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0037 Nice signal into Western New York. S-9+ 73
0057 Hot dad

Could a local transmitter mixing with WJAN for it was off like right as WJAN signed off.
Seemed to stay on like a minute after WJAN went off

Agreed. The under station was heard during quiet portions of his transmissions and for a minute after his show.

S-7/8 here Some Biden parody songs.

OM asking for stations to listen for a while to determine if it is a show before posting about every short burst of RF

0309 Joy to the world S-9+10 into WNY
0315 MaMa told me

I can hear your background programming..or..another station on the same FX talking about the Gospel of John.

0324 OFF

ID WJAN radio

Announcing station ID and email asking for requests. musicalsoundtrackradio@gmail.com
0321 big drop in power or the band went long

Owl hooting.  Strong on the peaks. AN ID radio
S-9+ into WNY
Nice audio
0105 Word up
You don't have to prove it...computer speaking a little to fast for these older ears.
0154 Summertime blues
0201 off
++++Request++++ Sound of silence by Disturbed

S-6/7 into WNY just above the noise floor yet quite copy able.

WOW!!!! I am listening 5K wide and there is an additional 5K above that! S9+15/20 into WNY no matter which antenna is in line.  Fantastic modulation saturation.  One of the best sounding pirates heard in a while. 73

0117 Funky town

S-9=10 on the peaks into WNY 73

Some good oldies. S-8/9 into WNY 73

in the noise floor but pops out now and then.

S-6/9 into WNY

At my noise floor on several antennas. Music comes up with QSB 73

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