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0233 Man of Constant Sorrows
0241 SSTV

0243 Highway To H E double hockey sticks cover
0245 SSTV

0251 SSTV

S7 and sounding great.  Pres WEZY?

North American Shortwave Pirate / WEZY 6925 USB *2309 UTC 10Jan15
« on: January 10, 2015, 2313 UTC »
2309 unid rock right at the noise floor
0002 A tad better now with "You Are My Sunshine"
0005 Scottie 1 SSTV

0008 Scottie 1 SSTV

0011 Scottie 1 SSTV

And at 0013

Followed by one at 0016

And another at 0018

0020 "Train Train", "Riders On the Storm"

And summore at 0033, 0039, and 0042z

Thanks WEZY!

2240 "Radio Radio"; playing Seashores of Old Mexico per Harry Smith request
2245 ID, Cocker - Little Help From Me Friends

...carrying in the groceries; it's a positively balmy 15F out

2256 Cocker - The Letter
2259 Seashores of Old Mexico once again
2304 show wrap, shoutouts (TY!) and HNY
2306 off

S7 here and thanks Rave On!

With dance mx since since around 2246.
No solid ID yet.
S6 and fady

0001 In from shoveling and now sounding great here; around an S8.
0003 Nice ID, ReFlex - Politics of Dancing

Thanks Liquid!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0035 UTC 4Jan15
« on: January 04, 2015, 0041 UTC »
0035 Ghost Riders
0039 Devil's Lullaby !!!!!!!!!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_4xNTBL0EY

orig heard IIRC:  http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,7281.0.html

0042 unid instrl mx
0046 bluegrass tune
0049 Green Day - Time Of Your Life
0051 Ennio Morricone - For a Few Dollars More theme
0054 Scottie 1 SSTV
0056 off

About S5-7 here; thanks!

QSLs Received / Radio Jingle Bells eQSL
« on: January 03, 2015, 1347 UTC »
Woke up to find this in the inbox:

Thank you RJB!
Thanks Uncle Shleckstein!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6937.3 AM 0029 UTC 29Dec14
« on: December 29, 2014, 0033 UTC »
Noted an S8 signal playing mx here at the top end of a ute.

Quickly faded down and gone by 0031z.

Recorder Catch on 6925 USB

The AP Station also made appearances on 6925 at 0505z and 0541z.


North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6929 USB 0233 UTC 27Dec14
« on: December 27, 2014, 0239 UTC »
Hearing a familiar tune (can't place it right this second) mixing with pesqrm.

0237 off

About S4 here

0155 Heard one instrl song
0159 Fish Heads?  kinda sounds like it...
0202 Goin' Mobile
0208 JBA

At the floor, but thanks RGG!

Music - poss of the Xmas variety - JBA.

S4 carrier, though.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Liquid Radio 6925.2 AM *0107 20Dec14
« on: December 20, 2014, 0111 UTC »
0107 came on with electronic mx
0112 Let the thumpage begin...
0119 "Relax, Don't Do It"  --  beginning upward freq drift
0122 LR ID over the mx
0133 just about gone now...freq at +300
0137 Long gone

S6 and very fady
Thanks Liquid!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6924.2 AM 0053 UTC 20Dec14
« on: December 20, 2014, 0059 UTC »
Heard some unid music for a brief time then off.

S4 here.

Seems back on at 0101z
0107 the AM on 6925+ now dominant, and I cannot get much from this now

Longwave Loggings / Recent NDB Logs
« on: December 17, 2014, 1329 UTC »
Logged during comparative antenna testing.  Times are rounded.
Logs below 260 generally acquired with the ALA 1530.
Logs 260 and above generally acquired with an outdoors amplified ferrite rod loop.
Both antennas rotated to same approx azimuth in any session.

