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North American Shortwave Pirate / 6950 USB Wolverine Radio
« on: June 24, 2012, 0218 UTC »

0217Z 45444 S9 Eliane Elias "Tangerine"
0223Z 45444 S9 Vaughn Monroe "Tangerine"
0225Z 45444 S9 Unknown artist "Tangerine" (instrumental)
0228Z 55444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0228Z 55444 S9+ Art Lund "Tangerine"
0231Z 45444 S9 Frank Sinatra "Tangerine"  
0233Z 45444 S9 Jimmy Dorsey "Tangerine"
0236Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0236Z 45444 S9 Ben Webster And Coleman Hawkins "Tangerine"
0239Z 55444 S9+10 The Four Freshmen "Tangerine"
0240Z 55444 S9+10 The Oscar Peterson Trio "Tangerine"
0243Z 55444 S9+10 "Wolverine Radio"
0243Z 55444 S9+10 SSTV (tangerines)

Thanks Wolverine! Bacon theme some time?  ;D

Show #2:

0245Z 55444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0245Z 55444 S9+ Margaret Whiting "That Old Black Magic"
0248Z 55444 S9+ The Drifters "This Magic Moment"
0250Z 55444 S9+ The Marvelettes "My Baby Must Be A Magician"
0253Z 55444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0253Z 55444 S9+ The Lovin' Spoonful "Do You Believe In Magic"
0255Z 55444 S9+ The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour"
0257Z 55444 S9+ Steppenwolf "Magic Carpet Ride"
0302Z 55444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0302Z 55444 S9+10 The Who "Magic Bus"
0305Z 55444 S9+10 Santana "Black Magic Woman"
0308Z 45444 S9 The Police "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"
0312Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0312Z 45444 S9 Leon Russell "Magic Mirror"
0317Z 45444 S9 America "You Can Do Magic"
0321Z 55444 S9+10 The Cars "Magic"
0325Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0325Z 55444 S9+10 Belinda Carlisle "I Feel The Magic"
0328Z 55444 S9+10 Angels & Airwaves "Everything's Magic"
0332Z 55444 S9+ ~10 sec audio clip of some people talking about magic.
0333Z 55444 S9+ SSTV

Making magic tonight!

0335Z 55444 S9+ Unknown artist (circa 1920) "Bringing Home the Bacon"  ;D  ;D  ;D
0338Z Off air.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Channel Z 6964 AM 0025 UTC
« on: June 24, 2012, 0031 UTC »
Absolutely nothing here whatsoever.

General Radio Discussion / The Buzzer
« on: June 22, 2012, 0147 UTC »

Pskov, Russia, is located about a dozen miles off the Estonian border and is home to about 200,000 people. It is also the home to a mysterious shortwave radio station which, inexplicably to most listeners, is constantly buzzing — and has been broadcasting since 1982.

UVB-76 is the station’s call letters but around radio listeners, it’s known as the Buzzer, after its hallmark sound and associated mystery. For twenty-four hours a day, the Buzzer makes about two dozen buzzing noises a minute. (You can listen to it here, but it’s loud — turn down your speakers first!) Over the course of its 30 year history, UVB-76 has switched from beeps to buzzes; from shorter tones to longer ones and back; and, on occasion, has a Russian speaker take to the airwaves, typically reading out numbers. Even the fall of the Soviet Union has not prevented UVB-76 from fulfilling its purpose.

That purpose, however, is entirely unknown to the general public. The Russian government not only refuses to disclose the reasons for UVB-76′s original and ongoing existence, but they also refuse to confirm its existence at all. So we don’t know what it’s broadcasting, why it’s broadcasting it, why it was moved hundreds of miles (originally, it was in forests just outside Moscow) in the fall of 2010, or why it stopped broadcasting on July 5, 2010, only to resume the next day.

What we do “know” is mostly conjecture. For example, at times, UVB-76 has broadcast snippets of muffled conversation, suggesting that there is an open microphone there. Sometimes (per this Wired article) the (intentionally broadcast) human voices on the broadcast read off strings of numbers, names, or otherwise unrelated words. This suggests that UVB-76 may be a “numbers station” — a hypothesized mechanism for communicating, via code, with spies out in the field — except that no government, to date, has confirmed that there is such thing as a numbers station at all.

Of course, if UVB-76 is tool for espionage, that makes its longevity even more puzzling — given that the station was set up by the now-defunct Soviet Union, yet is currently maintained by its political successor.

Bonus fact: Numbers stations (if they exist) aren’t used solely by (former) Soviets. There’s something, believed to be near Albuquerque, New Mexico, broadcasting a series of messages lasting a total of two minutes, always starting seven seconds after the hour. The station is nicknamed Yosemite Sam, after the Looney Tunes character of the same name. Why? Because a clip of Yosemite Sam ends each broadcast — he says “Varmint, I’m a-gonna b-b-b-bloooow yah t’smithereens!” per the radio station’s Wikipedia entry. Much like UVB-76, the public is entirely unaware as to why the station exists and similarly, why it plays a classic cartoon clip two dozen times a day.

