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KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska lunch time/afternoon show of music is broadcasting on Spaceline Bulgaria's 5900khz transmitter to Western Europe until 2300UTC today (Mon Apr 4th)

Spaceline is trying to draw more listeners with general entertainment programming and is using my live shows on KSKO as a test.

KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska lunch time/afternoon show of music is broadcasting on Spaceline Bulgaria's 5900khz transmitter to Western Europe until 2300UTC today (Mon Apr 4th)

Spaceline is trying to draw more listeners with general entertainment programming and is using my live shows on KSKO as a test.


Here's some audio and report from my log of a Brazillian pirate on 10230kHz.

I heard this Tuesday March 29th at 0417UTC(Monday the 28th, 817pm local time). The signal fades in and out, but gets quite clear at times. A spanish speaking friend ID one song as a Brazillian singer and some of the speech from the Jerky boys type comedy as Portuguese. 

Others who heard this in the NE US reported a wobbly carrier and squishy mushy audio which is common even among licensed Brazillians like Amazonias on 11780 or Missionaria on 9665(whos drifted way over to 9666.6).

HFUnderground folks also have referred to this station as Radio Cidades, which is apparently a name they've borrowed from two licensed Brazillian stations


Paul Walker
McGrath, Alaska
Tescun PL880, DXE Preamp and 2 Tunable HF loops

Shortwave Broadcast / NEW Country SW Log!
« on: March 27, 2022, 1945 UTC »
Hearing new countries on SW is tough, as these days, many of the various broadcasters/stations/programs all come from one of the 2 dozen or so sites across the world.

Well, Saturday night about 730pm AKDT (0330UTC Sun) I bagged Peru. Talk in what was spanish or something soundalike along with religious music was fading up on 4810khz but getting hammered by codar. The music and talk was 1kw Radio Logos on 4810 from Peru!

General Radio Discussion / The SMALL World ThaT Is The DXing Hobby!
« on: February 12, 2022, 2034 UTC »
For those of you unaware, I live in McGrath, Alaska managing the day to day operations of an NPR Radio station, KSKO, serving about 500 miles of the alaskan interior.

On Friday, someone I didn't recognize popped by the radio station but vaguely knew my name. We got talking and it turns out he's an HFU member. He was here in McGrath to fix some equipment for the FAA.


MW Loggings / KVRI 1600 Blaine, WA
« on: January 15, 2022, 2252 UTC »

KVRI 1600 is licensed to Blaine, WA right and its towers are right on the border with WA state/Canada. This station targets the punjab community in the Vancouver area and not exactly a surprise, but it is incredibly strong here in McGrath, Alaska!!  It's 10KW/6 tower night pattern is right along the waterfront and beams right up the coast.  If I draw a line from it's tower array and main lobe, its pointed almost dead center at my general area.

Not unexpected but still amazing considering KVRI is 1500 miles away! They are my most consistent station... the strongest, most regular.  I hear the 50kw'ers from Vancouver 1320,, 1470, 1130, 730, etc.... but this one tops them all by noticeable amounts.

Here's some audio of the station with the audio filter widened to 6khz on my CC CRane Skywave with my FSL loop tuned up:

Paul Walker

MW Loggings / TONIGHT: KJJR 880 DX TEST!
« on: January 08, 2022, 0101 UTC »

The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the National Radio Club (NRC) and the International Radio Club of America (IRCA) is pleased to announce a special DX Test for distant listeners for KJJR on 880 kHz in Whitefish, MT. The test is scheduled for 1/8/2022 at 12:01 AM Mountain Time (0701 UTC, 8 January). This test is scheduled to run for 2 hours.

For KJJR, Todd Clark, chief engineer, will be performing regular maintenance of the station's audio chain during the test. Listeners will hear: Morse Code IDs at 10 WPM at 800 Hz, Morse Code IDs at 20 WPM at 1000 Hz, Tone Sweeps, Long duration tones at 1 kHz, Off-hook Telephone Sounds, Music, Jingles and more. Test will be conducted at their daytime power of 10,000 watts.


All reception reports will be verified through the CPC with an electronic QSL. Reception reports along with MP3 recordings or .MP4 video recordings of your reception should be emailed to:

les@highnoonfilm.com. Please be sure to use the subject line: "KJJR 880 RECEPTION REPORT."

