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Pretty good signal just came up at 0232 UTC with unusual musical interval signal.  Music similar but different from the old creepy sign-off song from past years.  At 0236, YHWH guy goes into the usual programming.  Good S7-S8 signal right now.  Been a while since I've logged YHWH, but this intro music is new to me.

S5-S6, came on at 2237 w/ Soul Asylum's Somebody To Shove

2247: Radio Free East Coast ID, up to S7 now.
2336: Off

Thanks for the entertaining show, PJ!

Here's an UNID I caught this morning at 1200 UTC, Spanish talk and romantic (?) music, and way off-frequency.  Heard on my south-west phased BOGs so maybe a Mexican station, but which one?  Faded out just after 1200 UTC TOH.  Hoping someone can translate the dialog to provide better clues:

710 kHz UNID SS 04MR17 1152 UTC.mp3
710 kHz UNID SS 04MR17 1156-1200 UTC.mp3


European MW Pirate Radio / 1760 kHz UNID Trans-Atlantic pirate station
« on: February 27, 2017, 0004 UTC »
I'm hearing traces of this one again right now, 0000 UTC, and it's actually fading up to weak audio - actually thumping dance music.  First time actually logging a MW Euro pirate for me.  Wish I knew more about this station.  Again, he's strong on the Italian remotes, so maybe from that region but who knows!

Pirate Radio History / The 1620 WJDI Story
« on: February 26, 2017, 2228 UTC »
I've posted this before, but I'll kick things off with this article I wrote a few years ago about Dave Schneider and 1620 WJDI:


I look forward to seeing this board grow.  Please share your history and stories here!

European MW Pirate Radio / 1760 kHz UNID presumed Greek EDM pirate
« on: February 22, 2017, 0202 UTC »
Found some weak carriers this evening around 0000 UTC between 1710 & 1800 kHz so I went searching on some Euro remotes to figure out what I was seeing here.  Found this massive wide AM signal on 1760 kHz on an Italian remote and captured about 20 minutes of EDM.  The only thing that would make this better is if he/she were broadcasting in C-QUAM stereo!  Presumed Greek pirate, check it out: https://youtu.be/7nkMuWnnjIs

General Radio Discussion / New Mediumwave Propagation Project
« on: January 16, 2017, 1542 UTC »
From Bill Whitacre via hard-core-dx.com:

If you're interested in radio propagation and how geomagnetic indices effect
what you hear on mediumwave, there's a project you should know about.

Graphs of the last 60 days of the daily average of the 2MeV electron flux,
A-index, K-index, Dst and solar wind plus a numerical index of Nick Hall-Patch's
daily Victoria, BC TP and DU reception quality can be found here:


Not only are pertinent geomagnetic indices shown on the same page for the same
period for your comparison, but we've added actual reception data to the graph.
Our hope is that this will allow us to find some new correlations between
reception and what the sun is doing, as well as validate or refute some existing

Involved in this project are Nick Hall-Patch as chief scientific consultant and
contributor of the reception index, Mauno Ritola as sanity check and contribitor
of the 2MeV electron flux, and Bill Whitacre as curator and 'scraper' of data.

In the works is a way to let you select a date range and get back results.
We're also interested in your observations that confirm or refute 'common
widsom' about propagation.

Bill Whitacre
Alexandria, VA

Utility / UNID 1734 // 1758 kHz usb 0142 UTC 1/4/2017
« on: January 04, 2017, 0209 UTC »
Something there, a weak voice, way down at the noise floor on 1734 kHz parallel to 1758 in usb. Too weak to make anything out or even ID a language but EIBI lists a "Lyngby Radio" there on both freqs - apparently the Danish coastguard.  This band bears watching more closely this time of year if you have a low noise floor.  There's some interesting DX targets to be had.

MW Loggings / December 2016 Michigan BCB logs
« on: January 03, 2017, 0147 UTC »
Below are new stations heard and added to the logbook during the month of December, 2016 including a bunch from Minnesota and one from south Florida.  Receiver used is a Microtelecom Perseus SDR and the antenna is noted in each log.  Times/dates are UTC.


