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« on: September 17, 2014, 2307 UTC »
JOE SAMPLE R.I.P. 1939-2014

Joe Sample, who became a jazz star in the 1960s as the pianist with the Jazz Crusaders and an even bigger star a decade later when he began playing electric keyboards and the group simplified its name to the Crusaders, died on September 12, 2014 in Houston. He was 75. The cause was mesothelioma (cancer of the lungs), said his manager, Patrick Rains. Among the albums on which his keyboard work can be heard are Marvin Gayeís Whatís Going On, Joni Mitchellís Court and Spark and The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Tina Turnerís Private Dancer, Steely Danís Aja and Gaucho, and several recordings by BB King.

I had the good fortune to see him with the Crusaders opening up for the Rolling Stones in Boston Garden during the 1975 Stones tour. I had never heard of them at the time, but I was immediately impressed as soon as they started the opening number of the show. There was no question that the audience was also very impressed....they blew the walls out of the building!

QSLs Received / 3885 RADIO eQSL
« on: September 16, 2014, 2209 UTC »
Found this in my in box in reply to an inquiry with scant details supplied, as I was going to send a full report to them if the email address was correct! Thanks Chris S for providing what turned out to be the correct decryption of one tough ID!
THANKS Jerry!!! Happy to get this one for the Pirate Wall of Fame! Hope to hear some more from 3885 Radio!
 :) :) :) 6919.7645 KHZ? I gotta get me a new radio ;D

Shortwave Pirate / RENEGADE RADIO 6940 USB Sept 14, 2014 0100 UTC
« on: September 15, 2014, 0103 UTC »
0100 UTC "When You're Strange"-Doors
0102 UTC "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)-Eurythmics
0105 UTC "The Chain"-Fleetwood Mac
(Signal is pretty good here at S7 with some noise and fading)
0010 UTC Man announcer with ID and shoutouts to Skipmuck and ByteBORG! ;D
Tunes by Journey, Pat Benatar, and Rush
( Great to hear you again Renegade...sounding good tonight here in Western MA :) )
0028 UTC Shoutouts to HFU posters and chat about the "dud" solar cycle, into Van Halen
(Signal down to S5 but still well above the noise floor here)
Thanks Renegade! Great show tonight and propagation conditions were awesome!  ;D

General Radio Discussion / THE SKY IS FALLING
« on: September 11, 2014, 0028 UTC »
When I logged into AOL this evening to check my email, I was amused to find out that this afternoon's X1.6 solar flare was making headlines! Nothing at all in the article about us hapless shortwave enthusiasts. I did notice that earlier today, WWV on 10, 15, and 20 MHZ was basically inaudible. Anyway, isn't solar activity supposed to be on the down cycle?


I'm hearing the Linconshire Poacher IS at 0031 UTC! I was parked on 6925 USB when it came up all of a sudden with some pesky QRM. 0037 UTC Man repeating nonsense numbers.
{I thought it was a man with a high pitched voice, but the other posts are correct...it does sound like a woman's voice. Hmmm...Son of the Lincolnshire Poacher ??? (I'll listen back on the recording)
ID by man at 0036 is tough copy...all I get is "Lincolnshire Poacher". No copy on the ID at 0041. Overall signal was fair at peaks.}
EDIT-Listened back again today and this program does not seem to be the same as the zany Bangalore Poacher parody....maybe a copy of a legit recording from back when this was originally being heard, with a little augmented voice ID added in? Still can not hear the " Son of " in my recording, so I'm going with the other posts on this one....ummmm, please QSL? 8)
EDIT #2 Question Mark removed in Subject....

First heard at 2143 UTC fading in above the heavy static, now S5 peaks with music and ID at 2207 UTC
Artems program ended and transmission continued. Borderhunter!
Thanks for the shoutout at 2221 UTC! ;D Skipmuck from Springfield says Hello!
Talkover at 2238 UTC during dance tune...2242 UTC is now electronic sounds. S5-S7 amid lots of static crashes.
Signal during techno dance tune at 2309 UTC is now S8 and well above the static!
2310 UTC Borderhunter ID, then electronica music
2328 UTC sounds like the theme from a Western movie!
2334 UTC ID's, chat and then some Dutch music! Signal should be making it out west a bit...S8 and clear with a bit of auroral flutter from the solar flare earlier today.

Threshold audio here with bits of music and man announcer rising just above the noise here. Plenty of loud static crashes. Signal improving very slightly just after 2300 UTC, but still very tough copy. My first reception of Odynn!

I thought I would pass this on to any aspiring shortwave broadcasters looking to create their own program and have it heard over a legal shortwave station located in Germany for a "small fee". I don't know the actual cost involved, but the information is listed below along with the website for this interesting venture!