The following requirements are in effect in order to receive an electronic QSL verifying your report:

    Reports via email only. Email must include an MP3 file attachment of your reception (best two minutes or so in length) or an MP4 video clip. While written descriptions will be considered along with the recording, they will not suffice alone for verification.
    Reports must be submitted within 30 days of the test (February 8, 2022)
    The report must include your name, location, and return email address, clearly grouped together at the top of the verification request.
    Please also include a description of your receiver, antenna, and any interference noted.
    If you use a remote SDR to receive the test, you must clearly indicate that in your verification request. We will only accept one such report per DX'er. You cannot log the test on multiple remote SDRs and request multiple verifications.


The IRCA/NRC CPC would like to thank the owners of KJJR, Todd Clark, and CPC member Paul Walker for helping to arrange the test.

Good luck to all DXers!

About the CPC

The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) is a cross-functional group comprised of members of both the National Radio Club (NRC) and International Radio Club of America (IRCA) for the purpose of coordinating and arranging DX Tests with AM radio stations. These DX tests both allow radio stations to conduct valuable equipment tests on their transmitter and audio chain as well as enable DX hobbyists to receive the testing station from greater distances than would normally be possible. The CPC membership consists of: Chairman Les Rayburn, Paul Walker, George Santulli, Joe Miller and Loyd Van Horn.

For radio stations interested in coordinating a DX test with the CPC, please visit the following Web site for more information: DX_Test

For more information on the types of content heard during a DX test, "An introduction to DX Tests" video is available at DX Central:


Join me, Paul Walker, on WRMI Shortwave for a special LIVE broadcast being relayed from NPR/community radio station KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska where I work as Program Director

Itíll take place Saturday December 25th 0400-0600UTC on 5850kHz to the east coast US and 7730kHz to the west coast US, Canada along with Hawaii, and the South Pacific (NZ, Aus, etc)

We donít have QSL cards or anything but if you want confirmation of reception, keep the email short and sweet with the usual needed details and send me a note: walkerbroadcasting@gmail.com

(5850kHz has a pretty wide beam and despite being directed at Vancouver, itís often quite audible in the eastern US.  7330kHz is beamed towards the US/Mexico border  which affords 7730 better coverage of the Pacific Ocean region countries )

MW Loggings / FSL Antennas/Ultralights/Alaska In Spectrum Monitor
« on: October 01, 2021, 1731 UTC »

If you subscribe to Spectrum Monitor magazine online, Gary Debock, the FSL's, ultralights and I are featured in this months edition.

Paul Walker
Just east of the ass end of gods creation nowhere aka McGrath Alaska

MW Loggings / AM DX From Alaska
« on: September 10, 2021, 1731 UTC »
AM DXing up here is amazing in McGrath Alaska, in part because were closer to the north pole, in part because of the darkness and also because I'm 200 miles from any operating am stations

My distance record is 8000 miles.. that of 7ZR 936khz Hobart, Tasmania which is just a measley 10kw 2 tower directional. The log landed me on national Aussie Tv.

All I use is a Ccrane Skywave and a 5" FSL antenna
Radio: https://ccrane.com/cc-skywave-am-fm-shortwave-weather-alert-and-vhf-airband-small-portable-travel-radio/
Antenna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMDOETx4qcI&t=231s

Here's a few audio recordings that really kicked off the season for me today (Fri. Sept 10th)

Here's A3Z 1017kHz Nukualofa, Tonga at 1421UTC with a nice signal and some good, clear island music:

Here's 4TAB 1008kHz Brisbane with some racing play by play at 1500UTC:

Here's 4BC 1116kHz at 1517UTC with a nice loud peak of speech about the Covid 19 vaccine:

Here's Magic Talk 1107kHz Tauranga, NZ with Labell's "Lady Marmalade" at 1520UTC:

Last week, domestic logs included KDOW 1220 Palo Alto, CA (145 watts) and KVTO 1400 Berkley, CA (1kw) both around 2200 miles away.