770 WLWL Rockingham, NC. - 0448 UTC 12/26/2016 - Fair at times under WABC with blues and urban Christmas music, during semi-au cx and WBBM's IBOC absence, thanks to tips from Rick Shaftan & Bruce Conti on the Facebook NRC page, South D-KAZ.

1150 KCCT Corpus Christi, TX. - 0006 UTC 12/23/2016 - Presumed with c/w mx and slogan "11-50, The Bridge" with time check and weather at 0007 UTC by local announcer, faint but briefly clear during au cx, South D-KAZ. 

1270 WDLA Walton, NY. - 0200 UTC 12/31/2016 - Difficult copy with calls at TOH and into ESPN under WXYT, North D-KAZ.

1300 WGDJ Rensselaer, NY. - 0200 UTC 12/31/2016 - Difficult copy with TOH legal ID with calls & Rensselaer mention, slogan "Talk 1300", and into ABC News under local WOOD, on North D-KAZ.

1310 KGLB St. Peter, MN. - 2057 UTC 12/27/2016 - OM with "Classic Hit Country, 13-10, K-T-L-B" and back into c/w music, on North D-KAZ.

1320 WKRK Murphy, NC. - 0200 UTC 12/9/2016 - Weak with this bubbling up at TOH "W-K-R-K radio in Murphy, North Carolina, 13-20 AM, 105.5 FM and cable TV channel 25", on South D-KAZ.

1340 KWLM Willmar, MN. - 2258 UTC 12/17/2016 - With OM call letter ID popping up out of the noise "K-W-L-M, Willmar" and lost again, on the North D-KAZ.

1350 KDIO Ortonville, MN. - 2059 UTC 12/27/2016 - Under WARF with "classic country" slogan and OM legal ID given at TOH, North D-KAZ.

1400 WBIP Booneville, MS. - 0011 UTC 12/23/2016 - With "News Mississippi" at TOH and into classic Christmas music, then local announcer at 0011 with weather forecast and slogan "The Eagle" with calls given, dominant!! During au cx, South D-KAZ.

1410 KLVQ Athens, TX. - 0000 UTC 12/23/016 - Very poor in the auroral jumble under local WNWZ with ID for FM translator K233BE 94.5 and into SRN News, South D-KAZ.

1410 KQV Pittsburgh, PA. - 2251 UTC 12/9/2016 - I'm probably the last to log this one, but finally...in and out with call letter IDs during announcements for local happenings, on South D-KAZ.

1440 WGMI Bremen, GA. - 0003 UTC 12/23/2016 - Jumble of stations with this popping up in the mix by OM "You're listening to the new W-G-M-I, 14-40, The Train" and into classic Christmas music, during au cx, South D-KAZ.

1450 KBUN Bemidji, MN. - 2258 UTC 12/11/2016 - Dominant with Minnesota Golden Gopher's basketball, pause for legal ID at 2259 UTC also mentioning FM 94.9 with "K-Bun's the one for the Gophers..", on North D-KAZ.

1460 KDMA Montevideo, MN. - 2300 UTC 12/11/2016 - Poor in the mix with weak but clear "Your news, weather and sports leader, 14-60 K-D-M-A, Montevideo" and into ABC News, on North D-KAZ. 

1490 KLGR Redwood Falls, MN. - 2059 UTC 12/27/2016 - Weak and mixing with an equally weak WIGM during local WKLQ dead-air moment, which returned seconds after this ID heard by OM "This is K-L-G-R, Redwood Falls" and then immediately buried by WKLQ. MW station #2000, North D-KAZ.

1510 WPGR Monroeville, PA. - 2259 UTC 12/17/2016 - With TOH ID "We are one body, W-G-R-P, 15-10 AM, Monroeville", poor on the North D-KAZ. 

1520 WRCI Three Rivers, MI. - 2159 UTC 12/31/2016 - Yes, first time hearing this one, with very weak with OM TOH ID "Your home for continuous classic country favorites, River Country 97.1, W-R-C-I, Three Rivers" on South D-KAZ. 

