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23.05 UTC The Clash - London Calling
23.08 UTC X-FM and Illuminati, live via satellite tonight, who is somewhere out in the stars
23.10 UTC email from MIX, want's to relay also, about upload link
23.12 UTC Illuminati address given out with problems, e-mail of X-FM also
23.13 UTC Jingle-ID, Bad Company - Rock'n Roll Fantasy
23.15 UTC much talk, annother announcer also, other HFU listeners mentioned
about being on 4185 in C-QUAM, together with Radio Illuminati
23.18 UTC Deep Purple - Lazy (live) on 4185 and much better on 5185 kHz AM.
23.29 UTC Rainbow - I Surrender
23.31 UTC Station announcement, about frequencies, and etc.
23.32 UTC ... I can't remember..., about HFU listeners
23.39 UTC DickWeed of Radio Free Whatever on the phone
23.42 UTC phone number given, e-mail of X-FM and Illuminti given
23.43 UTC time given, frequencies, jingle, Elton John - I've Seen That Movie Too

I was listening via the AB1KW KiwiSDR in Concord, NH
Nice programming indeed! Greetings from Germany and I hope you may answer
to my preceding report on 6285 kHz

I don't want to pressure you, it was just a reminder, no worries.
Of course, I was very happy about the last replies from you!
A great show tonight. Happy Halloween!

21.10 UTC Classic Piano - Bach: Toccata and Fugue in Dm, BWV 565
21.19 UTC SSTV
21.22 UTC then scary sound effects, Phantom Five - Graveyard
21.24 UTC another sound (waterfall), Bela La Goldstein - Why Do I Love You
21.26 UTC another encrypted picture (waterfall?), Jim Burgett -Jekyll & Hyde
21.29 UTC another SSTV (Martin M1), illegible here
21.32 UTC Scary audience, Film trailer - The Blob
21.33 UTC The Five Blobs - The Blob
21.36 UTC SSTV (Martin M1)
21.38 UTC Lewis Lee - Attack Of the Killer Tomatoes
21.41 UTC Sheb Wooley - The Purple People Eater
21.43 UTC Jackie Morningstart - Rockin' In The Graveyard

good on the NE US Kiwi SDR in Concord, NH of AB1KW!
Thanks for the nice Halloween extravaganza. Please eQSL to my addy below!

It is said to be TOP RADIO as in the chatroom

Delta Radio jingles heard

In late 2020 I read the following on their website:
We now offer printed QSL cards for reception reports arriving (via post only) via the address of the World Wide DX Club:
Shortwave Radio, P.O.Box 1214,  D-61282 Bad Homburg, Germany.
QSL policy: At least 30min of programme details incl. comments to the programme. Minimum 3 Euro return postage cash or via PayPal.

I immediately wrote a "snail mail" report to the address above and included 3€ into my envelope.
Finally - after quite a while - I received an answer with my QSL.
It was worth the effort and money to have received another confirmation.

BTW: In earlier times, it was also quite common to include return postage in the form of US dollars or IRCs with the reception reports,
regardless of whether they were sent to legal or illegal radio stations.

QSLs Received / Re: Radio 48 relayed by Mix Oct. 8-9
« on: October 21, 2022, 1047 UTC »
I received the same as well. Thank you so much, Radio 48!

17.37 UTC Morgan Heritage - Give We A License
17.40 UTC Sofia Reyes - Muévelo (feat. Wisin)
17.44 UTC Los Chaskis - Pollera Colora
17.48 UTC Bobi Wine - Corona Virus
17.50 UTC WMR station ID trailer
17.50 UTC Oumar Konate - Faut Pas Toucher (feat. Sidiki Diabaté)
17.53 UTC Nazca+A379 - En Primavera
17.56 UTC Inca Pacha - Saya Primavera (maybe the same as 17.53?!)
17.57 UTC WMR jingle, Zion Train -Dry Your Tears (Caribace Remix)
18.01 UTC Kaka - En Sidste Sang
18.05 UTC WMR jingle, Alpha Blondy & The Solar System - New Dawn
18.09 UTC Tiken Jah Fakoly - Je Dis Non!

fair to good on the AB1KW KiwiSDR in Concord, NH
Please eQSL to my addy, Mr. ION and thanks for another relay!