From the Archives: Sounds from the Deep: More unknown sounds.

Related: A book of one million random numbers, in case you want to start your own numbers station and are afraid of accidentally, and subconsciously, developing a pattern. A bargain at just under $90.00.

Originally published on June 21, 2012.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6950 USB Wolverine Radio
« on: June 17, 2012, 0215 UTC »

Heavy static tonight.

0214Z 55444 S9+10 Benny Goodman & His Orchestra "Night Wind"
0218Z 55444 S9+10 Woody Herman "Blues In The Night"
0221Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0221Z 55444 S9+10 Louis Jordan "Saturday Night Fish Fry"
0226Z 55444 S9+10 The Ravens "Rock Me All Night Long"
0229Z 55444 S9+10 Ray Charles "The Right Time (Night Time)"
0232Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0232Z 55344 S9+10 Danleers "One Summer Night"
0235Z 55344 S9+ The Shirelles "Tonight's The Night"
0237Z 55344 S9+ Sam Cooke "Another Saturday Night"
0239Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0239Z 55444 S9+10 The Beatles "The Night Before"
0242Z 55444 S9+10 The Kinks "All Day And All of The Night"
0244Z 55444 S9+10 Van Morrison "Here Comes The Night"
0247Z 55444 S9+10 Van Morrison "Wild Night"
0250Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0250Z 55444 S9+10 Dr. John "Such A Night"
0253Z 55444 S9+10 Elton John "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting"
0257Z 55444 S9+10 Bruce Springsteen "Spirit In The Night"
0303Z 55444 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0303Z 55444 S9+10 Steely Dan "Night By Night"
0308Z 45444 S9 Eagles "One Of These Nights"
0311Z 45444 S9 Patti Smith Group "Because the Night"
0315Z 55444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0315Z 55444 S9+10 Van Halen "Dance The Night Away"
0318Z 55444 S9+10 Pat Benatar "Shadows Of The Night"
0322Z 55343 S9+10 Rolling Stones "Undercover Of The Night"
0327Z 55343 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0327Z 55343 S9+10 Pretenders "Night In My Veins"
0330Z 55343 S9+10 Bruce Cockburn "The Whole Night Sky"
0334Z 55343 S9+10 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0334Z 55343 S9+10 SSTV
0336Z Off Air

Its been a great night Wolverine, thanks!

Perseus SDR 102' G5RV @ 25'

Shortwave Broadcast / Firedrake 14970 6/16/2012 2336Z
« on: June 16, 2012, 2338 UTC »
Found this one on 14970 kHz. S8 with some fading, but not too bad. SINPO = 35433

Have had a lull of these the past couple weeks here, couldn't find a single one. And now here a new one (for me) pops up. Wasn't even looking for it this time.

2340Z Down to S7, 15431. Hard to hear now.
2355Z Faded deep into the noise and can only barely see a carrier in the waterfall.

Off at 0000Z.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: SSTV 6925AM 0203z
« on: June 13, 2012, 0229 UTC »
Didn't hear them here.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925 AM Radio Ronin Shortwave
« on: June 13, 2012, 0103 UTC »

0100Z 35443 S8 Interval signal
0101Z 35443 S8 ID "Radio Ronin Shortwave"
0101Z 35443 S8 ELO "Here Is The News"
0105Z 35433 S8 AC/DC "Shoot To Thrill"
0111Z 25432 S8 Aerosmith "Mama Kin"   Signal coming & going. S8 noise
0115Z 35433 S8 Golden Earring "Twilight Zone"
0120Z 35433 S8 ID
0120Z 53432 S8 3 Doors Down "Kryptonite"
0124Z 35432 S8 Ten Years After "One Of These Days (2004 Digital Remaster)"
0129Z 35432 S8 ID  Special broadcast to his brothers & sisters in Europe in honor of the 2012 summer <fade>
0130Z 35432 S8 Alice Cooper "Ballad Of Dwight Fry"
0136Z 35432 S8 The Doors "The Spy"
0138Z 42432 S9+ 2nd carrier showed up. Played some audio effects for about 30 seconds, then gone. The second carrier caused some fluttering of Ronin's signal.
0140Z 35433 S8 Moby "Natural Blues"
0141Z 42432 S9+ Another station with dogs barking over Ronin. About 15 seconds.
0145Z 35432 S8 ID
0146Z 35432 S8 Pink Floyd "High Hopes"
0152Z 35432 S8 Al Green "Love And Happiness"
0158Z 35432 S8 Cab Calloway "Minnie The Moocher" (From the movie "The Blues Brothers")   ;D
0201Z 35432 S8 ID. Email & snail mail addresses.
0202Z Off air.

Great show Ronin!

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Yawneb? 6925 USB 0055 UTC
« on: June 03, 2012, 2159 UTC »
Listened to a part of it.

Did notice that there was some sort of filter/eq that was stripping out some of the mid-range of the signal. Low & high ends were strong.

Recorded it all with the SDR.

