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This is Voice of America on 9775kHz via Botswana to N. Africa, beamed at 340 deg. azimuth in the 0300UTC hour Jan 19th. Look at that killer signal and massively low noise floor!
Well, here's a look at why it's so good..... follow the 340 deg. az line.. where does it go? within a few hundred miles east of me and as one engineer put it, it's probably a pretty wide beam... and a few hundred miles in HF isnt much.

Plus, it's probably a bit enhanced as it travels because it comes real close to or goes over the pole.

This is why I get excited about HF DX... way outside the target area, yet in exactly the right place for a killer signal!!

Shortwave Broadcast / VMW Wiluna WA Aus 6230kHz Jan 12 1930UTC
« on: January 12, 2023, 2241 UTC »
Pretty strong, understandable signal considering its like 12,000km away and only 1kw. The aussie accent stuck out even when tuning by in AM mode, had to switch to usb obviously. It was dark there and just beginning to get light here

Shortwave Broadcast / UNID 9595kHz Jan 9 1900UTC Hour
« on: January 09, 2023, 2023 UTC »
Just before 1930UTC here in Alaska, I caught a signal replaying a loop of island-y type music over and over and over again... was quite strong and clear...no liners, station id's and nothing listed on or Short-wave.info and nothing  in HFCC Raw data last updated Jan 5th for B22.

What is this?


S9+40 signal which is pretty common and some good music. I shot this video of the reception instead of taking a picture, I thought y'all would enjoy it. 11780kHz is beamed from Brasilia DF, Brazil with 100KW at 359 deg to the northern reaches of Brazil and the Amazon

Click the link below to play the video

Coming up this Friday, 2300 to 0100UTC tune in for a live broadcast of nothing but a wide variety of Christmas tunes. The broadcast will originate live on KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska and be simulcast on two powerful shortwave stations, WRMI and Spaceline Bulgaria. 


7570khz for North America and potentially some of the Pacific

5085khz for Latin America.

Spaceline Bulgaria:

5900kHz for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

Requests will be welcome at 907 524 3001 or gm.ksko@gmail.com

Cross your fingers that the internet feed to WRMI and Bulgaria will hold up!

Tune in for 2 hours of nothing but Christmas tunes December 23rd and it's extra special because it'll be a live worldwide broadcast of KSKO on Shortwave!! From 2200-2400UTC (2pm pacific/5pm eastern) we'll be live across Europe on the 250,000 watts of Spaceline Bulgaria's 5900kHz transmitter along with the 100KW WRMI 7570kHz covering north America and the 100KW WRMI 9955kHz covering Latin America. I'm footing the costs out of this out of my own pocket just for the heck of it!!

MW Loggings / KJJR 880/KSEN 1150 DX Test Weekend Of Nov 5th
« on: November 02, 2022, 1315 UTC »
The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the National Radio Club and International Radio Club of America are proud to kick off the 2022-2023 season with another “Dual DX Test” this weekend.

Chief Engineer Todd Clark will be doing maintenance testing starting on Saturday, November 5th at 12:01 AM Mountain Time (0601 UTC) when KJJR, 880 AM, will be testing on daytime power and pattern. 10,000 watts. Programming will consist of sweep tones, Morse Code IDs, 1 kHz “long duration tones,” etc. The test will last two hours, until 02:00 AM Mountain Time.
Part two of the dual test is the next day, Sunday, November 6th, at 12:01 AM Mountain Time (0601 UTC) when KSEN, 1150 AM, will be testing on daytime power and pattern. 10,000 watts. Programming will consist of sweep tones, Morse Code IDs, 1 kHz “long duration tones,” etc. The test will last two hours, until 02:00 AM Mountain Time.

** Most of the United States will “fall back” one hour into Standard Time at 0200 local times on Sunday, November 6th. This will not affect the test since KSEN is in the Mountain Time Zone. The test ends just as time changes.

We thank Todd Clark for getting the season off to a great start.

At the station’s request, the Courtesy Program Committee will be responsible for verifying reception reports and issuing QSLs. All reception reports should be emailed to:

The new QSL rules for CPC-coordinated tests will be in effect for this test. Please read them carefully.

    DX Tests are arranged by the Courtesy Program Committee of the National Radio Club (NRC) and the International Radio Club of America (IRCA.) Both clubs offer low-cost, online-only memberships. It is appropriate that those seeking QSLs should support the clubs financially. Please indicate in your request which club you are a member of. It may improve the response time for your QSL.

    QSL requests for DX Tests where the CPC will issue QSLs must be received within 30 days of the test.
    A brief recording of at least two (2) minutes must be submitted. .MP3, .wav, or .MP4 video formats accepted. No written reports unless accompanied by a recording.

    No remote receivers (Internet-based) will be accepted for QSLs. The exceptions to this rule are as follows:

A.) If you constructed the remote receiver, maintained it, or contributed money towards those purposes, you may use it to submit reception reports. Examples would be DXers who built remote receivers in low-noise locations but operate from home.

B.) Internet-based receivers you don’t own are only acceptable if they are more than 500 miles from the transmitter of the test station. You must fully disclose which receiver was used, including its URL. If the owner is known, please provide their name so they may receive credit. Include the distance of the receiver in miles from the transmitter site.

