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Very much appreciated WAIR!  Now that is one cool looking celestial disc spinner on that eQSL!  8)

Thank you very much NAPRS! Finally got to hear one of these shows!

0100 UTC "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover"-Paul Simon (S7 peaks with light fading amidst light noise and utility QRM)
0103 UTC YL with ID, followed by "Forever Young"-Rod Stewart
0107 UTC OM and YL DJ chat
0108 UTC "Just Dropped In"-Kenny Rogers & First Edition
0111 UTC OM and YL (behind 3 payments on the transmitter) followed by "I've fallen and I can't get up" Life Alert sponsor
0112 UTC "Time Won't Let Me"-Outsiders
0115 UTC OM and YL chat, into "Judy In Disguise"-John Fred & His Playboy Band
0119 UTC "Pied Piper"-Crispian St Peters
0121 UTC OM and YL chat...professor adjusted his friends dentures...decided to use the attorney degree instead
0123 UTC "I Only Want to Be With You"-Dusty Springfield
0125 UTC Scarlet says time to go..."and now a word from our sponsor"...sounds like a foreign language? "Please give me your credit card and your social security number"
0127 UTC ID and chat...HF Underground shoutout...we do not send out unsolicited emails...good night
0130 UTC Tone, then OFF

Thanks for the entertainment Crapola!

2318 UTC Unid ambient music (S9+ with very minor fading and excellent audio)
2320 UTC OM with ID "WAIR...All Indie Radio", followed by a song with lyrics "Delivery Driver"-OM singer
2323 UTC Spoken word over sound effects, followed by an unid indie song-OM singer (eerie sounding keyboards!)
2326 UTC OM DJ mentioned "Spectrum Is Green" as the last song, then "WAIR, All Indie Radio...our 20th anniversary broadcast on the shortwave spectrum" The OM DJ gave his name but I missed it
2327 UTC Unid song-OM vocals
2332 UTC OM DJ mentioned the last song was "They Said Tomorrow" and ID, then another OM said "Do it yourself", followed by an unid indie song-OM singers segue into another unid indie song-OM singers
2341 UTC Unid song-OM singer
2344 UTC OM mentioned last couple of songs "Ghosts of American Astronauts" and one by "Yo La Tengo"...Here on All Indie Radio
2345 UTC OM with "Let's crank up another tune here on All Indie Radio, followed by "Time After Time"-Cyndi Lauper(cut short by DJ..."That was All Cyndi Radio"..."This is WAIR All Indie Radio"...followed by another unid song-YL singers?
2351 UTC OM DJ mentioned "West coast band"..."Tracy Had A Hard Day Sunday"...I'm ??...WAIR, followed by an unid song-OM singers
2357 UTC OM with Robert K ? then "you can send your email reports to shortwavemaildrop@gmail.com ...this has been a transmission by WAIR", then OFF

0132 UTC Hearing music fading in and out of the S5 noise level. Not strong enough to ID the song
0139 UTC Signal picked up a bit...jazz piano music now

0120 UTC Techno doom rap music (S7 peaks and solid above the noise with light fades and excellent audio)
0126 UTC Mr Sycko with ID and "Radio Madness", followed by unid techno song
0129 UTC Mr Sycko with ID, followed by an indie rock tune-YL singers (Sounds similar to the band "She Drew the Gun")
0133 UTC Electronica music
0137 UTC "OH NO" followed by some funky music-YL singer
0140 UTC "Pirate Radio"-Mojo Nixon
0144 UTC A rather odd sounding electronica song  :)
0146 UTC Mr Sycko chat "good evening ladies and gentlemen...working on the AM transmitter...everybody have a great night", jingle, then OFF

Thanks for the entertainment!

0035 UTC Uptempo Blues tune-OM singer (S8 peaks with moderate fading and very good audio)
0037 UTC Unid blues tune-OM singer
0046 UTC YL with ID, into a harmonica intro blues song-OM singer

2015 UTC "After The Love Has Gone"-Earth, Wind, and Fire (S8 peaks with moderate fading and excellent audio)
2020 UTC "You're Only Lonely"-J. D. Souther
2023 UTC OFF

Thank you for the great eQSL NAPRS and a tip a da hat to the original op too!

0030 UTC Solid carrier here with maybe a trace of audio? High noise level this evening
0034 UTC Still no clear sign of audio...maybe something there, but difficult to tell
0042 UTC Hearing music now, along with a peskie on USB...music too low in the noise to ID the song

QSLs Received / WEED via NAPRS rebroadcast eQSL
« on: April 14, 2023, 0240 UTC »
Thanks NAPRS! I thought I had forgotten this old show, but now I remember not having heard it....something like that!  :)

1944 UTC "Carry On My Wayward Son"-Kansas (S9 with light fading and excellent audio)
Any chance of an ID today?
>2001 UTC "Eye of The Tiger"-Survivor<
2015 UTC Pause, then carrier off at 2017 UTC

Thanks for the "ID" and the mix and match of playlists!  8)

This topic has been moved to [Latin American Pirate].


1726 UTC "Carry On My Wayward Son"-Kansas
1728 UTC "Point of Know Return"-Kansas
1731 UTC "Fight Fire With Fire"-Kansas
(Signal hitting S8 peaks with light fading and excellent audio....several xmsn breaks)
1735 UTC "Dust In the Wind"-Kansas (audio drops during this song)
1738 UTC "Frankenstein"-Edgar Winter Group
1744 UTC Pause...carrier hitting S9
1749 UTC "Free Ride"-Edgar Winter Group
1753 UTC Unid song-OM singer
1755 UTC OFF

2011 UTC Unid instrumental music
2012 UTC Unid blues song-OM singer..sounds like Van Morrison
(S8 signal with light fading and excellent audio)
2017 UTC Unid indie pop song-YL singer (Getting some moderate fades now)
2021 UTC "Seagull"-Bad Company
2026 UTC "Creep"-Stone Temple Pilots (Still lots of fading)
2031 UTC "Pinch Me"-Barenaked Ladies
2036 UTC Unid indie pop song-OM singer
2040 UTC Unid indie rock song-OM singer
2043 UTC "Can't Find My Way Home"-Blind Faith
(2046 UTC Pause)
2049 UTC "Baby, I Love Your Way"-Peter Frampton (Hitting on S9 peaks...light fades now)
2053 UTC "Do You Feel Like We Do"-Peter Frampton
2107 UTC OFF

Nice playlist! How about a name for this gig?  :)
If the op is interested, I recorded the show....

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