Shortwave Broadcast / This DX'er Was A BBC WS "NewsDay" Guest
« on: August 02, 2021, 0048 UTC »
Back on Tuesday July 27 UTC time, I was listening to the BBC WS' NewsDay program and they did a short piece on Lydia Jacoby, an olympic athlete from Seward, AK who won a gold medal, I texted them in just saying Hi and giving a shoutout to Alaska, since I'm in Alaska. They read my text out on air and said, jokingly "Weve got a reporter from McGrath on his way to Seward right now 300 miles away".  

I texted them again and said if they really wanted a report from alaska, I could record something. I included my phone number and 5 minutes later I got a call from London, and 10 minutes later I was live with their sports guy talking about it.. not because I know squat about sports, but because i'm in the media nad I'm in Alaska. It wasnt so much serious reporting as it was .. kinda cool, we have someone in Alaska type of thing.

I recorded the broadcast of the 15490kHz transmission via Santa Maria de Galleria (Vatican) to central Africa. Here's the recording:https://drive.google.com/file/d/14BWER8l1H9RvrZU27eW157D_9BMkEmrP/view?usp=sharing

MW Loggings / Can't wait for AM DX SEason!
« on: July 25, 2021, 1913 UTC »
Bar none the two best signals I had was Talk Sport 1089 UK and MR4 Hungary on 1188khz  this past winter.

Talk Sport 1089kHz was in for 15 minutes at an incredibly listenable level! Here's my audio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h0qOCPxIr4srPPoF1DvwFtT6Iyrid3mk/view?usp=sharing

The only thing better last winter was Hungary's 400KW 1188kHz public broadcaster with classical music.. it only lasted about 10 minutes, but it was so strong I was excitedly conducting my own orchestra in my front driveway. Good thing it was about 9am on a Sunday and no one was driving around town that early or they'd think I was weirder than I already am.

Here's the MR4 Hungary 1188kHz  audio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1caLbQ2yoimIMrePU2g8uuK6guXaIabIq/view?usp=sharing

Now, bar none the BEST log I had was 7ZR 936kHz Hobart, Tasmania Australia 10kw, directional with a bit of a null towards me at a distance of 8000 miles. This log landed me on Australian national TV via Skype about a week later!

 Here's my log from March 24th. At 1400UTc, you can't  mistake what you hear in this signal for anything else: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rmVXYj6tmkDfSqmXxg9NdcOGYOTMeDAG/view?usp=sharing

About 22 seconds in on this clip from 1406UTC listen for "low of 15, top of 21.. ABC Radio Hobart in this clip: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18kq22kKzglmUUMVUgZ8BBW9KSBfJE8vE/view?usp=sharing

For anyone wondering, I use a CCrane Skywave (non SSB model) and 2 Gary DeBock 5" tunable FSL antennas (look them up on youtube)

Paul Walker
Program Director for KSKO 89.5 McGrath, Alaska
(Heard on a number of other stations.. WHGM, KLMI, KXXX, WVIG, WFGA, etc)

Shortwave Broadcast / Oddity on 15140khz
« on: July 25, 2021, 0730 UTC »
About 0710 UTC Sun July 24 I heard some tones on 15140khz from my Alaska QTH that could be best described as a hearing test.. you know, tones that change in pitch and length? Thats what these sounded like.. the same set would play about once a minute.. taking .. maybe 15 t o 20 seconds to complete a set.


Shortwave Broadcast / Shortwave Logs From Alaska
« on: July 22, 2021, 0612 UTC »
I dont really have the time, care or energy to post long detailed Shortwave logs but I thought some of y'all would like to hear what I've heard from McGrath, Alaska using my Tecsun PL880 and 2 tunable Doxytronics loops. I've recently uploaded 58 clips which i've put in their own google drive folder.

Of particular note... listen to how strong the BBC english broadcasts can be.. beamed from Ascension Island, Wooferton UK or Oman to somewhere in Africa. Also, Brazil on 11780khz can be VERY good here and Saudi on 15170 form Riydah is particular good at times.

Here's my audio link:

General Radio Discussion / News about YHWH in 2015
« on: June 19, 2021, 0538 UTC »
Turns out the operator of YHWH is or was a licensed ham in California


edit by Ray :
this is not a log, only old news from 2015 about YHWH,
and was added as a reply to a log dated 16 Feb 2020.
So I split it and replaced the subject. (Should be moved to another foum, I think.)

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