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Rock tune at 2341 UTC at S8 with excellent audio :)
2346 UTC "D'yer Maker"-Led Zeppelin
2350 UTC Metal tune
2353 UTC "Shortwave Ghost" ID/email by electronic YL, into UNID power ballad
0003 UTC Faux advertisement for Tequila :D
0007 UTC "War"-Edwin Starr followed by "What The World Needs Now/Abraham, Martin, and John"-Tom Clay remix version
0017 UTC OM with shortwaveghost@outlook.com followed by "Mean Mistreater"-Grand Funk Railroad (Boy, does this song bring back good memories 8))
0025 UTC "White Punks On Dope"
0033 UTC Spaghetti Western guitar, evil sounding chimes, and OM with email address, the OFF at 0034 UTC

Killer program this evening Mr. Ghost...thanks!!!

Remarks of Commissioner Michael OíRielly Before the New York State Broadcasters Association Summer Conference June 23, 2015

                            Time to Eradicate Pirate Radio Stations
To see the impact of New York broadcasters in Washington, you donít need to look any further than the letter to the FCC on the ongoing problem of pirate radio, which every single member of the New York House delegation signed just two weeks ago. Getting all those signatures on one document is quite an impressive feat and speaks not only of your high level of engagement and involvement with your representatives, but also of the extremely serious nature of this problem, which I addressed in a post on my FCC blog two months ago. Far from being cute, insignificant, or even somehow useful in the broadcasting ecosystem, pirate radio represents a criminal attack on the integrity of our airwaves, at a time when spectrum has become more scarce and precious than ever before. Burdened with around 25% of the nationís total pirate transmissions, New Yorkís airwaves are a target under continuous assault. As the Congressional letter highlighted, there appear to be 34 pirate stations operating in Brooklyn and the Bronx alone, with more stations now spreading throughout the state like poison ivy in a neglected garden. And where is the gardener? With enforcement actions on the decline even as unauthorized stations proliferate, many feel that pirate radio has slipped far down the FCCís priority list. Allocating spectrum and subsequently protecting license holders from interference is one of the Commissionís original charter missions and remains our most fundamental responsibility. Without vigilant, proactive enforcement of every license, the value of our spectrum, one of the most treasured natural resources of the modern age, is irreparably degraded. And when the interference affects legitimate, licensed broadcasters, Americans can be deprived of the vital and potentially life-saving emergency alerts, weather updates, and news they need at critical moments. There can be no justification for the Commission continuing to look the other way with everything that is at stake here, and that is why I have called for a renewed focus on pirate radio enforcement along with consideration of potential private remedies to give licensees more tools to defend against interference. In addition, one idea that is worth exploring that I discussed with David is whether to put building owners on the hot seat for hosting pirate radio stations. Most building owners wouldnít allow tenants to conduct an illegal gambling sites, sweatshops or drug activities, why should they be allowed to be so passive with regards to illegal pirate radio stations? Shouldnít there be an added burden to make sure building owners donít knowingly lease or rent to pirates? I donít want to go overboard because I strongly believe in property rights, but it seems like accepting a complete ignorance excuse is insufficient. Such an idea may require a change in law, and therefore subject to Congress, but if it is something that may help the cause, Iím willing to assist you in that effort. The good news is that more help is on the way from the FCC. Thanks to all the recent efforts to raise awareness of this problem, the Chairman has finally seen the light and committed to step up enforcement against pirate radio operators in connection with the Commissionís initiative to reorganize the operations of FCC field offices. My understanding is that the NY FCC Field Office is quite responsive and capable. Our job at FCC Headquarters is to make clear to them that we place a high priority on their efforts to eliminate pirate radio, are ready to provide resources, and expect results in the near term. Next week, the FCC will be hosting several New York broadcasters, as well as your counterparts from other markets, for a discussion to start formulating a plan of attack. So I am optimistic about the chances of rapid, substantial progress on the enforcement front. I know that no one is happier to hear this news than the community gathered in this room, and I commit to keeping the pressure up to
eradicate pirate radio for good.

Shortwave Pirate / X-FM 6965 AM 0259 UTC JUNE 21, 2015
« on: June 21, 2015, 0300 UTC »
0259 UTC with OM with X-FM ID's and thump thump dance music
0307 UTC UNID alternative "grunge" tune
0317 UTC "Blue on Black"-Kenny Wayne Shepard
(Usual superb audio this evening with a solid S8 signal amidst moderate static crashes)
0330 UTC Thanks for the shoutout Mr. Redhat!

Shortwave Pirate / XLR8 6925 USB 0209 UTC JUNE 21, 2015
« on: June 21, 2015, 0212 UTC »
Hearing some very weak music at 0209 UTC just above the noise floor
0213 UTC Punk tune
Hmmm....think I heard an X-L-R-8 ID at 0215 UTC?
Signal is about the same as it was on 6950U....maybe a little clearer!