1550 WRHC Coral Gables, FL. - 0002 UTC 12/23/2016 - With SS talk and long "La Poderosa" jingle and then OM EE ID given over fanfare at 0002 UTC with "This is WWFE, 670 AM, Miami" and SS OM "Este es La Poderosa, seiscientos AM", mostly alone and dominant until overtaken by WPFC Port Allen, LA., modulation favored the upper sideband and hardly audible at all in the lower sideband despite a strong signal, during au cx, South D-KAZ.


1044 Valladolid, Spain - 0129 UTC 12/13/2016 - With fair audio lasting for several minutes on peaks with music and SS talk // to Radio Valladolid's online stream, on the North D-KAZ.

MW Loggings / #2000 logged
« on: December 28, 2016, 1546 UTC »
I had hopes of hitting 2,000 before the year ended, and that goal was accomplished yesterday afternoon when a faint 1490 KLGR was heard.  I don't count call changes and all logs between 530-1710 kHz have been from my same suburban west Michigan location.

I started my logbook in 2009 with a "barefoot" DX-440 that was good for a few hundred stations, but I wanted more!  Enter the Quantum Loop, which worked wonderfully with the DX-440, and netted me a few hundred more stations including my first Trans-Atlantic station (1134 Croatia) and several more TAs to follow, most of which are now history.  Still wanting more, but reaching the limit of the Q Loop, I knew it was time to go bigger.  I bought a 500 FT spool of wire and laid it on the ground in a straight line, connected it to the DX-440, and started logging a whole new mix of more distant stations.  I learned more about BOGs and discovered how Neil Kazaross was phasing two of them and soon went back to DX Tools and purchased a Quantum Phaser to try it for myself.

It didn't take long to hit #1000 with this setup.  At this point I'm pushing the DX-440 to its limit, so I decided to try SDR and eventually opted for the Perseus which I still use today.  A reversible D-KAZ loop was also added to the mix a few years ago.

Some obligatory stats since starting this adventure in 2009: 47 states heard with AK, HI & DE still needed (keep dreaming).  Most distant catch: 702 2BL Sydney @ 9,345 miles/15,039 km.  Nearest unheard: WBCH @ just 59 miles!  169 graveyarders and 37 countries heard on MW.  Recordings of some of my more interesting catches are posted to YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/kilokat7

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 5790am 0325 UTC 12/15/2016
« on: December 15, 2016, 0327 UTC »
I found the YHWH dude on 5790 tonight, generally poor but some decent audio peaks..

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 4865am 0306-0415* UTC 12/8/2016
« on: December 08, 2016, 0307 UTC »
Very good copy right now at 0307 UTC, S7-S8.  Off at 0415 UTC.

Long path propagation towards Asia has been really good here during the early evenings.  I bumped into this one while trolling the 120m band tonight:

2859.8 kHz (1430x2) "Radio San Carlos" with ID at 2300 UTC TOH 12/7/2016, Spanish music and talk.  Steady carrier at a decent level with modulation that seems to come and go. Sounds like possible religious prayer right now by OM.

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 7410am 0324 UTC 12/4/2016
« on: December 04, 2016, 0330 UTC »
Weak carrier since about 0305 UTC on this frequency after Romania signed off.  Carrier is slowly getting stronger but still not good enough for solid audio, unlike last night.  What I'm hearing are just brief snippets of spoken words that seem to match the op's voice.  Just a tentative for me but likely YHWH on again right now and very weak into Michigan.

0339 UTC: No longer a tentative, S7 and fairly clear audio at the moment: "those who abandon Yahweh will parish..."

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 7410 am 0305 UTC 12/3/2016
« on: December 03, 2016, 0313 UTC »
s5-s6 right now into Michigan on peaks, repeat of what I've heard before when he was on a couple of years ago with familiar YHWH catch phrases to the likes of "war mongering", "homosexual Catholic church", etc., etc.

0328z: Signal took a huge dive, just a weak carrier now but was pretty good with almost 100% copy for several minutes.

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