198    DIW   Dixon, NC (14Feb15 0500z) the daily big blob of noise here finally went away!
200    YAQ   Kasabonika, ON (21Feb15 0600z)
201    GL   La Grande Riviere, QC (20Feb15 0200z)
201    YKX   Kirkland Lake, ON (24Feb15 0300z)
204    MD   Harrisburg (Enola), PA (28Feb15 0400z)
205    YRQ   Trois Rivieres, QC (7Jan15 0400z)
205    XZ   Wawa, ON (14Feb15 0500z)
206    XBE   Bearskin Lake, ON (20Feb15 0200z)
206    QI   Yarmouth, NS (24Feb15 0300z)
207    YNE   Norway House, MB (19Feb15 0300z)
208    YSK   Sanikiluaq, NU (19Feb15 0300z)
209    MT   Chibougamau (Chiboo), QC (7Jan15 0400z)
209    IB   Atikokan, ON (17Jan15 0300z)
212    MPZ   Mt. Pleasant, IA (18Feb15 1700z)
212    JX   Jackson (Jakso), MI (19Feb15 0300z)
212    YGX   Gillam, MB (20Feb15 0200z)
212    SJ   Saint John, NB (25Feb15 0300z)
214    K8   Nemiscau, QC (21Feb15 0600z)
216    CLB   Wilmington (Carolina Beach), NC (17Dec14 0400z)
216    YFA   Fort Albany, ON (19Feb15 0300z)
218    AL   Alton (Alpos), IL (18Feb15 2000z)
218    RL   Red Lake, ON (17Dec14 0400z)
218    YUY   Rouyn, QC (22Feb15 0500z) in a heavy mix with RL
219    EVV   Evansville (Vicci), IN (19Feb15 0300z)
219    YMG   Manitouwadge, ON (12Feb15 0400z)
220    BX   Blanc Sablon, QC (1Feb15 0400z)
221    HM   Hamilton (Carluke), ON (26Feb15 0300z)
223    YYW   Armstrong, ON (12Jan15 0200z)
224    BH   Birmingham (Mc Den), AL (19Feb15 0300z)
224    II   Sturgeon Bay (Fichy), WI (27Feb15 2200z)
224    MO   Moosonee, ON (12Jan15 0200z)
227    FZ   St. Louis (Eaves), MO (18Feb15 1700z)
227    GW   Auburn (Aubon), IN (22Feb15 0500z)
227    SQ   Connersville (Pnthr), IN (27Feb15 2200z)
230    AT   Appleton (Gamie), WI (20Feb15 0200z)
230    QB   Quebec, QC (19Feb15 0300z)
230    YBM   St. Bruno de Guigues, QC (22Feb15 0500z)
230    YMU   Umiujaq, QC (21Feb15 0600z)
232    CO   Indianapolis (Colfa), IN (18Feb15 1700z)
233    QN   Nakina, ON (16Jan15 0300z)
235    9H   La Grande 3, QC (16Jan15 0300z)
235    CN   Cochrane, ON (17Feb15 0400z)
236    ZRJ   Round Lake, ON (16Jan15 0300z)
236    OW   Ramseyville (Ottawa), ON (24Feb15 0300z)
239    HFF   Middletown (Hook), OH (17Dec14 0400z)
240    CJ   Springfield (Calde), IL (18Feb15 1700z)
241    HF   Hearst, ON (16Jan15 0300z)
243    OZW   Howell, MI (17Feb15 0400z)
243    YVB   Bonaventure, QC (16Jan15 0300z)
244    DG   Chute des Passes, QC (7Jan15 0400z)
245    HU   Terre Haute (Yinno), IN (18Feb15 1700z)
245    YZE   Gore Bay, ON (7Jan15 0400z)
247    YLH   Lansdowne House, ON (16Jan15 0300z)
248    WG   Winnipeg, MB (17Dec14 0400z)
248    KZ   Stouffville (Buttonville), ON (22Feb15 0500z)
251    JZY   Macomb, IL (18Feb15 1700z)
253    YTF   Alma, QC (21Feb15 0600z)
254    BOZ   Sterling/Rock Falls (Whiteside), IL (18Feb15 1700z)
254    5B   Summerside, PE (21Feb15 0600z)
257    MB   Manistee, MI (18Feb15 2000z)
257    FWC   Fairfield (Wayne County), IL (31Dec14 2200Z)
257    PEA   Pella, IA (27Feb15 2200z)
257    YXR   Earlton, ON (7Jan15 0400z)
258    ZSJ   Sandy Lake, ON (16Jan15 0300z)
260    BVQ   Clasgow (Beaver Creek), KY (19Feb15 0300z)
260    YAT   Attawapiskat (Wapisk), ON (23Dec14 0300z)
261    2H   Lebel-Sur-Quevillon, QC (21Feb15 0600z)
263    CVM   Alton (Civic Memorial), IL (31Dec14 2200Z)
263    GR   Grand Rapids (Knobs), MI (17Feb15 0400z)
263    ZQT   Thunder Bay (Superior), ON (16Jan15 0300z)
263    YGK   Kingston, ON (28Feb15 0400z)
264    ZPB   Sachigo Lake, ON (22Jan15 0500z)
266    DU   Marshfield (Calin), WI (19Feb15 0300z)