C.) Only one QSL will be issued per DXer, even if they operate multiple remote receiver sites or use more than one remote receiver at distances of 500 miles to receive the station.

    QSLs will be issued only after the conclusion of the 2022-2023 DX Season. Generally, this will occur in April. We will send out group emails when QSLs are issued.

    Unpaid volunteers perform all work in verifying reports and sending you a QSL. We all have jobs, spouses, kids, and lives. Be patient. Be nice.

MW Loggings / 3WM 1089 Horsham, Victoria, Australia
« on: October 31, 2022, 2043 UTC »
5KW directional 3WM 1089 Horsham, Victoria, Australia (about 10,000km away) logged at 1534UTC Mon Oct 31st with a local ad and a few minutes later, the station re joined its networked overnight talk show, whos host gave out the phone number ending in 693, which is form 3AW which made it even easier to rule out the only other 1089 in australia.

Shortwave Broadcast / B22 Note Of Interest: Telediffusion de Algeria
« on: October 29, 2022, 2138 UTC »
Check this out, this is Telediffusion de Algeria for B22

Notice something?
 Look at A22:

The Issoudun relays are gone.

before their recent use, im not sure theyve been using their algerian site at all, at least that im aware of....... so this "test" a few months ago, was more then a test.. it was a "Readyment" if you will of their new use of the site in Algeria.

For what it's worth, i havent heard any of the Issoudun relays in awhile, the late night/early morning stuff on 7 and 9mhz bands was audible here and quite well.. i cant recall havent heard it at all in awhile

And if you look at the Telediffusion Algeria facebook page, theres been ALOT OF upgrading of their broadcast infrastructure in the last year.. theyve documented it with pictures and director visits to the sites

Shortwave Broadcast / VOA French 9490kHz
« on: September 25, 2022, 2219 UTC »
Voice of America French 9490kHz via Botswana to Africa was just banging in like a ton of led bricks at 1835UTC in Alaska. S9+30 signal with zero fading or noise, sounds just like a local AM Radio type broadcast signal.

Shortwave Broadcast / R. Saudi 9650kHz Modulation Problem
« on: September 24, 2022, 1955 UTC »
I've noticed this going on for months now that 9650kHz will have modulation akin to cuba or china, you can tell audio is there.. but you can't make any of it out.  
 R. Saudi is usually a very good broadcaster, the only other time i've heard issues is when 15170 or 15285 are on air after 0300UTC and sometimes the audio gets distorted and breaks up.

Here's what 9650kHz sounds like:

Shortwave Broadcast / R. Nac'l de Amazonias 11780kHz
« on: September 19, 2022, 1309 UTC »
KILLER signal from Radio Nacional de Amazonias with some crooner/standards music in english but with Portuguese speaking announcers. S9+55 in peaks with 100kw from near Brasilia, Brazil.  Their intended target? The remote northern parts of the country.  I am about 7000 miles PAST their target area! Heard at 0120UTC Mon Sept 19th (Sun at 520pm local AK Time). Far far far from a new catch and when CX is good, R. Nac'l de amazonias is often one of the best signals on the band for me.

ATS25 radio, DXE preamp and 2 tunable HF loops

MW Loggings / Alaska AM DX 2022-2023
« on: August 05, 2022, 1714 UTC »
I do SW in the spring and summer, but move to AM when it begins to stay dark late enough in the morning...... and today (Fri Aug 5th) I had to get up at an ass o clock time thats way earlier then Id like, but I was chompin at the bit to get some AM DX in.

My first log of the 2022-2023 AM DX Season is...............

the 5kw non directional 1107khz Tauranga relay of "Today FM" New Zealand. About 7000 miles give or take a few dozen miles. Not very strong, but between 1115 and 1200UTC, I had several understandable fade ups including a long snippet of "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins leading into news at 1200UTC.

1107kHz Tauranga, NZ isn't new or even uncommon for me. In early fall (which is what were really in, based on temps) through late fall and again in late winter, this signal whose tower is right near the water is a regular catch and sometimes, very good too.

I will use this thread to update everyone with my logs/catches and audio that I record of what I hear.

I use a CC Crane Skywave (non SSB model) and this antenna:


Shortwave Broadcast / Somethings Wrong With Yemen Radio 11860kHz
« on: July 30, 2022, 1737 UTC »
For the last several days, I’ll catch them running Their regular programming in my early morning hours here in Alaska (1500UTC is usually when I can hear enough of audio to determine what it is)

But for the the last several days, at 1700, I’ll hear a 5 minute english promo and a 5 minute Arabic language promo for satellite services provider NileSat run in a repeating loop for at least 2 hours


MW Loggings / AM DX From Alaska 2021
« on: July 25, 2022, 1804 UTC »
Just getting psyched up for the AM DX Season in about a month or so when it starts getting dark and stays dark "late" enough for me to go out and try some AM DX.

This was one of my most favorite catches from 2021, a 15KW on 1530 from Romania running their "Actualitati" network. This was after skywave from KFBK Sacramento had burned off. It was recorded in late November at 1803 UTC so it was 908 AM in Alaska, and in November its dark until about 10am

And this is 20KW Radio Dechklova on 1233 from the Czech Republic. It's in and out a bit, but you can clearly hear the music at times.. it was recorded in January in the 1800UTC hour, and its dark till about 1030 am or so in January

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