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Equipment / Re: Antennas
« on: April 28, 2013, 0149 UTC »
I use a Wellbrook ALA-1530S+ with the Perseus and does great on LW, MW, and the lower HF bands. As thre frequency increases, it does fine, but not stellar, but its designed for the lower parts.

Also have a 102' G5RV that I used to use for this and the Wellbrook smokes it by a large margin on the lower end, and rotating it down on LW & MW to null out stuff is something the G5RV couldn't dream of doing.

I have a bunch of RFI around the house. For now, the loop sits in the garage and still picks up a lot of RFI. Soon as the ground thaws, going to move it out to the shed that's about 100' away from the house and that should fix the RFI problem, I hope (portable radio indicates its quiet back there).

Not a hint of it here.

Glenn Hauser on the dxld mailing list also noted the same change in broadcasts.

Got a link to this list?  Not sure I am familiar with it, but would like to check it out.


Although, not sure why jamming with CNR 1 would be more acceptable than jamming with Firedrake (or any other method).

Just a guess here, nothing more, but CNR 1 audio might be a little easier to claim as just happenstance that it is on the same frequency.  It carries regular programming and so it is just another SW outlet that happens to be poorly frequency coordinated.

Still no Firedrake heard here in over 6 days (last logged April 19, but I think I heard it and did not bother to log it in the very early hours of April 20).  While I do not look for Firedrake, I am not listening for it in general I just log it most of the time when I stumble on it, I have not had a gap of more than 3 days of logging Firedrake in over 3 years.  I thought I might have had it on April 24, but the signal was weak enough I was never able to confirm it was indeed Firedrake, it just had that general boom and screech feel way down in the noise.

However every day since I first posted about this I have had CNR 1 covering multiple stations, such as Sound of Hope, so it is not that I am not hearing China.


I've been listening in the mornings on the way to work and haven't heard Firedrake on 13MHz for a while (usually they come in on 13820, 13920, and/or 13970), but did hear CNR1 on 13920.

It says Velazquez also used the same radio as Montes. But, they don't specify which model. In all three of the reports of the spies (Montes, Velazquez, and Alvarez), it was never reported which radio it was specifically.

Found out it was the ICF-2010 from the the book "Ultimate Spy".

Now I can say I have a spy radio.  ;)

At 0430Z this morning, found 16360 kHz had programming, but was not Firedrake. At first thought it was SOH, but quickly dispensed with that notion as the signal was too strong. Got a recording and wasn't able to ID it as CNR 1, but guessing that it more than likely is.

Glenn Hauser on the dxld mailing list also noted the same change in broadcasts.

Although, not sure why jamming with CNR 1 would be more acceptable than jamming with Firedrake (or any other method).

Would be interesting to know if the satellites that carry the Firedrake for the SW xmtrs are still carrying it or that programming has changed too.

Montes used the Sony ICF-2010.

So did the Alavarez's that were caught in 2006 after spying for Cuba for 30 years:

In the late 70's, there was a mother & son that tried to escape East Germany with the help of a Stasi agent as well as the West German BND. They used a numbers station to get their instructions from the BND.

Very weak and not identifiable. RRS is usually stronger. This signal is consistent with RTN.

Shortwave Broadcast / UNID 16360 kHz AM April 21, 2013 0432Z
« on: April 21, 2013, 0434 UTC »
0432Z 35332 S7 Chinese(?) language program with YL & OM. Sked shows its Sound of Hope. No Firedrake.
0434Z 35332 S7 Sounds like an interview with two OM.
0500Z Off.

Perseus SDR with Wellbrook ALA1530S+ loop

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Firedrake on 14.700 & 16.160 at 1440 utc
« on: April 20, 2013, 1911 UTC »
Yeah, a definitely strange place. Have found them all over the place (12-19 MHz), normally outside of the SWBC bands. Was listening to them the other day on 15900 and coming in strong. Morning, can hear them at 13820, 13920 or 13970.

Have them overall 25422, at times to 35433, at 1535Z. YL talking.

1536Z 35423Music.
1553Z Off air

Sangean ATS-909X with PA0RDT Mini-Whip

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Firedrake on 14.700 & 16.160 at 1440 utc
« on: April 20, 2013, 1411 UTC »
They're jamming the Sound of Hope, among others, and that's supposedly one of their frequencies.

One listing of SOH freqs:

From SOH's website:
Other listening methods
Shortwave: "Sound of Hope radio station broadcasting to China coverage in most parts of the northeast, north, east, central and southern China. Radio frequency and time as follows.
Sound of Hope broadcast to China to more than one frequency broadcast to the mainland every day, listen to covering the entire Chinese mainland. Content to current events, historical review of the aspirations.
Sound of Hope radio frequency and time to China (the following are Beijing time) (from April 1, 2012 to April 2, part of the broadcast hours of broadcast frequency adjustments):
6-7 am, 9635 kHz, 7105 kHz (daily), 6280 kHz (Saturday, Sunday)
7-8 am, 7310 kHz (per day), 6280 kHz (Saturday and Sunday)
The weekend at 5-7, 9540 kHz, 11760 kHz (Saturday and Sunday)
7-9 in the evening, the 7280 kHz (per day)
9-10 in the evening, 7310 kHz, 6240 kHz, 6030 kHz, 11760 kHz (daily)
10-0 in the evening, the 9450 kHz (per day)
0-1 am, 11765 kHz (per day)

AM and FM (AM / FM): "Sound of Hope Radio with AM / FM broadcast frequency if you live in the area, you can use any radio listening to the program. Broadcast time and frequency in the various sub-units in queries.

Is 16160 really SOH? Beats me.

Shortwave Broadcast / Firedrakes Apr 18, 2013 2226-2239Z
« on: April 18, 2013, 2323 UTC »
Afternoon drive time Firedrakes:

2226Z 15970 kHz 45434
2236Z 13775 kHz 35433
2239Z 16920 kHz 45434

No others heard from 12 MHz to 18 MHz.

Sony CDX-GT570S with 31" whip on the car

0236Z 45323 Wall of Voodoo "Mexican Radio"
0248Z 45323 Garbage "#1 Crush"
0253Z 45323 Hot Chip "Over & Over"

Sounding so very, very fyne in the car on the car stereo... C-QUAM on that thing sounds f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c.  (AM only, no stereo, but its wide).

0301Z 45423 S8 B-52s "Rock Lobster"
0307Z 35323 S8 Ministry "Jesus Built My Hotrod"
0309Z 35323 S8 ID
0310Z 35323 S8 Kmfdm "Megalomaniac"
0321Z 35323 S8 Incubus "Megalomaniac"
0326Z 35323 S8 ID
0326Z 35323 S8 Green Olive Tree "Fake"
0329Z 35323 S8 ID
0336Z 35323 S8 Motorcycle "As The Rush Comes"
0352Z 35323 S8 ID
0352Z 35323 S8 The Who "Eminence Front"
0358Z 35323 S8 Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon"
0402Z 35323 S8 ID
0402Z 35323 S8 The Cardigans "Erase/Rewind"
0417Z 35323 S8 ID
0417Z 35323 S8 Pink Floyd "Us & Them"
0426Z 35323 S8 ID
0426Z 35323 S8 The Maccabees "Unknow"
0431Z 35343 S8 Signing off.
0434Z 35343 S8 Toad The Wet Sprocket "Windmills"
0438Z 35343 S8 ID
0438Z Off

Thanks for the show. Thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to hear you again soon, especially when I'm driving around.  ;D

[1] Sony CDX-GT570S with 31" whip
[2] National NC-183D with 100' wire

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