266    YFH   Fort Hope, ON (16Jan15 0300z)
269    BEX   Bloomfield, IA (16Dec14 1600z)
269    UDE   Delta, MB (22Feb15 0500z)
272    IK   Kankakee, IL (31Dec14 2200Z)
272    BT   Battle Creek (Batol), MI (18Feb15 2000z)
272    YQA   Muskoka, ON (17Dec14 0400)
273    ZV   Sept-Iles, QC (16Jan15 0300z)
272    ZMR   Champlain, QC (20Feb15 0200z)
274    YPM   Pikangikum, ON (16Jan15 0300z)
275    RF   Rockford (Gilmy), IL (15Dec14 2000z)
275    DE   Decatur (Elwin), IL (18Feb15 1700z)
275    GUY   Guymon, OK (28Feb15 0400z)
275    AV   St, Andrews (Winnipeg), MB (22Feb15 0500z)
276    YEL   Elliot Lake, ON (23Dec14 0300z)
278    NM   Matagami, QC (19Dec14 0200z)
278    ADG   Adrian, MI (18Dec14 0200z)
280    GYZ   Guernsey, WY (20Dec14 0300z)
281    DMO   Sedalia, MO (18Feb15 1700z)
283    PT   Pelee Island, ON (23Dec14 0300z)
284    YOC   Old Crow, YT (23Dec14 0300z)  Very weak carrier noted here, and waited 20 minutes for a fade up.  Better than 90% confidence in the ID, but technically very tentative.
284    RT   Rankin Inlet, NU (20Feb15 0200z)
289    YLQ   LaTuque, QC (5Jan15 0200z)
291    9Q   Amos, QC (16Jan15 0300z)
293    UI   Quincy, IL (18Feb15 1700z)
300    Q5   Grand Cache, AB (16Jan15 0300z)
300    YOG   Ogoki Post, ON (16Jan15 0300z)
300    YIV   Island Lake, MB (24Jul15 0400z)
305    YQ   Churchill, MB (7Jan15 0400z)
317    ZMX   Montreal (Janvier), QC (17Jan15 0300z)
317    VC   La Ronge, SK (21Jan15 0500z)
320    SAC   Beaumont, TX (Southern Avionics testing) (25Feb15 0300z)
320    TY   Tyler/Indoo, TX (28Feb15 0400z)
326    SIV   Sullivan, IN (18Dec14 0200z)
326    MA   Midland (Farly), TX (21Feb15 0600z) someone needs to correct the spelling of this NDB :D
326    FO   Topeka (Riply), KS (28Feb15 0400z)
326    YQK   Kenora, ON (18Dec14 0200z)
326    VV   Wiarton, ON (14Feb15 0500z)
328    YTL   Big Trout Lake, ON (20Dec14 0300z)
329    AAA Lincoln (Abraham), IL (16Dec14 1600z)
329    CH   Charleston (Ashly), SC (17Dec14 0400z)
329    YHN   Hornepayne, ON (20Dec14 0300z)
329    YEK   Arviat, NU (11Jan15 0700z) nice pop up over dominant YHN
332    DN   Danville (Julip), IL (16Dec14 1400z)
332    SG   Green Bay (Depre), WI (16Feb15 0500z)
332    FIS   Key West (Fish Hook), FL (21Feb15 0600z)
332    QT   Thunder Bay, ON (18Dec14 2200z)
332    YFM   La Grande 4, QC (3Jan15 0400z)
334    LH   Bloomington (Egrow), IL (17Dec14 2100z)
334    YSH   Smith Falls, ON (3Jan15 0400z)
334    YER   Fort Severn, ON (16Jan15 0300z)
344    ZSB   Noranda (Sudbury), ON (22Feb15 0500z)
335    IHS   Fort Carson (Ironhorse), CO  (20Dec14 0300z)  tent
335    YLD   Chapleau, ON (23Dec14 0300z)
336    MA   Cadillac (Wexford), MI (20Feb15 2000z)
336    BV   Champlain, QC (20Feb15 0200z)
338    UMP   Indianapolis (Metro), IN (15Dec14 0200z)
338    LM   St Louis (Oblio), MO (27Feb15 2200z)
338    ZEM   Eastmain, QC (3Jan15 0400z)
340    YY   Mont Joli, QC (19Dec14 0200z)
341    SB   South Bend (Misha), IN (15Dec14 0200z)
341    LDM   Ludington, MI (30Dec14 2200Z)
341    YYU   Kapuskasing, ON (18Dec14 0200z)
343    YGO   God's Lake Narrows, MB (21Feb15 0600z)
344    UNU   Juneau, WI (16Dec14 1600z)
344    CGQ   Corsicana (Powell), TX (25Jan15 0400z)
344    YGV   Havre St. Pierre, QC (8Feb15 0800z)
346    THJ   Laurel (Tallahaha), MS (25Jan15 0400z)
346    YXL   Sioux Lookout, ON (17Dec14 0400)
347    MT   Mattoon/Charleston (Zebre), IL (17Dec14 2100z)
347    ANQ   Angola, IN (29Dec14 0200z)
347    AFK   Nebraska City, NE (14Feb15 0500z)
348    ?      unid poss IAS? (16Dec14 2200z)

