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Shortwave Pirate / WMID 6925 KHZ AM 2352 UTC MAY 4, 2014
« on: May 04, 2014, 0006 UTC »
Tuned in to end of song at 0003 UTC, then Man announcer with ID... "WMID?...all music" into "Candy-O"-Cars
0007 UTC Man announcer with ID (sounds like WMID), into "Make Me Smile"-Chicago
0010 UTC Girl Group song
0014 UTC Man announcer with ID, into "Train Kept A Rolling"-Yardbirds version?
0017 UTC Man announcer ..."WMID...all music...all the time...WMID...WMID" then off!
(Thanks for the show WMID op!!!Good start to the evening by the radio....audio was clear and signal was S7 here.)

Awesome QSL for that special morning broadcast in the 49 meter band with PRB duking it out with the heavy hitter on 6150 from the land down under. And the winner is.... ??? Much appreciated Mr. Loudenboomer! Looking forward to a rematch!

« on: April 30, 2014, 2318 UTC »
Received a nice suitable for framing QSL certificate in the mail today for my April 1, 2014 reception of AMR-All Music Radio on 6949 Khz. Similar in design to the one I received for the PRB relays-Radio Free Whatever QSL a little while back.
Many thanks to Mr R Pistek! ;D

I'm hearing some audio on about 6221 KHZ here just above the noise floor since 2302 UTC with man announcer at 2304 UTC. Best here in USB....No ID on songs until 2321 UTC with "My Sharona"-The Knack.
Since 2330 UTC some nice peaks during the songs played...."Easy Like Sunday Morning", "All Day and All of the Night"-Kinks, "Rocky Mountain Way"-Joe Walsh, "Cold Turkey"-John Lennon, "Blinded By the Light"-Manfred Mann, "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted". Man announcer with ID's that I can't make out, but I did hear mention of 6221 KHZ at 2352 and 2359 UTC.
{I thought they ID'd as Iceland Radio, but thanks for the proper ID from refmo!}

EDIT- Listened back on the cassette tape this morning and several clear ID's of "Island Radio on 6221 Kilohertz". Also ID'd some more tunes...amazing what you can do with a simple 7 band graphic equalizer...old technology works for me! SDR and Shazam are simply not in the budget for the foreseeable future...

Just like the old days! Open the mailbox, and there is a reply from a broadcaster amidst the junk mail and bills. Thank you very much R.T.P, Senor Transmitter Engineer! Very pleased to get this one!

Tuned in to Swing time jazz tune at 1802 UTC, ID at 1803 UTC. Solid S9 signal here! Nice Easter afternoon with RFW!
1810 UTC ID followed by some lazy big band swing music from the old days.
1813 UTC DJ Dickweed and Stephen ID'ing tunes played and "Until Next Time...Do Whatever"....a short time after that, a ladies voice saying something like..."Come down here or we're going to lose the GD house", then off at 1816 UTC.

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6935 USB 0314 UTC 20 Apr 2014
« on: April 20, 2014, 0316 UTC »
S8 signal here with UNID tune at 0316 UTC...much stronger than 6925 or 6940.
Gone at 0319 UTC....just noticed that the noise floor here is S5!
Music back on at 0325 UTC tune in, but weaker than previous....
Off again at 0330 UTC...I think it's time for slumber here at Poor Brook Valley.

Did a quick Euro search and heard a clear ID at 0138+ UTC by man announcer..."This is Radio Star International"....signal in and out of the noise floor, but another clear ID at 0043 UTC. Announcer's voice is heard, but rest of audio really low in the mix. A new log for me!

Fair signal here popping up above the noise with Euro fade pattern since 2305 UTC with mostly EZ listening tunes that I don't recognize....wish I had a smart phone with Shazam app :-\
Harry.... ;D
2345 UTC EZ listening ballad by sultry voiced lady (how's that for a description?)

I'm getting music here...weak audio. Can't ID the song playing.Signal gone sometime around 2255 or so. Oh well....
Edit 2330 UTC Changed UNID to ID per info from oly1959!

I'm getting some weak music here at 2329 UTC with typical Euro prop fading....
2333 UTC Man announcer? I can't make out details...right at or above noise floor here.
2358 UTC "Hungry Eyes"-Eric Carmen
Man announcer at 0006 and 0010 UTC, but can't make out what he's saying
0019 UTC Signal picked up nicely during man announcer....in German....and clear ID as "Radio Marabu" just before song at 0021 UTC! S3 peaks now.
0026 UTC a little bit of Biergarten music!
0038 UTC "What is Life"-George Harrison

Thanks for the Bubblegum Express verie JP! Keep those groovy tunes alive! Congrats on your dedicated service to the Free Radio community also...Here's the reverse side of an old TCS QSL from my 80's archives.

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 KHZ AM 2350 UTC APRIL 8, 2014
« on: April 09, 2014, 0036 UTC »
UNID playing B-52's music here heavily QRM'd by UTE and Pesky on LSB, but rising well above the noise level, sometimes quite good. Silence between songs..."Living In Your Own Private Idaho" at 0003 UTC April 9, 2014. Off abrupt at 0021 UTC. This may have come back on as Chris S.'s UNID at 0023 UTC

« on: April 04, 2014, 0850 UTC »
Muchas gracias por su "Certificado de Sintonia" Mr. Bart Sambo!!!

Very pleased to get this ROR ops! For my anemic posting on HFU....THANK YOU! That's a very impressive pile of wood you got there...hope you don't need to chop that until next winter!

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