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Anyone get an ID?
Kind of in the mud here in South central lower Michigan, but clear enough to ID two songs:
0308 Eddie Money "Give Me Some Water"  and
0311 "On the Dark Side" (John Cafferty)
and the SSTV of the buxom woman with the striped bikini top.

Was this Pee Wee? Or Skippy still? Or someone else?

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6900 USB 0238 UTC 15 SEP 2019
« on: September 15, 2019, 0457 UTC »
Clever Name Radio making it to south central lower Michigan too but not exactly a 'flamethrower' -- 2+4+4+3+2+ with occasional fades up to 'fair' 0243 - apparent s/off at 0255. I DID enjoy the Eddie Money tribute / tunes.

Heard in Central Lower Michigan too with "Sex Talk" show including the memorable line "The best way to get over someone is to get under someone".  Stopped mid-sentence before I even fully evaluated the SINPO but we're going to call it 'fair to good',
heard from 2209-2216.

Did anyone get an ID from this 'relay' ?

Making it to South Central Lower Michigan too --

   6955/U UNID pirate w/pop oldies "How Long (Has this Been Goin' On)"
      "More More More (How do you Like your Love)" and many others.
      Another music and no ID station. No announcements heard either.
        3+4+3+4+2+ 0100-0130 at which point they either completely faded
      or signed off. 1/Jun SDRplay +SDRuno +ANC-4 +rwire     --Zichi MI

Carrier dumped at the BoH -- so was the 'The Ghost Shortwave" or 7 trees? . I heard "Shortwave" but couldn't make out what came before it.

Just too noisy tonight!

Right at the noise level here in Central lower Michigan.
Heard Louie Louie and "Where have All the Children Gone and at :21 (something) Shortwave -0-
I assume that was 'Seven Trees'

At :24 started in with another familiar '60s tune and faded deeply --- ah -- Guess Who 'Share the Land'
popped back up from a deep fade.

I wish reception were better -- good tunes!

    9630/AM UNID 'Music and No ID' with lots of familiar rock tunes  -- Steve Miller mostly (all?) -- like
          "Fly Like an Eagle" on when I tuned in
          :19 "Take the Money and Run"
          :22 "The Joker"  and
          :26 "Rock'n Me"
         3+5443+ 2108-2128 3/Mar using SPR-4 +500' randomwire     --Zichi DXp

Had them in Michigan at the MARE DXpedition on 6925.2 ish. LOTS of pescadore QRM and noise, but
the photos SORT OF made it:

North American Shortwave Pirate / WAZU 7520/AM 2100 5/Apr/2016
« on: April 05, 2016, 2223 UTC »
Mostly right at the noise level, but clear enough for some details ....

    7520 WAZU Radio right at the noise level, w/music fading up
       just before the ToH, often fading below the noise, including
       a LONG fade from about 5 after to well past a quarter after,
       but then back at about S6 levels for an ID including the
       WAZUshortwave@gmail.com email address, and an "ad" for snake
       oil designed to 'empty your wallet'. Details at "takeallmy
       moneyandfuckmeintheassuntilIbleed.com". Then at 2121 a OM
       voiced "WAZedU" ID and into more obscure music I didn't
          At 2140 WAZUshortwave@gmail.com email address repeated 3x
      and then a FreeRadioCafe.com promo w/a female computer voice,
      and another fake website promo.
          Back down to S2 or S3 signals and flirting with
       the noise level again by the BoH. Thanks to a tip from MARE! 
          23+3+42 2059-2145 5/Apr SPR-4 +ANC-4/randomwire   --Zichi MI

making it (barely) into South Central Lower Michigan ....

  6926sh/AM  Liquid Radio. Didn't hear an ID until :01, but that was
     it! Pop Rock music and no ancmts I could make out, but including
     ELO's "Do Ya" and "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (the
     theme from "Real Genius" -- one of the BEST movies ever made!)
     and then into Styx's "I'm Sailing Away". I thought I heard a
     couple of IDs but couldn't make anything out until :01.
       Occasional peaks into 'good' territory, but mostly poor.
     23432 2325-0005 6-7/Dec using HQ-150 +randomwire     --Zichi MI

  6910/AM Girl Scout Radio with music and ID show with Pop/Rock and
     ID at :08 as I tuned in (that just doesn't seem right!)
     and then into Jerry Van Rooyen "Sundown" (according to Tunatic!)
     a reporter on HFU said it is "Perry Mason" by Ozzy so who knows!
     and other unfamiliar stuff. but with clear "Girl Scout Radio"
     computer voiced IDs and unclear little girls talking between
       3443+3 2308-2323+ 6/Dec using HQ-150 +randomwire     --Zichi MI

Making it to South Central Lower Michigan too ....
  6850/AM TCS SW Relay Network "Tune in Turn on and Drop Out" ID at
     :25 :38 and :49, playing 60s rock and pop, including "Along Comes
     Mary" by the Association, Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" and
     "Incense and Peppermint" by the Strawberry Alarm Clock AND a pair
     of my favs: "Just Dropped In (To See what condition my condition
     was in) by The First Edition and Lemon Pipers' "Green Tamborine"
     (or was the the Turtle's version?) Gawd, I AM an old hippy! :o 
     Fun show. Getting better as it went on ....
       444+43+ at first, up to 4+4+4+4+4 by ToH, w/my local QRM
     raising it's ugly head, but otherwise
     not bad. 2225-2300+ 6/Dec using HQ-150 +randomwire   --Zichi MI

Slowly fading into something here in central lower MI, with "A Boy Named Sue" at 0213 computer voiced
id at :16 and into "Wild Thing"

S8 signal, SINPO 3+43+42+ between my local QRM and the static ... almost listenable.  73!  

Still going -- heard the typical XLR8 ID at 0152 and into a vocal song "Naked Eye" by the Who.  S6 signal in Michigan
a bit of QRN making thing a bit rough,  SINPO 353+43   --Zichi MI

Socks knocking here in South Central Lower Michigan: 40dB+ over S9

6940/USB Wolverine Radio w/lots of oldies like
Roy Orbison "Blue Bayou" The Marvelettes "Too Many Fish
in the Sea" Otis Redding "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay"
and others.
IDs at :05, :13 and :20 --BANGING in at 554+54+ 0158-0236*
5/Apr Ended with a Scottie SSTV image ...

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