20.42 UTC Van Morrison - Tell Me What You Want
20.44 UTC station ID ION RADIO by OM
20.44 UTC The Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line
20.47 UTC Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - U.S. 41
20.50 UTC Sheryl Crow - God Bless This Mess
20.53 UTC Station ID by canned YL voice; India-Oscar-November, ION ID, e-mail
20.53 UTC Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad
20.57 UTC Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky

Doomsday mood on ION RADIO:
And I am not frightened of dying
Any time will do, I don't mind
Why should I be frightened of dying?
There's no reason for it, you've gotta go sometime
If you can hear this whispering you are dying

21.02 UTC It's A Beautiful Day - White Birds (live)
21.08 UTC live track sung by OM: Little Woman
21.13 UTC "This ION RADIO" ID by OM, rock tune sung by OM
21.16 UTC another rock song sung by OM

fair to good on the AB1KW KiwiSDR in Concord, NH
Please eQSL to my addy, Mr. ION and thanks for the records today!

It's Superclan Radio now QSY to 6205 kHz due to QRM on 6195!

20.54 UTC Sugarloaf - Green Eyed Lady
20.57 UTC male DJ HFUnderground greetings, Chris Lobdell, Frank etc.
20.59 UTC e-mail given for report / eQSL, more listeners on HFU mentioned
21.00 UTC off the air shortly
21.01 UTC Eric Burdon & War - Spill the Wine
21.06 UTC Jingle, male announcer, ID, The Rolling Stones - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
21.09 UTC Station ID Yeah Man Radio, 6925, HF Undeground listeners
21.12 UTC The Beach Boys - Good Vibration
21.17 UTC Million jingle and greetings to another listener, Santana - Black Magic Woman

nice on the AB1KW Concord, NH KiwiSDR

Thanks for the great show and nice USB-audio. Please eQSL to my addy! Thanks in advance!

20.42 UTC Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know
20.44 UTC Albany Down - Mercy
20.50 UTC new song or the same again?

weak in NW Germany

14.58 UTC Chemise - She Can't Love You
15.02 UTC Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real
15.06 UTC usual female announcer with Enterprise song + ID,e-mail
15.06 UTC Heatwave - Boogie Nights
15.12 UTC Fat Larry's Band - Act Like You Know
15.17 UTC George Benson - Give Me The Night

very strong in NW Germany today!

11.22 UTC Walk Like An Egyptian as heavy metal version
11.24 UTC jingle announcements
11.24 UTC Deep Zen Pill - Power
11.29 UTC announcements by YL and OM
11.29 UTC The Bran Flakes - Let Us Praise Him Children!
11.32 UTC talk within the song
11.33 UTC countdown and lift off within the song, talk
11.35 UTC radio drama?

quite strong on an NE US KiwiSDR
Thanks for the show and please eQSL to my address!

22.10 UTC music detected
22.11 UTC John Fred & His Playboy Band - Judy In Disguise
22.15 UTC Free Radio announcement, but illegible
22.16 UTC The Left Banke - Walk Away Renee
22.21 UTC ID and MIX...The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations: Gold Star
22.28 UTC clear Radio 48 ID now, The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Hey Joe

Direct reception in NW Germany, weak to fair here
Thanks for the show. If possible, please eQSL to my addy!

21.47 UTC Tenpole Tudor - 3 Bells In A Row
21.50 UTC Lou Reed - Hangin' 'Round
21.54 UTC Nick Lowe - Heart Of the City
21.56 UTC Station ID by YL?, website given, CW briefly, Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World
22.00 UTC annoucement, Irene Pena - Come and Get It
22.02 UTC station ID? by OM: listen to WC-nightynine?
22.02 UTC Squeeze - Strong In Reason
22.06 UTC CW, Joe Jackson - Sunday Papers
22.11 UTC male announcer about the track, ...card, postcard, DJ mentioned preceding songs
22.12 UTC The Dickies - Give It Back (just played briefly)
22.14 UTC The Police - Next To You

fairly good on the NE US KiwiSDR K1RA in Warrenton, VA, nice songs
Please eQSL to my addy and thanks for the show!

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