348 has me stumped.  I am hearing (on several occasions) ..   .-... where the A and S seemed smeared together.  6 second repeat cycle with tone between idents.

349    FV   Indianapolis (Larez), IN (16Dec14 1400z)
349    GW   Greenwood (Teock), MS (17Feb15 0400z)
350    RG   OKC (Gally), OK (18Jan15 0400z)
350    CP   Cahokia/St Louis (Acore), IL (17Feb15 0400z)
350    DNS   Denison, IA (27Feb15 2200z)
350    DF   Deer Lake, NL (26Jan15 0300z)
350    5O   God's River, MB (4Feb15 0500z)
351    YKQ   Waskaganish, QC (19Dec14 0200z)
352    VM   Mena Intermountain Muni (Meana), AR (16Feb15 0400z)
353    IN   International Falls (Raize), MN (17Dec14 0400z)
353    LI   Little Rock (Lasky), AR (18Jan15 0400z)
353    QG   Windsor, ON (23Dec14 0300z)
355    YWP   Webequie, ON (2Jan15 0300z)
356    PI   Peoria (Tungg), IL (14Dec14 1930z)
356    IUL   La Porte, IN (14Dec14 1930z)
359    CZB   Casey, IL (16Dec14 2200z)
359    DO   Kansas City (Dotte),MO (16Jan15 0300z)
359    GYG   Grayling, MI (16Jan15 0300z)
360    PN   Port-Menier, QC (23Dec14 0300z)
361    HI   Ulukhakot (Holman), NT (14Jan15 0200z) Shocked to find this right where I was scanning when local QRM ceased.  Just there for a minute or two; lucky I guess!
362    MT   Manitowoc, WI (18Dec14 0200z)
362    OWP   Sand Springs (Pogue), OK (16Jan15 0300z)
362    SB   Sudbury, ON (20Dec14 0300z)
362    YZS   Coral Harbor, NU (20Jan15 0400z) nicely yinned up over dominant SB yanging down
363    RNB   Millville (Rainbow), NJ (28Dec14 0300z)
365    SYZ   Shelbyvile, IL (16Dec14 2200z)
365    JN   Muncie (Balll), IN (20Dec14 0300z)
365    AA   Fargo (Kenie), ND (23Dec14 0300z)
365    HQG   Hugoton, KS (16Jan15 0300z)
365    TV   Traverse City (Gwenn), MI (18Jan15 0400z)
366    EOK   Keokuk, IA (14Dec14 1930z)
366    IS   Islip (Lokks), NY (14Feb15 0500z)
366    YMW   Maniwaki, QC (19Dec14 0200z)
368    ROQ   Ruston, LA (4Feb15 0500z)
368    ZYZ   Toronto (Queensway), ON (2Jan15 0300z)
368    VX   Dafoe, SK (3Jan15 0400z)
370    OUN   Norman, OK (15Jan15 0400z)
370    YBV   Berens River, MB (17Dec14 0400z)
371    RYV   Watertown (Rock River), WI (16Dec14 1400z)
371    AZ   Battle Creek (Austn), MI (31Dec14 2200Z)
371    PUR   Marshall, MO (20Jan15 0400z)
371    GW   Kuujjuarapik (Jarpik), QC (7Jan15 0400z)
373    2Q   Mont-Laurier, QC (16Jan15 0300z)
373    YXK   Rimouski, QC (16Jan15 0300z)
374    LC   Columbus (Pickl), OH (4Feb15 0500z)
375    LQ   Springfield (Lincol), IL (18Dec14 0200z)
375    DW   Tulsa (Owaso), OK (25Jan15 0400z)
375    YZG   Salluit, QC (24Dec14 0000z)
375    7B   St. Thomas, ON (28Dec14 0300z)
376    BHC   Baxley, GA (15Jan15 0400z)
