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Also making it into South Central Lower Michigan....  at 0150-0155+ ....

S4 to 4+ (using SINPO's 1-5 scale) with the 'preaching' to turn on a transmitter and then head banging stuff.
Whoever this is, it sure ain't Sinatra!  ;D

Heard here in Central lower Michigan too ....

 6925/U Chairman of he Board Radio Big band music -- Frank Sinatra and the Tommy Dorsey
    Band "Is There a Chance For Me" and "I'll Never Smile Again" :34 into "Without a
    Song"  No announcements between songs but complete 'back announcements' by an
    OM with a heavy New York accent. A bit of a ground loop somewhere causing a hum
    in the audio.
      S/off at :37 with ID. In well, 44+4+4+4 local QRM and static making thing a tad
    noisy but not bad, and I REALLY liked the selections of music! I wish the show
    had been longer -- despite the fact I'm feeling rather old because I like this
    a lot more than head-banging Pirate fare! 0028-0037*  21/Apr        --Zichi MI

 :-[ whoops -- yes -- slip of the finger this should have read the 13th! .... I 'corrected' the subject here.
Thanks for the 'catch'!

    6951/am CYOT with FUNKY rock music and computer generated voice
       mentioning gmail address and "6.951 MHz" as well as call which
       was too down in the mud to understand, but then into the
       attached SSTV photo sent twice, and CW ID 'DE CYOT' in between the
       two images and at the end. 34443 2336-2344* 13/Dec  --Zichi DXp

(corrected log!)

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