Signal was a good 45444 S9-S9+.

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

They've never given out an email address. Or a mailing address.


0343Z 45444 S9 The Doors "Queen Of The Highway"
0346Z 45444 S9 The Doors "Love Me Two Times"
0349Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0349Z 45444 S9 The Doors "Maggie M'Gill"
0353Z 55444 S9+ The Doors "Love Her Madly"
0356Z 55444 S9+ The Doors "Roadhouse Blues"
0400Z 55444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0400Z 55444 S9+ The Doors "Moonlight Drive"
0403Z 55444 S9+ The Doors "People Are Strange"
0406Z 55444 S9+ The Doors "Five To One"
0409Z 55444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0409Z 55444 S9+ The Doors "Soul Kitchen"
0413Z 55444 S9+ The Doors "Love Street"
0415Z 55444 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0415Z Off Air (no SSTV)

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'


0200Z 45444 S9 Wolverine IS
0200Z 45444 S9 ID "Wolverine Radio"
0200Z 45444 S9 John Lee Hooker "Crawlin' King Snake"
0203Z 55454 S9+10 Elvis Presley "Hound Dog"
0206Z 55454 S9+10 Chuck Berry "Too Much Monkey Business"
0208Z 55454 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0208Z 55454 S9+ The Everly Brothers "Bird Dog"
0211Z 55454 S9+10 Bobby Day "Rockin' Robin"
0213Z 55454 S9+10 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles "Mickey's Monkey"
0216Z 55454 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0216Z 55454 S9+ Lee Dorsey "Ride Your Pony"
0219Z 55454 S9+ The Marvelettes "Too Many Fish In The Sea"
0221Z 55454 S9+ The Beatles "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey"
0224Z 55454 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0224Z 55454 S9+10 The Doors "Twentieth Century Fox"
0226Z 55454 S9+10 Marc Bolan/T Rex "Ride A White Swan"
0228Z 55454 S9+10 Rolling Stones "Monkey Man"
0231Z 55454 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0231Z 55454 S9+ It's A Beautiful Day "White Bird"
0239Z 55454 S9+ Little Feat "Dixie Chicken"
0242Z 55454 S9+ America "Muskrat Love"
0246Z 55454 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0246Z 55454 S9+ Louden Wainwright III "Dead Skunk"
0249Z 55454 S9+ Steely Dan "Black Cow'
0254Z 55454 S9+ The B-52's "Rock Lobster"
0300Z 55454 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0300Z 55454 S9+ Bruce Cockburn "Wondering Where The Lions Are"
0304Z 55454 S9+ Grateful Dead "Dire Wolf"
0307Z 55454 S9+ Stray Cats "Stray Cat Strut"
0311Z 55454 S9+ ID "Wolverine Radio"
0311Z 55454 S9+ King Crimson "Elephant Talk"
0315Z 55454 S9+ Duran Duran "Hungry Like The Wolf"
0319Z 55454 S9+ Spin Doctors "Cleopatra'ss Cat"
0323Z 55454 S9+ KT Tunstall "Black Horse And The Cherry Tree"
0326Z 55454 S9+10 SSTV
0328Z 55454 S9+10 Fats Domino "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey"
0330Z Off Air.

Great show tonight Wolverine!

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'


0107Z 35443 S8 ID "Randee of the Redwoods" With his dog Feedback and his buddy Sonny the engineer
0108Z 35443 S8 Music
0112Z 35443 S8 ID. Told Sonny to get some background music. Telling of Feedback's birthday.
0114Z 35443 S8 George Burns "Satisfaction"
0117Z 45444 S9 Barbarians "Moulty"
0119Z 45444 S9 Randee talking.
0120Z 45444 S9 Jim Nabors "Reincarnation"
0124Z 45444 S9 Was (Not Was) Mel Torme' "Zaz Turned Blue"
0129Z 45444 S9 The Who "Who Are You"
0141Z 45444 S9 Flipper "Ha Ha Ha"
0143Z 45444 S9 Dead Kennedys "Night Of The Living Rednecks"
0145Z 45444 S9 Crass "Have A Nice Day"
0148Z 45444 S9 B-52s "6060-842"
0151Z 45444 S9 Cypress Hill "Hits From The Bong"
0157Z 45444 S9 Violent Femmes "Kiss Off"
0159Z Off Air

Perseus SDR + 102' G5RV @ 25'

Shortwave Broadcast / Firedrake on 15445 1220-1230Z
« on: May 28, 2012, 1312 UTC »

Found a Firedrake on 15445 at 1220Z and it went off the air at 1230Z. Was parallel with 16100 & 17250. It was 35443, S9. 

Weaker than both of the other frequencies. 16100 is very strong here and was about on par with 17250, with 17250 being slightly stronger.

Not a hint of them here.  :(

Shortwave Broadcast / Indy 500 on 15180
« on: May 27, 2012, 1620 UTC »
5/27/2012  1620Z

WHRI broadcasting the Indy 500 on 15180 kHz.

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