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23.25 UTC SSTV image in PD180 (see image attached)
this definitely shows the black panther on the left side and the sexy lady on the right!

23.46 UTC more SSTV tones audible, but not to be decoded here then

I had this on my Perseus SDR recorder tonight! Wow, I'm quite proud of that catch!
Used my 45m antenna here for reception and I will ask BCR for a QSL card with my e-mail report too!
Thanks BCR for providing the SSTV images and making me happy! :)
BTW: I used the smartphone Black Cat Systems "CQ SSTV Pad" App to decrypt the codes!

QSLs Received / Re: Wolverine Radio eQSL
« on: April 25, 2016, 1522 UTC »
I just got this message for your information:
Thank you for your email.  My SSTV images are meant to be a "confirmation", but many of you are avid QSL hounds, so I am experimenting with eQSLing.
When I began my hobby, I did send out 3 or 4 QSLs, but that was in 2013.  A QSL proves nothing, it is just a momento, a postcard if you like.  I am sorry if some are questioning this gesture of good will
on my part.  My best to you.  My email is not secret, so please post it. If I receive any hate mail, it will just be deleted.  This hobby should be fun.
-The Drunken DJ/Wolverine

The e-mail address of WOLVERINE RADIO should be: drunkendjradio@gmail.com


23.07 UTC station ID by OM and e-mail.... .com given, into music
23.08 UTC music
23.12 UTC OM station ID and E-mail, The Ramones - Rock'n Roll Highschool
23.17 UTC station announcement, Radio Free..., another punk song
23.20 UTC another Ramones song
23.24 UTC Station ID again by OM, e-mail radiofreeramones@gmail.com
23.24 UTC Ramones song
23.30 UTC another Ramones song ...Warm California.??..
23.32 UTC All Ramones All The Time announcement, e-mail again

audible in NW Germany with SINPO 23222, thanks for the nice Ramones tunes.
Please QSL to my e-mail address.

QSLs Received / Wolverine Radio eQSL
« on: April 24, 2016, 2050 UTC »
Surprisingly I received this eQSL from Wolverine Radio for my recent HFU post!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, the drunken DJ!
Some of you seem to suspect the truth of that eQSL, but maybe Wolverine Radio
should give us a hint about the truth of the verification. Thanks in advance!

00.18 UTC station opens with station ID Wolverine Radio and oldtime jazz
00.20 UTC jazzy music again, male singer and trumpets
00.24 UTC jazz with trumpet and clarinette
00.26 UTC clear ID "Wolverine Radio", jazz music, woman sings then
00.31 UTC piano, trumpet, woman sings about "the sunny side of the street"
00.38 UTC slow blues sound and female singer
00.45 UTC male singer sings the blues
00.50 UTC The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun
00.54 UTC Station ID Wolverine Radio, male singer with high voice
01.22 UTC Stevie Wonder - You are the sunshine of my life
01.29 UTC station ID again and SSTV
01.31 UTC sign off

per my Perseus SDR recorder tonight in NW Germany,
SINPO was 32332, heavy QRM due to local Plasma TV in the neighbourhood
Thanks for the show anyway, WR! AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR eQSL!

23.20 UTC swinging jazz came up here
23.26 UTC "Station" ID as Oldtime Classic Radio... jazz continued
severe QRM by neighbours Plasma TV, shit!
23.50 UTC jazz again for a short time, into QRM again
00.03 UTC Ben Bernie - Sweet Georgia Brown
00.05 UTC announcements, distorted here: Old Time..., audio then
00.09 UTC carrier disappeared for good
per Perseus SDR recording tonight in NW Germany
SINPO 21211 only, but anyway audible. Thanks for the jazzy show
and please QSL to my E-mail address!

22.25 UTC talk man and woman audible here in NW Germany
22.26 UTC woman... I have to do this.... music, doctor mentioned
22.30 UTC man speaks, trumets in background
22.30 UTC dark voiced man speaks, hahaaa, aaaaaalright, comedy?!
22.32 UTC broadcast... on air.. Credibility Gap - You Can't Judge A Book By Its Hair ?!
(thanks Shazam!)
22.35 UTC music now, The Hooters - South Ferry Road
22.41 UTC sign off or fade out immediately

audble in NW Germany, SINPO 24322
Please QSL to my e-mail and thanks for the show!

22.06 UTC No Doubt feat. Lady Saw - Underneath It All
22.09 UTC short announcement
22.10 UTC Styx - Renegade
22.14 UTC Harvey Danger - Flagspole Sitta (per Shazam)
22.17 UTC Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober
22.21 UTC Paramore - Crush (tentatively only), signals dropped
22.35 UTC signals gone for good here

Directly by my Sony ICF 2001D on my rig in NW Germany!
Incredible, when it's US stuff! SINPO 23222
Thanks for the nice music, please QSL, whoever you are!

at 21.10 UTC the Tidalwave OP made a shoutout to DIMBULP and thanked for report!

20.26 UTC Neil Young - Alabama
20.29 UTC station ID by OM, This is the Voice Of Shortwave Radio
OM gave e-mail address and spelled it
20.30 UTC music and announcer said... broadcasting on shortwave...
20.31 UTC close down suddenly

via K2SDR tonight, SINPO 34433, good audio!
Thanks for your programme! I will post my report asap, although I was
too late for more details.

01.05 UTC signal appeared for the first time
01.08 UTC unid country sound with mainly guitar, signal ups and downs
01.18 UTC music noticed, unknown to me
01.27 UTC SSTV picture (see below, weak quality, but anyway)
maybe someone got it better to compare it, tnx
01.32 UTC pop oldie Driver's Seat
01.34 UTC another SSTV audible, but not to be decoded
had this on my SDR recorder in NW Germany tonight
SINPO 22222, sometimes local (?) fishermen interferences

22.48 UTC Level 42 - Something About You (by Shazam)
22.52 UTC The Wombats - Greek Tragedy
22.56 UTC unknown song, illegible
deep fade out and no audio until
23.31 UTC Spandau Ballet - Lifeline
23.35 UTC The Colourist - Little Games (by Shazam)

via K2SDR tonight, SINPO 23322, deeper fading, but clear audio
My very first Illuminati catch! Very nice! Please QSL to my e-mail!
Thanks for providing your show to us!
...too tired now, but'll put my SDR recorder on for the night!
Propagation seems to be good for more!

22.43 UTC Station ID and seagulls screamings, E-mail
22.44 UTC Chubby Checker - The Twist
22.47 UTC station IDs again, into Rock This Town

nice signal in NW Germany, 34443, but also bits and pieces on the K2SDR

QSLs Received / Re: WAZU "Hillary" eQSL
« on: April 15, 2016, 0846 UTC »
The same here, hardcopy Fletch-QSL signed by FF and 2 stickers!
Very kind of you, Fred!

hmmm, just a carrier on that QRG, but no audio came through
here on my Perseus SDR. Maybe next occasion, hopefully!

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