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No RV Heard here on 7260 either May 27th, was heard the 2 days prioir

Agreed with Paul. Without a report indicating something that positively identifies the broadcast as SOH, it's not SOH.

have i heard SOH in alaska? Possibly but not likely... when i hear asian languages thats listed as SOH.. i just pass it on by because the signal is way too strong to be SOH, even at my location.

Theres a Dxer in a non HFU FB group whos repeatedly posted logs claiming to have heard SOH, ive alerted him once or twice.. but he continues to do it, saying he couldnt find a match anywhere to cNR or SOH fropm his QTH in the rocky mountains... but never says hes verified with a stream on SOH's website

Shortwave Broadcast / 9550khz BBC Pashto May 25th 1800UTC Hour
« on: May 25, 2024, 1900 UTC »
S9+80 or better, 95 to 102dbuv with news discussion in Pashto, via UAE TX to Afghanistan.

McGrath, AK with big ass loop, DXE Preamp, TEF6686 and EMTech Zm2 antenna tuner.

id be shocked if someone3 in NE PA was hearing SOH.. likely a chinese jammer with CNR or CRI programming.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WRMI 5950 AM/USB 0241 UTC 11 MAY 2024
« on: May 21, 2024, 2124 UTC »
Welcome, Wedergarten! That's a commercial station, transmitting from Maine. Among the programs they carry are a few otherwise free/pirate operators.

I checked out their broadcasting service, it says 1$ a minute but nowadays, I'm sure you can get more time for a better deal. I wonder if theres any merit to this for advertising certain kinds of projects? Given this niche, some listeners must be more tech savvy to be able to participate in newer types of tech no?

Thats about as good a deal as youll find on any stations with a signal worth a shite and with good audio, stuff WBCQ doesnt really have on 5130/6160/7490.  THey dont lease time on 9330 to anyone.

When you lease time on WRMI, as i do a few times a year, you deal directly with the owner, Jeff.  If you buy time more often and in big blocks, you sometimes get a better deal.  I have

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WRMI 5950 AM/USB 0241 UTC 11 MAY 2024
« on: May 21, 2024, 2123 UTC »
Welcome, Wedergarten! That's a commercial station, transmitting from Maine. Among the programs they carry are a few otherwise free/pirate operators.

WRMI is in Florida, WBCQ is in Maine

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WRNO 7505 khz 0401Z 10 May24
« on: May 21, 2024, 2122 UTC »
as it should.. its beamed at 20 degrees.. i think the target is canada.. so it should be good in WI and NY. 

Had them pretty decently at 0530UTC Tue Apr 30th here in Alaska some fading and noise, modulation was a bit low, but signal was good

Shortwave Broadcast / Yemen 11935khz/Saudi
« on: April 28, 2024, 1852 UTC »
Yemen Radio 11935khz perfectly audible in Alaska at 1825UTC Sun Apr. 27th. There's no buzzing roar thats been present over the last few weeks... that was also present back when they were on 11860.

Some folks think its jamming, which is possible... but Saudi has had 9675/9885/15170/15285 off for over a year...  9675 and 9885 reappeared for 2 or 3 days a few weeks ago and are off again.

Something might be up with Saudi's SW operations. (Yemen's SW signal originates from what is suspected to be Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Good reception, Spanish service
0929 "I'd Rather Have Jesus" Willie Nelson & Bobbie Nelson
0932 "En la Cruz" Tony Sauceda
0936 "Amor Sincero" Alveiro & Brisel Vega
0939 Unid song
0944 "Ready for the Storm" Deanta
0948 ID
0949 "Yo Quiero Andar las Calles de Oro" Tony Sauceda con Banda
0951 "Amazing Grace" Darlene Zschech
0956 Under noise floor as sunrise (1012 utc) approaches

Theyve been heard well ehre for only 1 or 5kw

Good reception just past sunrise, Quechua service.

1005 Unid Andes flute tune
1008 OM speaks in soothing tone
1010 Hymn like song, OM speaks over

Theyve been audible here in my evenings now and then  .. would be more often if they were on later

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Cuba Jamming Time Signals!
« on: April 22, 2024, 2009 UTC »
If you think this is bad, let me remind you when Cuba reallllllllly ran a major muck...


Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Cuba Jamming Time Signals!
« on: April 17, 2024, 1903 UTC »
Do you have an audio recording?
No. I can get one though. It's clear on the SDRs though

Never mind, I found it on a different kiwi SDR, but thanks for the quick response. The KB0FX one is too noisy at that frequency to copy much of anything right now. But I figured it out. 14670/2 = 7335, which is a Radio Marti frequency. The jammer has a harmonic. It's not deliberate jamming of CHU, just more sloppiness from Cuba.

I was abotut to say the same... as far as i knwo Cuba has only jammed legit broadcast stations but the jammy jam jammer masheen runs amuck with sporead spectrum action from time to time. 

Theyre listed on Eibi almost every 5khz between 11510 and 11580 as Denge Gel, which is the new name for Denge Welat.

In alaska, ive only heard the turkish jammer... sometimes multiple frequencies in one day

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Cuba Jammer on 6513
« on: April 09, 2024, 1537 UTC »
Random frequency for Cuba to be jamming but it's on 6513 now (0223 UTC)

The spread spectrum jammy jam jammer masheen has obviously run amuck again, which it's been known to do.

Well hopefully it dies soon too like most of it's Radio Habanana counterparts.

I dont think so.. ive caught them Jamming 9565 2-3 hours after Marti has signed off that frequency.

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