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I heard HORIZON FM here with poor to fair signal on 6255 KHZ at 2145 UTC for a few minutes then suddenly gone. At 2200 UTC I was hearing them on 6205 KHZ with fair signal. It is still daylight here, so some absorption. Signal picking up a bit as sunset approaches, but there is some utility QRM on this frequency and prop is rather lousy with all this solar activity....another flare today at 1919 UTC.
Per email from andy@horizon.fm ..."Power is down at around 125w carrier on 6205 as the antenna is tuned around 6280 and is quite tight on bandwidth". Hearing them well above the noise, but there is chirping cricket ute around this frequency making things difficult.
2340 UTC Been tuning back and forth the past hour. HORIZON signal was S9 for a short spell earlier, then down to S5 for the last half hour. Picking up again now....thanks for the show Andy!!!
0020 UTC Signal getting buried in the noise now....S3 with fades....
0040 UTC Picked up now with S5 and fades
0049 UTC Back in the noise again...propagation is all over the place tonight!

Horizon FM is pounding in here with clear ID's, nice clean wide audio...Give Me the Night-George Benson, ID, advertisement...We are Family at 2303 UTC. This despite real poor reception conditions tonight! Nearly 100% copy on speech!
{per email just a little while ago, Andy says running about 300 watt carrier}
{oly, he is just testing tonight with a few "valves" missing..hopes to get 1KW as soon as a new set of "valves" arrive! You should be able to hear this then straight on! He switched from 6245 KHZ because of reports of QRM}
(I checked up one more time at 0045 UTC and nothing heard. Don't know if they signed off or if that big solar flare around 1105 UTC or so kicked in...lots of solar activity today!)

QSLs Received / Radio Blah, Blah, Blah eQSL PRB Relay Service
« on: March 11, 2014, 2128 UTC »
Found this in the email box today! Never would have figured this was our good friend Andre! Thanks much Andre!!!! Happy to get this one....

« on: March 10, 2014, 2253 UTC »
Andy at Horizon FM sent this brand new eQSL very promptly for my reception yesterday on 6245 KHZ. Thank you very much indeed Andy!!! They were testing a new antenna. Power was at 75 watts, slightly lower than 5780. Full power of 1 KW expected this weekend!!
{I have been following the controversy regarding this on 5780 since the outset and acknowledge the healthy skepticism surrounding the QTH of the transmitter. If it is indeed from Isla Canarias, that is good. If it is being relayed from somewhere else, that is good too. Nice QSL and I'm happy to get it either way! The important thing is that it is being propagated by the ionosphere at some distance from my receiver!}

Had audio here as early as 2200 UTC...signal picked up really well over the next 45 minutes. S4 with deep fades at 2243 with cover of "Baby I Love Your Way"...op was quite chatty between songs...still hearing this when I tuned away at 2317 UTC.
{Listened back on the tape, and caught an ID at 2259 UTC. Sounded like News at 2300 UTC}
0050 UTC Still going strong here between fades
{Is this from Tenerife, the UK, or some kind of relay? I remember reading that the OP was going to up power at some point}
(updated March 11 at 0230 UTC. I straightened out the times. I forgot about the EDT to EST change when I originally posted!)

QSLs Received / RADIO MARLENE eQSL for MARCH 8, 2014 6930 KHZ
« on: March 09, 2014, 0122 UTC »
Thanks Marlene! Much appreciated...nice graphics too!

I posted this before as UNID...saw Chris Lobdell had also posted so I deleted mine...apparently he deleted his...ok...one more time! Woman announcer with news, into Asian ballad...0052 UTC woman with commentary. S8 at outset, now down to S5 with lots of band noise....guess tonights good prop is coming to an end!

S5 here with fair-good signal here solid above the noise floor! No deep fades...nice ID with website info at 0208 UTC into music at 0209 UTC
Signal started slipping under the noise around 0214 UTC...still partially readable.

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6922.5 KHZ USB 0124-0130 UTC
« on: March 02, 2014, 0135 UTC »
Tuned in to "1984" by Spirit, into UNID Pop tune at 0126 UTC, off abrupt at 0130 UTC. S8

Weak audio just at or above threshold here with slow ballads EZ listening in foreign language. Tip of the hat to DIMBULB for ID!!!
0110 UTC A real tango sounding tune now...

Very pleased to hear this after many weekend nights of getting up in the insufferable hours of early morning only to find no decent TA openings. Neil Young cover, Journey, Barenaked Ladies, man announcer with ID's, email, mention of website. Will listen back on the tape and send report....signal fading well above the noise, at times announcer very clear. Down fades well under the threshold. Some ute QRM at 0700 UTC. Bottom dropped out of the signal at 0703. Thanks for the broadcast!

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0109 UTC Feb 28, 2014
« on: February 28, 2014, 0110 UTC »
Hearing music at S5 level off at 0010 UTC. If it doesn't start again, I will delete post.
0114 Strong tone at 0114 UTC for about a minute...hopefully in queue!
0120 UTC Back up now with wierd electronic loop talk stuff
0124 UTC Off again...strange

Shortwave Pirate / UNDERCOVER RADIO 6925 AM 0039 UTC Feb 24 2014
« on: February 24, 2014, 0043 UTC »
OC, brief audio at 0035, then strong signal at 0039 UTC
Solid S8 here during an uncharacteristic uptempo pop tune ending at 0051, into mood music, then Dr. Benway with Id, shoutouts..."THANKS!", into T-shirt plug.
"T-shirts only shipped to US addresses"...Uptempo tune at 0055 UTC. S9 here now with a little fading and a pesky on LSB.{Thanks for the shows this weekend Dr. Benway!}
0058 UTC Switched to USB and superb signal at that...I'm using USB with 6 KHZ filter and it sounds like AM!
0104 UTC Shoutouts...thanks! Into "Dr. Benway mood music" aka song by the Cardigans per other poster!.

Solid S7 signal here with string of numbers by the Poacher guy, IS, more numbers....crazy! {can anyone ID the little tune used as an IS?}
{After listening to my tape of last nights broadcast, I know better than to try and make sense of this! vegetarian, numbers played at high speed, and what is the name of that little tune they use for an IS?} ???
{After reviewing last nights posts and one from today, I guess the music is the "Lincolnshire Poacher"...have to look that up on google!}
2229 UTC off

Fascinating reading! I was not aware of this :o

Shortwave Pirate / RFW 6929.6 KHZ AM 2153 UTC 16 Feb 2014
« on: February 16, 2014, 2157 UTC »
DJ Dick Weed & Co chatting at 2153 tune-in with awesome AM audio on about 6929.6 or so. Talk about buying the rest of the t-shirts and broadcasting from a different place...passing around a Radio Shack microphone, then into Metal tune.
2207 UTC Dick Weed with names of songs played, "QRM"..."prepared to die for our metal", into "Don't Call Me Dude-Scatterbrain

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