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Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6940 USB 0241 UTC AUGUST 3, 2014
« on: August 03, 2014, 0245 UTC »
0241 UTC S7 here with song by lady singer...sounds like Mariah Carey or somebody of that genre...R&B/Rap
0245 UTC Rap tune followed by silence
0251 UTC Another UNID rap tune...Who Dat...followed by more silence!

« on: August 02, 2014, 0305 UTC »
"1st ever eqsl when using sdr transceiver" per op!!! Thank you very much Radio Ga-ga! Very happy to get this for my radio room pirate wall of fame! ;D

Shortwave Pirate / RADIO GAGA 6925 KHZ DSB 0127 UTC AUGUST 1, 2014
« on: August 02, 2014, 0132 UTC »
I'm hearing music at threshold level here at 0127 UTC with pesky QRM on LSB. Can't make out the tune, too much static and too little signal! Possibly AM, but not sure. Still going as of 0132 UTC
0137 UTC "Stand"-Sly & The Family Stone
0145 UTC "Marrakesh Express"-Crosby, Stills, & Nash
0148 UTC "Mercedes Benz"-Janis Joplin
0150 UTC "Once In A Lifetime"-Talking Heads
0155 UTC ?Caught In the Crossfire-Stevie Ray Vaughn?
0202 UTC ID..."This is Radio Gaga", then OFF
(Thanks for the entertainment tonight! Tough copy with all the T-storm static, but always well received!)

I'm hearing something weak, but steady amidst the static on 6305 since 0105 UTC with pop tunes, man announcer at 0110 UTC, followed by "Where Do You Go To My Lovely"-Peter Sarstedt. (Borderhunter was on this frequency earlier with a much stronger signal....)

(Frans on air reply tonight about this UNID posting from last night was that it was another station and that he had closed down earlier...I think that's what he said ???)

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6960 LSB 0359 UTC JULY 27, 2014
« on: July 27, 2014, 0410 UTC »
I'm hearing a distorted signal here...hard to tune but definitely LSB. Sounds like a TV program or something with bits of music and a man talking. Signal off and on. Still on as of 0408 UTC. Time to hit the sack, so i will leave recorder running and hopefully someone can ID this? S5 and well above the noise.

Strong open carrier at 0057 UTC, into opening announcements and Cool AM Radio at 0101 UTC, followed by instrumental tune "Monkey Dance"-Ricky King(Thanks Andre!)
0109 UTC Sweet Hitchhiker-CCR
0113 UTC Signal dropped from S9+10 to S4 during the Rock & Roll tune that started at 0112 UTC...back up to S9 at 0117 UTC
0120 UTC ID..."This is Cool AM Radio", into "Lust For Life"-Iggy Pop & The Stooges
0129 UTC "Substitute"-The Who
0132 UTC Cool AM ID and "Send your reception reports to coolamradio@hotmail.com
0133 UTC "Set Me Free"-Kinks
0138 UTC "Needles and Pins"-Searchers
0143 UTC "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"-Eric Burdon & Animals
0145 UTC "Come Together"-Beatles
0150 UTC "Bang A Gong"-T Rex
0159 UTC "We are at the end of the program"....several Cool AM ID jingles and email address..."Thanks for listening"...off at 0201 UTC
{Thanks for the entertainment tonight Andre! Thanks for the relay PRB!}
(Signal dropped off a bit near the end but picked back up)

I've been hearing weak audio here since 2329 UTC tune-in at threshold level on a very quiet band tonight, except for some minor static bursts. S2 at 2335 UTC peak, fading in and out with mostly easy listening vocal tunes. Tough copy with the weak signal. No ID or announcement heard and off I believe at 2350ish UTC. Possibly Radio Tango Italia?

0121 UTC Tune in with S7 signal here...music, then comedy skit about bacon?, into early Bob Dylan tune. Insane Radio loop ID during song.
Cool song about pirate radio ending at 0136 UTC, into some unique music
(I'm going to have to listen closely to the recording tomorrow...fairly good AM audio here, but best in USB)
Sounds like some kind of alien abduction skit!  ;D
0150 UTC What Condition My Condition Is In-Kenny Rogers & First Edition
0152 UTC OFF
(Thanks for rescuing us from a mundane Wednesday evening Insane Radio! Appreciate the show...come back again!)

