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This was on at same time as RFW.  I had a very nice signal best heard on 6925 LSB - stronger than the RFW AM signal.

ahhhhh!   It's ***YOU*** who runs that group.  I have been known to do a little something over that way now and then.  I bet group users are a subset of users on this side.

Yep happened to me and someone I know as well in the last 24 hours.  Changing the password seems to have stopped it.  I don't remember clicking on anything suspect, and my password was a long mixed case nonsense string of letters and numbers so who knows how it was done.
The only indication was that wife and I immediately got a text from my yahoo acct and there were a dozen mail failures in the inbox all within a minute.  The email went to every email I had ever sent something to--not just contacts--it harvested EVERYTHING!  Nothing in the Sent folder either. 
I read that a good thing to do is send an email and add to contacts a nonexistent email -any jibberish like dvvdiwrifje4r9rifc@yahoo.com and at least you will get a failure notice if it is accessed again.

Good!  I will record.
Boomer is a good guy.  Yes his affiliation with FRN goes way back.  Don't judge him based on that. He has nothing to do with FRN assdouchery.

yeah flipped the radio on before bed and only thing on 69* was this very good steady S9 6935usb just before 0300 playing t rex then doing wddj ID.  Very nice signal to IN.

Nexican music then ID multiple times 0022 or 0023.  OM sounds about as Mexican as I am.  Maybe a little tequila too.  More music.
6925USB, S8-9.  The real thing simultaneously on 6925LSB.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: ??? 6925 USB 2310z 4.13.13
« on: April 13, 2013, 2340 UTC »
tuned in 2335-some boy band deal -he sounded like he was howling OOOoooOOOOOOOOO at the end.
2336 I Just Died in your Arms.  Nice signal, almost s9, very steady.  LSB pesques there as well.
2346 was ther an ID??  Sounded like voice with very low modulation compared to music.
2347 Red Skies at Night

I had at s8 or so decent signal then came to turn on computer to see who it was and by then gone by around top of the hour.

6925U  s 8-9
announcer mentioning record store and 2-3 dollar cover, possibly Dickies?  Stefani-esque song 2335.  Damn, I missed loaded heart?  Shit I used to see them in southern MI and northern IN.
Galaxie 500 2340
Heh that sstv is the Iron Maidens

6940u 0350 flipped on radio and on 6940u heard Billy Idol Dancing With Myself quite well steady s9.
Couple songs next, Hey now Crowded House at 0357.
I Wants Candies top of the hour
We Got The Beat 0402
RML ID and shoutout to all of us at 0405 yippee

Good to see you here Vince.  There aren't any more older ACE bulletins from the past to be uploaded to archive.org, are there?  You are so good to us sticking those oldies out there.

A smidge above 6925.  Just above noise level so was a tough listen.  Late 60s sounding British show.  ID oh about 6-8 min ago at 2345  (I was busy with laundry duty).

6955u s9 to midwest, good nonfading signal
about 0042 ID all along the watchtower radio in computer voice
Boys of Summer next but not quite the popular one always heard on the radio

ok that is on odd AATW Irish version at 0050

6925u 0015 Blink 182 all the small things.  ID with gmail address 0017.  Great signal to midwest.

I heard the last 30 seconds only on 6925u at 0150.. S7ish fading up and down..sounded like Mr. Hanky singing Peepee vagina over and over,

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