376    YAG   Fort Frances, ON (20Dec14 0300z)
377    YRR   Ottawa (Greely), ON (16Jan15 0300z)
378    RJ   Roberval, QC (23Dec14 0300z)
379    UG   Waukegan (Wauke), IL (14Dec14 1930z)
379    BRA   Asheville (Broad River), NC  (28Dec14 0300z)
379    RUE   Russellville, AR (14Feb15 0500z)
379    OW   Owatonna (Tonna), MN (11Feb15 0400z)
379    YPQ   Peterborough, ON  (20Jan15 0400z)
380    OEL   Oakley, KS (25Jan15 0400z)
380    BBD   Brady, TX (12Feb15 0400z)
382    SJX   Beaver Island,MI (15Jan15 2300z)
382    SP   Springfield (Huskk), IL (14Dec14 1930z)
382    YPL   Pickle Lake, ON (17Dec14 0400z)
382    IRS   Sturgis, MI (17Dec14 0400z)
383    CNP   Chappell, NE (14Feb15 0500z)
384    F8   Victoriaville, QC (26Jan15 0300z)
385   UWL   New Castle, IN (15Dec14 2000z)
385    JD   Belleville (Gooey), IL (21Jan15 0500z)
385    HO   Hot Springs (Hossy), AR (22Jan15 0500z)
385    YNC   Wemidji, QC (29Dec14 0200z)
386    D8   Dolbeau, QC (21Jan15 0500z)
388    CFJ   Crawfordsville, IN (14Dec14 1930z)
388    AM   Tampa (Picny), FL (15Jan15 0400z)
388    GLY   Clinton (Golden Valley), MO (20Jan15 0400z)
388    OFZ   Fort Sill (Trail), OK (14Feb15 0500z) tent
388    H7   Manitoulin, ON (17Jan15 0300z)
389    EN   Kenosha (Codee), WI (14Dec14 1930z)
390    BR   Burlington (Burns), IA (1Feb15 0400z)
390    JT   Stephenville, NL (23Dec14 0300z)
391    PLX   Robinson (Palestine), IL (16Dec14 1600z)
391    BHN   Ft Leonard Wood (Buckhorn), MO (20Jan15 0400z)
391    OO   Oshawa, ON (20Dec14 0300z)
391    3B   Brockville, ON (18Jan15 0400z)
391    DDP   San Juan (Dorado), PR (29Dec14 0200z)
392    ML   Monroe, LA (16Jan15 0300z)
392    FMZ   Fairmont (Beklof), NE (25Jan15 0400z)
392    ML   Charlevoix, QC (20Dec14 0300z)
393    2M   Opapimiskan Lake, ON (11Feb15 0400z)
395    OS   Oshkosh (Pober), WI (17Dec14 2100z)
395    ULS   Ulysses, KS (14Feb15 0500z)
396    YPH   Inukjuak, QC (5Jan15 0200z)
397    BE   Benton Harbor (Mally), MI (14Dec14 1930z)
397    CIR   Cairo, IL (25Jan15 0400z)
397    JE   Jefferson City (Algoa), MO (4Feb15 0500z)
397    ZHA   Ancaster, ON  (28Dec14 0300z)
398    HFY   Indianapolis (Greenwood), IN (15Dec14 0200z)
399    ZHD   Barclay (Dryden Regional), ON (4Jan15 0400z)
400    MS   Madison (Monah), WI (15Dec14 0200z)
400    SLO   Salem, IL (4Jan15 2200z)
400    CI   Sault Ste Marie (Koloe), MI (21Jan15 0500z)
400    TRX   Trenton, MO (16Feb15 0500z)
400    AHQ   Wahoo, NE (17Feb15 0400z)
401    Y8   Drummondville, QC  (30Dec14 0600Z)
401    YPO   Peawanuck, ON (5Jan15 0200z)
403    ZTO   Woodhill/Brampton, ON (25Jan15 0400z)