General Radio Discussion / Proton Bombardment! July 14, 2014
« on: July 14, 2014, 2240 UTC »
 I copy and pasted this from http://dx.qsl.net/propagation/ This is my favorite one stop site for propagation. Could someone tell me just what is actually happening here?   Current Solar Indicies from WWV  
14-Jul-2014 at 2105 UTC
SFI = 109   A = 9   K = 3  
Conditions during the last 24 hours  
Space weather for the past 24 hours has been ?????.
Forecast for the next 24 hours  
Space weather for the next 24 hours is predicted to be ?????.
(The "Huh" faces were originally 3 question marks...the machine language interprets very nicely in this context! I suspect that the high density protons are overloading the satellite's sensors or something)

Solar Wind Data
Provides solar wind velocity and energetic particle intensity
Updated at: 2228Z on July 14, 2014

 Velocity (km/s):   357.8  
 Density (protons/cm3):  24.4

EDIT SWPC's proton event threshold is 10 protons/cm2-s-sr at >=10 MeV. Large particle fluxes have been associated with satellite single event upsets (SEUs). ( It looks like 24.4 protons/cm3 is sufficient to KO the GOES sensors!)

I'm getting some weak fadey music here at 2109 UTC tune in...
2115 UTC RFW ID! Wow, the Subject box corrected all by itself! Thanks Chris S!
Signal strength is up and down like a yo-yo here....strange prop indeed.
2125 UTC Signal seems to be picking up a bit now...clean audio!
2128 UTC DJ Dickweed and Assistant Stefan/Steven/Stephen ID'ing the previous tunes (New Pornographers and Veruca Salts)
{Without sounding too patronizing, you comrades play a lot of cool songs I never heard before and do the right thing by identifying them for us old folk whose musical tastes were overdeveloped in the 60's and the 70's}
2139 UTC ID's previous song by Rammstein and next song by Bob Mould-"I Don't Know You Anymore"
2151 UTC A skit with lots of bleeps....
(Propagation is still kinda sketchy here...deep fades followed by S8 signal...must be some kind of proton bombardment by the Auroral Deity)
2209 UTC "Until Next Time...Do Whatever"
Thanks for the Sunday afternoon matinee!

Sign on announcement at 0301 UTC, into jazz tune at 0302 UTC
0307 UTC Canned "Wild 100" ID into jazz pop instrumental with nice lead guitar licks
0312 UTC Killer acoustic guitar/mandolin/dobro instrumental wth electronic keyboards, vibrophone etc. NICE! Is this what the other posters say is named "BAU"?
0320 UTC Jazzy pop instrumental with Bensonesque guitar licks
0323 UTC ID, then another jazzy pop instrumental
It's midnight at the oasis here and time to sing the camel to bed...thanks for an interesting evening of music that you don't ever hear on the pirate bands! :)

Shortwave Pirate / OMCS 6930 KHZ USB 0113 UTC July 11, 2014
« on: July 11, 2014, 0116 UTC »
I'm getting our friends here just above the noise from 0113 UTC tune in. Fragmented copy here with the T-Storm noise generated by the Plutonium Underground. Interesting mid-eastern sounding music with talks by Friendly Overlord and Niavi. Occasional phrases come through..."Don't Go To Work" was a nice one! I like that....
Closing announcement directed to "People of Earth" and email address just before closedown at 0130+ UTC.
(I can't wait to hear these programs later on this year when the noise level and T-Storms aren't conspiring against our friends from the Crab Nebula.)

QSLs Received / KCPR 4th of JULY eQSL
« on: July 05, 2014, 2010 UTC »
Received this very interesting eQSL today from Doc....unsure who the man pictured is. I was very happy to hear your program last night....even happier for you to verify my reception...thank you very much indeed! ;D

Ahhh, Robert Leroy Parker's (aka Butch Cassidy) mugshot from the Wyoming Territorial Prison in 1894. Nice!

I'm getting fair audio through the static here from 2342 UTC, easy listening tune, polka/dutch pop at 2344, easy listening tune at 2353 UTC, then man announcer at 2356 UTC. Static crashes presumably from Hurricane Arthur, as most of the Eastern and Midwestern US is relatively free of lightning per Vaisala map. As the grey line approaches, maybe I can get a clear ID.
0004 UTC July 5, 2014 now here and man announcer but no clear copy.
0005 UTC "Nights In White Satin"-Moody Blues
(Hearing this direct!)
0009 UTC OFF after Moody Blues song
(Irish Paul's blog has "Summermeeting Radio" listed as being on earlier, but I can't get an ID from my recording...too much static!)
Thanks for ID Chris S!
Thanks also Andre!

« on: July 04, 2014, 2138 UTC »
While searching my old cartons of shortwave stuff looking for my Radio Apintie pennant, I found the last of my missing pirate QSL's from the mid 1980's. I guess this isn't the place to post these, but I am not registered to post these on the Wiki. If the powers that be deem these worthy of posting there, feel free to delete this post.
 I received the handwritten one first, and the pro done sometime later. Note the missing letter on the handwritten one!!! I don't recall what ever happened to Radio Free Insanity....I think they might have got the knock that year. Electric Buddha, are you still out there in radio land somewhere these 30+ years later?

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