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I caught a bit of this earlier just above my high noise floor:

2216z: Elton John "Rocket Man"
2219z: next song begins, unknown, weak copy at this point, Depeche Mode-ish sounding?
2240z: faded up from the noise to reveal Pink Floyd's "Another brick in the wall"
2250z: carrier off

Thanks for the MW broadcast!

Blowing my doors off in West Michigan, 30 over S9 during Leonard Cohen.

My UNID morning 1710 pirate just barely rising above the noise floor with Sheriff's "When I'm With You" that ended at 11:44.  Only audible for a minute and then vanished back into the depths of the noise while transitioning into the next song.  ID?

Hey All,

Anyone know anything about  1710 CHIM ,ONT, Canada ?

Supposedly 84 watts. Yet the Canadian spectrum assignments list the TOP frequency as 1705 Kc ( 1700 centered), just the same as the USA .

The only known  North American  exception above 1705 Kc  I know of is  WQFG 689     centered on 1710 Kc in NJ.

Special permit ? Pirate  outlet  carrying  their licensed FM operations ?



It's a pirate and was occasionally heard when active here in West Michigan.  I haven't heard it in several years but haven't checked this season using my North antenna.  I probably have logs of it here if you dig back far enough and for sure a video or two of CHIM reception at this location on my YT channel.

Again, ever so slightly above my noise floor and off my West DKAZ loop that does a great job of nulling the Hudson TIS out of existence.  Brief audio fade-ups near my local sunrise with what I can only describe as sounding like opera music.

0955z: Extremely faint music which sounded like the beginning of "Kyrie" by Mr. Mister @ 0955 UTC but gone as quickly as it faded in so I can't confirm the song.

1003z: Faded back up briefly with Men at Work "Down Under".

1024z: Survivor "Eye Of The Tiger"

1028z: Almost imaginary, but sounds like Yes "Owner of a lonely heart".

1039z: Another momentary peak barely above the noise floor with Tears for Fears "Everybody wants to rule the world".

Thanks for the 80s tunes this morning, whoever you were!

Oldies with no announcements, great signal off my East antenna:

0158z: Herman's Hermits "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" S9+10
0204z: Ray Charles Singers "Love me with all your heart" S9+20
0206z: Bob Seger "Still the same" S9+10
0209z: Jerry Butler "Never give you up" S9+15
0213z: Flying Machine "Smile a little smile for me" S9
0215z: Frankie Valli "I've got you under my skin" S9+20!
0220z: Frankie Valli "Save it for me" S9+10
0222z: Gene Piney "Town without pity" S9+20
0225z: Betty Everett "Shoop Shoop song" S9+15
0227z: Andy Kim "Rock me gently" S9+20

European MW Pirate Radio / UNID 1719.9 AM 0325 UTC 01 May 2021
« on: May 01, 2021, 0332 UTC »
Greek pirate?  Fading up slightly above my quiet noise floor with electronic dance music on peaks.  Very weak into West Michigan and parallel to what I'm hearing much stronger on a Greek SDR right now.

S9 into West Michigan with Gary Numan.  Literally the last time I heard WDOG was 34 years ago!

Great to hear you on the air again, and with the Numan tracks!  Great stuff and great memories!

QSLs Received / WDOG eQSL 34 years later
« on: April 28, 2021, 0204 UTC »
A big thanks to WDOG for QSL'ing my 1987 off-air recording!  I hope to hear you again in the near future!


Late log.  Test transmission heard by a teenage kilokat7 in 1987 by WDOG with a series of awesome Gary Numan songs that were brand new to me at the time and rocked my world!

PLS QSL if the current WDOG is the old WDOG heard in my 1987 recording: WDOG 7415 kHz October 10th, 1987 0014 UTC

Recorded off my GE 7-2990A "World Monitor" with a wire strung through a tree from West Michigan.  Good memories.

MW Loggings / Re: Another WHAS maintenance outage
« on: April 15, 2021, 1420 UTC »
Thanks for the heads-up.  Did you hear anything good?  KVJY heard here (weak) under heavy slop from my local on 850.  Not much else noted last night.

Weak over the static this morning with Butthole Surfer's song "Pepper" @ 1055 UTC.  I suspect this is the same weak music station that I hear nearly every morning around sunrise off my West DKAZ loop that hangs out barely above my noise floor.  Seems a little stronger this morning, if it's the same station.

1106 UTC: OM talk over music mentioning "Dark Life Radio Show" and possible email address for contact.
1111 UTC: Metallica "Sad But True"
1117 UTC: Duran Duran "Ordinary World"
1119 UTC: OM ID "This is Dark Life Radio" and other talk
1121 UTC: Beck "Loser"
1125 UTC: Cake "Leather Sofa"
1130 UTC: Blind Melon "No Rain"
1136 UTC: Instrumental with guitar solo, beginning to loose out to my local noise now..
1145 UTC: Off and carrier gone.

Thanks for the good tunes this morning, whoever you were!  QSL appreciated

Recording: https://youtu.be/HTuWHombYzE

Fishing Drift Net Beacons / 2049 kHz "RQ0" 1124 UTC 21 March 2021
« on: March 22, 2021, 0150 UTC »
Clear copy, "RQ0" ID followed by a long dash repeated three times and then off for three minutes and the cycle starts over.  Heard three cycles and then gone for good just after local sunrise.

I'm not real sure on this one, but I guess it's a driftnet beacon?  Seems like an unusual ID as most appear to be alphanumeric.  Anyway this oddity surfaced for a just a minute or so yesterday morning on my West DKAZ loop that has a good reach to the west coast and beyond, so I can safely rule out the Atlantic ocean or points East of Michigan.  I'm real curious if anyone has heard this one before or would care to guess where it originated from.  I haven't heard a 1710-1800 kHz driftnet beacon in nearly a decade so this was an unusual surprise:


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