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Heard YHWH again over the weekend of the 23rd.. i forget if it was sat or sun without looking at my notes, but it was about as good as my Dec 20th reception.   im pretty sure i had him another time between the 20 and 24th, but not as good as the 20th or the weekend of the 22nd, for what its worth

S9+10 or so in Alaska, some fading and light nosie but very clear and understandable

Just heard this via Washington DC. 


RRI doesnt have a transmiter site for SW in Washington, DC.. theyre in Romania........   

Hausa service, fair reception - noisy.  This is at least fifth year in row, DW has extended Hausa service on Saturdays to broadcast live Bundesliga action.  Have not been able to ID match yet.

1544 YL and OM on coverage of football match, crowd noise is very loud.

I hear this one fairly to quite well somewhat regularly in Alaska in the summer

This is audio of what 25 MEGAWATTS ERP sounds like when it's pointed RIGHT AT YOU from 5100 miles away, putting you just about dead center in the main beam. VOA in Korean via Udon Thani, Thailand to the "Far East" (21 deg. azimuth) between 1900 and 2100UTC

TEF6686 radio, 15 ft wellbrook loop, DXEngineering preamp and EmTech ZM2 Tuner


Shortwave Broadcast / Re: ALCARAVAN RADIO 5910 am 1045 utc 8 Dec 2023
« on: December 14, 2023, 0454 UTC »
heard more often in alaska than youd imagine, and better than youd think sometimes

easily heard here in alaska on 9665 most nights year round, some much better than others.. 9665 seems to bee best in spring and fall here.. 5940 moreso in winter

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Radio Thailand 9385am 1210utc 10Dec2023
« on: December 14, 2023, 0453 UTC »
9385 not 3985

The operator had to have been in the pacific northwest US or western canada somewhere.. i had them for about 3 mintues before sign off here in western alaska.  a little noisey and fadey, but certainly listenable.. about s9


It's true that this is normally their frequency but that this transmitter is somewhat off frequency makes me think otherwise. At one time, licensed stations were required to be within a certain tolerance of where they are supposed to be.

OK, OK. " American Debauchery" intro at 0104 UTC, so this is WBCQ. I got excited for nothing. Please move this to "Shortwave Broadcast", where it belongs. I'm surprised that they are ~70 Hz off frequency.

WBCQ being off frequency is nothing new.....a friend once caught, years ago, one of their transmitters like a hole 1 khz off frequency.. their stuff is old and drifts

Shortwave Broadcast / So you think you've heard a strong signal?
« on: November 30, 2023, 1847 UTC »
This is Radio Nacional Amazonias, 11780khz, 100kw beamed at 340 degrees azimuth from a site 20 miles NW of Brasilia. Their target is the Amazon region of Latin America.  (6180 is listed at 344 deg, 11780 shows 0 deg but that would indicate, depending on your interpretation, 359/360 deg or Non directional.. neither of which is true) I've seen a map in a video of their transmitter site that indicates the 11780 pattern skews a slight bit more NW then 6180.

The smack dab center of their main lobe for 11780 comes within about 500 miles of me, which is almost nothing in the world of higher powered HF comms. I am at exactly the right place for a 2nd or 3rd hop alolng with often having just the right amount of daylight or darkness. I know plenty people spread out over the lower 48 who don't have as good of a signal as I do.

And to think, I'm about 5000 miles away from their target audience.

McGrath Alaska QTH
275 people, 250 miles NW of Anchorage
TEF6686 Radio
15 Foot wellbrook loop
DXEngineering preamp
EMTEch zM2 Antenna tuner.

I had a good carrier on 4750 here yesterday that wasnt Bangladesh...... but bupkus for modulation

...due to power cuts happening at a nearby sub station that powers the transmitter site as work is done on a substation.


Shortwave Broadcast / Radi0 208, 5970khz Denmark heard in Alaska
« on: October 29, 2023, 2233 UTC »
I'm always way behind on processing and uploading my audio but I wanna share some of the better logs

I heard Radio 208 on 5970khz from Denmark on Tuesday October 17th at 0508UTC with The Rolling Stones "Ruby Tuesday"

Not a great signal and kidna noisy, but not bad for 200 watts into a 2x12 meter horizontal dipole heard at my QTH in McGrath, alaska

Here's my audio recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LeWRrzcM_Ooa4IgejENNHTn8K8OBEsg8/view?usp=sharing

I use a TEF6686 radio, 15 ft Wellbrook loop, DXEngineering Preamp and EmTech ZM2 Antenna tuner.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: NEW COUNTRY, NEW STATION LOGGED!
« on: October 29, 2023, 2010 UTC »
Here's my audio of the station:


It's the only thing on the channel but you hear how.. just not right it sounds?!?

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