 2016, 0236 UTC »
KFC taking in the small mammals with short, meaty legs? Thats like letting the fox guard the hen house.

Last night on 4070 the signal came up to an S7-S9, then went down to around S6..
A little after that, I caught this SSTV. It was around s6 and then the signal came up a bit in the middle as you can see but it went back down again :(
Thanks RTN-man. 

General Radio Discussion / A talented 70's rock band, kind of rare
« on: December 19, 2015, 0107 UTC »
Hey, my neighbor pointed out a talented rock band called the Stuart Little band. There's a youtube link with some songs. Pretty catchy.


Hey, I would recognize that warbly carrier anywhere. That xmtr wouldn't happen to be an ebay-special, would it?

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