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Making it into South Central Lower Michigan 3+5443+ ALMOST good.
DJDW at 2254 with ID and acknowledging reports from the website.

Technically well done even if this isn't my favorite style of music .... 

73  //radioguy

I'm going to call this 'fake Radio Canada' because as there were no IDs (or any announcements that I heard) the closing 'instrumental' was a traditional version of "Oh Canada" (you know, Canada's National Anthem) and that 'ID tones' was the Radio Canada International Piano Interval Signal -- the first four notes of Oh Canada.

Am I really that much older than you all in that I remember these things?  ;)

73  //radioguy reviewing an IQ file made in the MARE DXpedition in Brighton MI last weekend. ....

So is that ‘Un - I - D Radio’ or
‘I - D Radio’ the female voices has been saying?

The Beatles tunes were fun but thus ‘techno’ stuff at 0500 is just ‘odd’ ….

Booming into south central lower Michigan SINPO=454+4+4.

Heard in the thumb of Michigan too — weak but clear enough with CW music.
No ID heard … anyone claim this?

It’s Ballsmacker — just heard the ID at :08

It’s clearly in AM here in michigan — “everybody Dance@ and ‘do you wanna dance’. …

3+5444 and getting stronger. 

A couple of songs popped up in the noise —
“Angie Baby” (Helen Reddy) “goodbye “ (Elton John) and (Exile) “I wanna kiss you all over”

Mostly poor to poor-fair at the Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts DXpedition in Brighton — using my SPR-4 and 450 feet of wire ….(2+5332+) —Zichi DXp

Same here in Michigan’s Thumb area with Extreme and other 1990s tunes.
Nice sounding WIDE modulation ala Mix Radio booming in 4+54+ almost 555 until it suddenly faded out at 0218 — gone completely at :20.

Thanks for playing Heart.

You’re 354+4+4 in Michigan’s Thumb region … but how about an ID?….

I’d like to hear an ID …😉

If you’d also like to play something from Heart that would be cool.

Making it into the Thumb of Michigan well tonight too with that ‘unusual’ choice of carrierless DSB modulation.

Sounds ok but still ‘odd’.

Kinda in the noise, but popping up occasionally with pop/rock music
I think there was an ID at :06 -- more ear time is needed

In Michigan's Thumb with the RSPdx at the moment ....

Not quite as strong, but making it into the Thumb of Michigan at 2115-2130.

SINPO 3543+3 -- occasional fades into the noise floor, but when in VERY nice sounding audio as MRI always have.

They ID’d at :25 as MRI and went into more soul with Howard Johnson’s “So Fine”.

Soul music like Smokey Robinson at tune in, Bootsie’s Rubber Band’s “Hollywood Squares” and Patrice Rushen “forget me not”

No ID yet and no ancmts in 16 minutes.

‘Different’ music (and anything different is good!)

C’mon and ID guys!

SINPO 454+4+4+ in south central lower Michigan. NICE stuff.

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