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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WEAK Radio 6925 USB 00:34 UTC
« on: February 16, 2015, 0136 UTC »
Still going at 0130 with WEAK radio IDs and ads for a Wa-Wa pedal and Spatula City, and apparently off at 0135. I got to the radio ALMOST too late this evening I guess!  Sounded like a fun show. 444 here in south central MI using the Drake SPR4 ....

Getting a moderate-strong signal here in South Central Michigan, playing rock music bu no ID or announcers yet.... tuned in at 2152 ... some pretty deep fades, and my local noise sources are working overtime today, but we'll see what develops......  Yup at :58 there was a voice ID and now they are doing the CW "CZ" over and over so it was them. Then a computer voice saying something at :59 and into the Doors "Touch Me" .... getting better as I listen....

Other / Re: "PPKD" 6815 CW 0317 UTC 31Aug14
« on: January 04, 2015, 0205 UTC »
Noted here in Port Hope on 4/Jan/2015 at 0200 about S6 --- anyone figure out what this might be?

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6975 AM 0049 UTC 28 Dec 2014
« on: December 28, 2014, 0113 UTC »
HUGE signal here in south central lower MI .... Bad Religion "Streets of America after a full ID ... and into Yeasayer "Madder Red" after a few seconds of dead air. Apparently a live show as there was a time check at :18 and into "NARC" by Interpol

I wish my AM Stereo receiver tuned up to SW ..... the modulation is wonderful as always. You should consider offering your services to Radio Cairo!  :)  

SINPO 4+54+4+4+ at first -- nearly perfect but for some selective fading but by the end fading down to 34343 0113-0125  Can tell SOMETHING is still there at 0135 recheck but down to SIO 221 and lost in the noise ....

Steely Dan and Loverboy and DJ Lottie here in South Central Lower Michigan ... DSB (Although the LSB is making it through the crud better) and clear Radio GaGa ID Mostly above the noise (barely) 34342+ from 0028-0040 so far ....

Into Central Michigan too with 2014 Christmas Special. +15db signal here, with Christmas music including "I Saw DADDY kissing Santa Claus" and "Mary did you Know"  .... Charlie Loudenboomer still sounds the same as ever but it has been a LONG time since I've heard this station! :)  

Happy Hanukkah (no Radio in that ID....) just barely making it into south central Michigan too --- 2+43+42+ fading up but often right in the noise level. Currently 2145-2147 doing the 2000 year old man schtick, before that they had the "I am Antioches" song and a baseball play by play. Been listening since 2130 and they're still going as of 2150. I'm waiting for the xylophone and VYL IS and ID. ...  

Ah there it is -- at 2153 ID and "Burn Little Candle" toy xylophone Interval Signal ... getting ready to sign off?

Mazel Tov Moishe!

Wow, the signal really was degraded from 0140 to 0155; from 55444 to 25442, just above "Unusable."

The gods of propagation are certainly fickle!


Still S9 to S9+15-20 here in South Central MI

Indeed -- the Doors "People are Strange" and Leon Russell "Stranger in a Strange Land" -- one I haven't heard since the 70s!

Wolverine always pulls out the interesting stuff!


Booming in here too ... Lots of oldies and a clear Wolverine Radio ID at 0136 ...  I'm just learning how to insert images
so bear with all the failed attempts at editing this message!

   6950/u Wolverine Radio ID at :36 and the rest of the show was
       was 'strange' themed including Eric Clapton, "Strange Brew"
       and The Doors "People are Strange" as well as Leon Russell
       "Stranger in a Strange Land" and Roxy Music "No Strange  
       Delight". R.E.M. "Strange" was at the ToH (others reported
       signal dropping significantly before this, but still booming
       in here!) and INXS "Strange Desire" at :01. Several other
       "Wolverine Radio" IDs but no other announcements. Beck "Strange
       Apparition" was next, at :05 and then at :09 Muddy Waters
       "Strange Woman" into ID and SSTV slide (above).
         5554+4+ banging in at 20 over and wonderful modulation. Good
       show as always from Wolverine. 0133-0216* 21/Dec --Zichi MI

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6940 AM 0050z 11/28/2014
« on: November 28, 2014, 0141 UTC »
Tuned in at 0133 to the batman theme and then 'ballroom blitz' and carrier dumped at :37 --- 2+4342 here in South Central lower Michigan

Never heard an ID -- or any announcements for that matter -- did anyone?   

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WMID 6869 kHz 0029z 11/28/14
« on: November 28, 2014, 0116 UTC »
Making it into south central Lower Michigan (near Lansing) as well -- but just barely.

0100 started listening with an ID and into "The Way She Looks" then a Beatles tune and "Your Eyes" and "Tough Enough" as I type (0115). Many IDs by OM Computer voice "WMID All Music and IDs all the time" between pretty much every song.
All above the noise floor, but just barely. 343+42+ with 'fair' peaks.

European Pirates and Private Stations / UNID Europirate on 6200
« on: October 04, 2014, 0237 UTC »
At the moment 0230 -- we've got something on 6200 playing Madonna, David Bowe and similar music .... Yowza?

Does anyone have an ID on this one?

Being heard by the crew at the Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts 'season opener' DXpedition at Port Hope Michigan ....

Making it into Michigan with a 3+43+ SIO --- Thuderstorm static is brutal tonight, but the signal is strong enough to make it less bothersome.

Playing the theme to "Real Genius" (a GREAT movie!) and now with Human League's "Don't You Want Me Baby" at 0144, an ID at :47 and
into a tune with a heavy electronic music intro.

Hope the thunder stays at bay enough to make this listenable!

Song Secret Agent Man working through the static. Sounded like an old time radio show before the song.

Same thing here however, I clearly heard a carrier and verified it was in  AM, and my radio showed it at 6931.9.
I wouldn't swear to it, but the computer voice ID sounded like W.E.A.K Radio .... but like the others, there was too
much local static crashing to be sure about that!  Did anyone outside the t-storm areas hear this to let us know?

Listening in Port Hope Michigan

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