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QSLs Received / Re: WREC Radio Free East Coast 6/3/16 eQSL
« on: June 03, 2016, 1617 UTC »
I received the same one! Thanks again, PJ!

02.00 UTC detected a clean carrier on 6876,1 kHz AM, unfortunately too low audio
02.03 UTC some bits and pieces of announcements by OM heard, but too weak to dig it
02.04 UTC sign off (see my picture)

Had the TCS carrier again here on my SDR recordings from the sign on at 00.39 UTC

00.40 UTC OM and YL talking about clout computing, rock music then
00.45 UTC ID, wrecradio@gmail.com, into Judas Priest – Head Out On The Highway
00.48 UTC another radio play heard, but illegible, stronger fading now
00.50 UTC final words, many "bye byes" by YL
00.51 UTC close down and carrier off (see my picture)

I checked my tonights SDR recording and noticed a clear WREC carrier
on 6925,4kHz AM, SINPO 12222. First 20 minutes only the carrier was detected,
later audio came through better and better until the end.
Thank you PJ Sparx for another repetition of your show and your eQSLs are always welcome!

QSLs Received / WREC / Radio Enterhaken relay
« on: June 02, 2016, 0632 UTC »
I found this superb eQSL in my inbox this morning!
Thank you very much PJ Sparx! Great design again!

00.45 UTC Revolverheld - Ich werde Nie Erwachsen (by Shazam)
00.50 UTC radio promotion, into Unheilig - Ich Gehoere Mir (I'm my own person)
00.55 UTC station ID by YL, requesting reports to enterhaken@gmx.net for QSL
00.57 UTC German comedy about a dog called Cherry
00.59 UTC Madsen - Lass Die Musik An (but RTTY QRM now)
by chance tonight here in NW Germany, SINPO 12222, weak but clear audio
sorry, too tired for more yet, will follow my SDR recording at daytime
Thanks for the relayer and please QSL to my e-mail

QSLs Received / Re: Cool AM Radio 5/27/16
« on: May 31, 2016, 2127 UTC »
I received the same here, thanks to André! Great stuff!

00.33 UTC America – Horse With No Name
00.36 UTC Linkin Park – Burn It Down Screaming shortly, into ID
00.36 UTC by OM: Burn it Down, rock music
00.40 UTC Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
00.45 UTC another rock song
00.55 UTC Bachman Turner Overdrive – You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
01.02 UTC announcement my male DJ, KISS mentioned, US anthem played
01.03 UTC by e-guitar instrumental
01.05 UTC close down

I had BID Radio on my Perseus SDR tonight, SINPO 22222 here, ups and downs
but clear audio and quite easy to follow the known records here.
I sent a report to BID with some audio files! Thanks BID for the show and
please QSL this time.

QSLs Received / Re: WREC/Radio Free East Coast eQSL
« on: May 30, 2016, 2111 UTC »
And same here! Chris, I couldn't have put it better myself!

23.55 UTC carrier appeared on screen
00.00 UTC audio heard, station ID, very low audio, into classic music, fading out
00.09 UTC American Next Top Hookers, reality show, CNT, ID YL WREC
00.09 UTC Rise Against – The Good Left Undone, deep fading again
00.14 UTC WREC, ID, rock song
00.18 UTC clear WREC ID and e-mail address
00.21 UTC Rednex cantina promo, “Future is now”’ about clout computing, ID
00.23 UTC announcements, illegible, fast rock song, unknown
00.25 UTC announcement, Judas Priest – Head Out On The Highway (Shazam)
00.28 UTC comedy radio play heard, speedy talk
00.30 UTC low audio talk, audio signals vanished, but carrier still on
00.39 UTC carrier off (see my picture)

Thanks a lot WREC for another appearance!
Heard you again on my Perseus SDR tonight in NW Germany!
Still awesome to pick up your signals here across the pond!

01.58,5 UTC sign on with Russian anthem
02.00 UTC DW and comrade are talking, RFW ID
02.45 UTC Depeche Mode - Precious (without Shazam, hi!)
still audible until later than 03.00UTC

RFW again here at my Perseus SDR, SINPO 23322
in NW Germany. Thanks DW for yet another monster show!

01.56 UTC Ozzy Osbourne - I don't know, deep fading then
02.25 UTC music again
02.31 UTC SSTV tones, but not to be decrypted here
02.35 UTC music

via tonight's Perseus SDR recording in NW Germany, but
too weak to catch more details today, maybe the station wasn't
on all the time?!

01.03 UTC Russian anthem
01.04 UTC talk by OM, clear Free Whatever heard
01.06 UTC trance music, like with a steel pan
01.12 UTC female singer
01.20 UTC talk by OM
02.33 UTC New Order - Blue Monday
still audible until about 03.40UTC

Thanks for the show, DW of RFW, weak signal and audio
tonight on my Perseus SDR, but anyway always nice to have
you in NW Germany again!

00.50 UTC carrier appeared on screen (see my picture)
00.52 UTC music heard, but illegible, faded out
01.00 UTC about “Crystal”, American Next Top Hookers (!) adverts, rock song
01.09 UTC Silversun Pickups – Panic Switch (by Shazam)
01.11 UTC clear WREC ID and e-mail address wrecradio@gmail.com
01.13 UTC promotion about clout – “It’s in the clout” by YL, faded out
01.20 UTC Judas Priest – Head Out On The Highway (by Shazam)
01.22 UTC comedy radio play heard
01.24 UTC final words, bye byes by YL, close down and carrier off

Good morning PJ Sparx, had you on my tonight's Perseus SDR recording!
Weak signal here in NW Germany on 6976.7kHz, SINPO 13221.
Thanks for your show and please QSL to my e-mail!

QSLs Received / Re: Wolverine Radio eQSL's NOT!
« on: May 15, 2016, 0823 UTC »
I received my WDDR eQSL also. Thank you very much, whoever you are! :)

00.32 UTC Linkin' Park . Burn It Down
00.34 UTC CCR - Bad Moon Rising
00.37 UTC music, unknown to me
00.45 UTC REO Speedwagon - Time For Me 2 Fly
00.56 UTC Don McLean - American Pie
01.15 UTC The Eagles - Hotel California
01.22 UTC BID ID and announcement, Linkin Park shortly
01.24 UTC Bob Seeger song Night Moves?!
01.29 UTC Coldplay - Yellow
better propagation at the end of the recording, nice audio then too

Had this one too on my SDR recorder in NW Germany, SINPO 24322 here
Thanks a lot for your music show! Please QSL to my e-mail address, BID!
I'm still awaiting your QSL of my March 6th early morning report via K2SDR.

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