Shortwave Pirate / WPIG 6925 USB 0029 UTC JUNE 21, 2015
« on: June 21, 2015, 0030 UTC »
Music box IS, into "The Big Pig Song" at 0030 UTC:D
(S9 here this evening....much clearer than last nights program!)
Hmmm...the QRM on last nights broadcast seems to be on this one too...is this an off air recording?
Same program as last night but the signal is much stronger tonight!
0052 UTC Music box IS then OFF at 0053 UTC

Thanks for the show again this evening WPIG! I need to hear the Piggies bouncing on the bed song again 8)

Shortwave Pirate / WPIG 6950U 0145 UTC JUNE 20, 2015
« on: June 20, 2015, 0148 UTC »
0145 UTC with music box IS, into a strange tune ("The Big Pig Song" from Hooked on Phonics)...man repeating P-I-G several times
0151 UTC OM with..."listening to WPIG...send us a reception report....QSL", followed by barnyard sounds instead of address.
0152 UTC Sounds like a cartoon now...someone singing "Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf"
0156 UTC Man doing some kind of spoken word skit (weather report)....frequency seems to be drifting around 6950U
0205 UTC Song-"Three Little Piggies Jumping On the Bed" :D, followed by the music box IS again
0208 UTC OFF

Thanks for putting a smile on the pirate zone this evening Mr. Pig! :)

(The phone number given during the broadcast, 908 750-1818 is a non working number ???)

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925U 0037 UTC JUNE 19, 2015
« on: June 19, 2015, 0039 UTC »
OM talking....came up suddenly here at 0037 UTC. Sounds like clips of a TV show with jingles mixed in....
0050 Hearing mentions of Top 40 with pro DJ and snippets of jingles and more jingles...hmmm
S8 here
0050 UTC Sounded like "WCAU-FM"...signal is a bit distorted...
0100 UTC "Wonderful Radio London" clips now
0107 UTC OFF

Thanks for the jingles whoever you be!

HF Beacons / "L" Beacon 6917ish 0046 UTC JUNE 16, 2015
« on: June 16, 2015, 0106 UTC »
I'm hearing CW repeating "L" every few seconds since 0046 and still going at 0104 UTC. Hard to figure out exactly what the frequency is...6917.3? S5 here with very little fade...

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0008 UTC JUNE 16, 2015
« on: June 16, 2015, 0009 UTC »
"Going Up The Country"-Canned Heat was playing at 0008 UTC at S6 here, but gone just before 0010 UTC. Somebody testing? Audio was very clear!

I'm getting weak audio...some music now
0248 UTC "Pinball Wizard"-Who :)

QSLs Received / Voice of KAOS eQSL
« on: June 13, 2015, 1319 UTC »
This popped into my inbox a little while ago....Thanks Voice of KAOS!!! My first reception and hope for many more!

Shortwave Pirate / Radio GaGa 6925 DSB 1101 UTC JUNE 13, 2015
« on: June 13, 2015, 1104 UTC »
I'm hearing some weak music fading in and out here at 1101 UTC...audio in AM is distorted, but clear on the sidebands...that you GaGa?
1104 UTC "Spiders and Snakes"-Jim Stafford :)
1108 UTC Familiar tune...Uriah Heep? Some good peaks during this song!
1120 UTC Some kind of spoken word skit, into an UNID version of "Me and Julio Down By the School Yard"
1124 UTC "Kung Fu Fighting"-Carl Douglas :D
1130 UTC OM with ID..."Radio GaGa Shortwave" and OFF

 Thanks for the Saturday morning show this muggy June morning GaGa!

« on: June 13, 2015, 0121 UTC »
Thanks London Calling! Love the theme on the graphics :) Much appreciated!

0059 UTC Soviet Anthem
0101 UTC DJ Dickweed and Assistant Stavin tonight :) with a new episode of QRM. Started off with a tune by Soundgarden

0024 UTC "More Than A Feeling"-Boston
0028 UTC OM with "This is the Voice of KAOS...KAOS in the Western US". Mentioned the warnings about wildfires in much of the US, then ID again..."KAOS headquarters"
0029 UTC "Living Thing"-Electric Light Orchestra
(Nice S9 signal with great audio here!)...hmmm KAOS?
0033 UTC OM with talk of the recalls...Tekata...KAOS in the automotive industry...This is the Voice of KAOS....email address voiceofkaos@gmail.com
0034 UTC "Pretending"-Eric Clapton
0039 UTC OM with talk of Dick Costello stepping down as CEO of Twitter...KAOS at Twitter
0040 UTC "All Along the Watchtower"-Jimi Hendrix
0044 UTC OM with " This is the Voice of Chaos....KAOS in Malaysia"...4 British women stripped naked and posed for photographs...blamed for deadly earthquakes. "This is the Voice of KAOS...we can be reached at voiceofkaos@gmail.com One more song...Be alert...KAOS is everywhere"
0046 UTC "These Boots Are Made For Walking"-Nancy Sinatra
0051 UTC A bit of the "Get Smart" TV theme 8)

Thanks for the entertainment this evening KAOS! First time reception for me...awesome! :)

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