EDIT :) I corrected the URL  :)

General Radio Discussion / "Computers and DX'ing"-Bill Krause 1986
« on: September 01, 2014, 1559 UTC »
I don't know if it is acceptable to copy this paragraph from ***Gerry Dexter's "Shortwave Listening With The Experts" given modern copyright laws, but in the interests of discussion I will chance it. Last night in the IRC Chat room, I mentioned the prescience of Bill Krause, author of Chapter 10 in Gerry's book "Computers and DX'ing", in speculating on the future of computers in the radio listening hobby. Below is that small section on page 176....as much of this has come to pass since 1986, comments are solicited, specifically those who use SDR's and such, and of course I would be happy if Al Fansome would weigh in on the subject! Remember this was from 1986. As follows...

"Over the past ten years, the most significant trends in radio equipment have been the digitalizing of receivers and the adding of microprocessors to all manner of radio equipment. The big change coming is that, instead of adding microprocessors to radios, radios will be added to microprocessors. This will give the user the greatest possible control over the radio, perhaps to the point where radio may control the user, rather than the other way around. Using a computer, the operator will be able to preprogram all aspects of a receivers performance. He'll be able to set these parameters and then go on to other things. It will enable him to fine-tune the receiver as never before possible. It will also, for instance, enable the "DX'er" to set his "radio" to check all frequencies of all the DX targets he might be interested in. If any of the frequencies have the specified programming at specified quality levels, the receiver will then record the program and even write a reception report in the proper language-all without the "DX'er" having heard a single syllable or crackle of static, if he so chooses. It this DX'ing? Well, the hobby will, before long, have to answer that question."

***I highly recommend picking up a copy of this if you can find it....it is a fascinating look at all aspect of the radio hobby!

« on: September 01, 2014, 1154 UTC »
This just arrived in my inbox this morning for the Memorial Day broadcast! Wasn't expecting it but sure was happy to get it!  ;D Thanks Radio Pipeline op! It is appreciated..... :)

2102 UTC Signal is now fading in and out of the noise here, with S2 peaks on 9300 KHZ AM...fair copy but program seems to be music and announcements.
2115 UTC Signal is improving by the minute now! Good copy amid some fading.
2122 UTC Signal seems to have dropped down to the noise level now. Man announcer so far has been reminiscing about the early days of FRS between pop songs.
2155 UTC Fading isn't as bad, but still lots of band noise...I'm hearing ID's in several languages with the Theme from Close Encounters IS
Yes Chris...I checked 7700 KHZ and it's audible, but less than 9300 here. Crummy propagation right about now....lots of fading
2240 UTC Still weak. lots of noise and fading. Now there's a T-storm coming through so I had to disconnect the antenna :'( If you are still on when the storm passes I'll try again...thanks for the broadcast FRS!

Storm has mostly passed here so the NRD is back on as of 2325 UTC :) 9300 is fair still with fades and local static is high.
2327 UTC I switched to 7700 and signal is better here! Playing "Celebration" at tune in. S7 above a noisy band.
2346 UTC Previous to this time was a long instrumental then an UNID Europop tune, then at 2346 was the Close Encounters themed IS with ID's in different languages.
2353 UTC OFF after music with man announcer talkover
Thanks for the program FRS crew! I wish that propagation and the local storm hadn't conspired to make reception difficult! I guess that is what shortwave is all about  ???

« on: August 31, 2014, 2026 UTC »
I guess this puts to rest the ID from last evenings broadcast :) Thanks Insane Wayne! I'm insanely happy to have received this QSL! Very much appreciated  ;D

Dear  FRS Friends,

Next Sunday it will be exactly 34 years ago that FRS officially started broadcasting on short wave.
As it doesn't happen that many times that August 31st coincides with a Sunday, we felt this was a good opportunity to do
'something special'. Listen out for yourself next Sunday !! And: go tell your friends.
The broadcast starts at 17:52 UTC/ 19:52 CEST and will last just over three hours. At just over 21:00 UTC a full
repeat will start. Freqs will be 7700//9300 kHz.
A special QSL will be issued..more information next Sunday!
All the best,

73s, FRS Crew

a Balance between Music & Information joined to one Format....

POBox 2702
6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

e-mail: < frs@frsholland.nl>
(They were heard on 9301 KHZ with a very good signal here in Western MA for their last broadcast!)

My first time for Over 60 Degree Radio here :) First logged from 2208-2213 UTC on 11405 USB with threshold signal, ID at 2209 UTC, then op QSY to 9305 USB, mostly inaudible. Finally with fair signal amidst lots of noise on 13595 KHZ with blues and blues/rock tunes...Allman Brothers, Leon Russell. ID's at 2229 UTC and again at 2236 UTC (Several ID's repeated slowly...thanks Mick!). Off at 2303 UTC
S3 at peaks and some partial copy of announcements. Thanks for the show and the chat Mick!!!

They're back! S7 here in Western MA with good audio amid some band noise.

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