404    FNB   Falls City (Brenner), NE (17Dec14 0400z)
404    YSL   St. Leonard, NB (28Dec14 0300z)
404    ZR   Sarnia (Hadfield), ON (24Jul15 0400z)
405    7L   La Sarre, QC (25Jan15 0400z)
407    CM   Champaign (Veals), IL (16Dec14 1600z)
407    IL   Wilmington (Airbo), OH (18Dec14 0200z)
407    AQ   Appleton (Kooky), WI (30Dec14 2200Z)
407    CO   Colorado Springs (Petey), CO (4Jan15 2300z)
408    SN   Saint Catherines, ON (25Jan15 0400z)
407    HRU   Herrington, KS (11Feb15 0400z)
407    OOC   Natchitoches (Campi), LA (14Feb15 0500z)
407    ZHU   Montreal (Hauts-Bois), QC (28Dec14 0300z)
409    YTA   Pembroke, ON (28Dec14 0300z)
410    BA   Columbus (Clifs), IN (15Dec14 0200z)
410    OIP   Eastland (Old Rip), TX (29Dec14 0200z) tent
410    SO   Marquette (Suomi), MI (2Feb15 0400z)
411    SDA   Shenandoah, IA (20Jan15 0400z)
412    BWR    Alpine (Brewster), TX (18Dec14 2300z) very nice quick pop up :)
412    CMY   Sparta (McCoy), WI (4Jan15 0400z)
412    JHH   Rollins (Griffin), GA (15Jan15 0400z)
413    YHD   Dryden, ON (15Dec14 0200z)
414    SU   Sioux City (Salix), IA (28Dec14 0300z)
414    MSD   Mansfield, LA (20Jan15 0400z)
414    IEB   Lebanon, MO (24Jul15 0400z)
414    3U   Ottawa (Gatineau), ON (2Jan15 0300z)
415    SLP   Shelby (First River), NC  (18Dec14 0200z) nice quick pop-up
417    HHG   Huntington, IN (15Dec14 0200z)
417    IY   Charles City (Chukk), IA (15Dec14 0200z)
418    CW   Lake Charles (Mossy), LA (24Jul15 0400z)
419    RYS   Detroit (Grosse Ille), MI (1Jan15 2200z)
420    FQ   Fairmont (Montz), MN (28Dec14 0300z)
421    VLY   McKinney (Fluet), TX (24Jul15 0400z)
426    FTP   Fort Payne, AL (17Dec14 0400z)
428    POH   Pocahontas, IA (19Dec14 2300z)
432    IZN   Lincolnton, NC (17Dec14 0400z)
434    SLB   Storm Lake, IA (19Dec14 2300z)
512    HMY   Lexington (Muldrow), OK (18Jan15 0400z)
515    OS   Columbus (Fuler), OH (15Dec14 0200z)
515    PN   Ponca City (Ponca), OK (18Jan15 0400z)
516    YWA    Petawawa, ON (19Dec14 2300z)
517    FN   Clinton (Hilz), IA (17Dec14 1500z)
521    ORC   Orange City, IA (17Jan15 0300z)
521    TO   Topeka (Biloy), KS (24Jul15 0400z)

North American Shortwave Pirate / XFM 6975 AM 0040 UTC 13Dec14
« on: December 13, 2014, 0041 UTC »
0040 rolling it out

S9+5 initially
Heading out for a while, but we will leave the recorder on you, redhat!
Thanks for the show!

Got a nice recording of the entire show, and listening to it today.  The signal strength held up quite well tonight, and here is the strength vs. time for the entire show.

The somewhat weaker reception prior to 19000 seconds would be WHYP.

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