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Tuned in at 2043 UTC but the signal is at or just barely above the noise floor here. I'm getting bits and pieces of music but nothing that can be ID'd yet :(
The carrier is quite good here so maybe undermodulated?
Man announcer at 2100 UTC then OFF...no carrier detected at 2101 UTC

Not even a hint of a trace of audio here with the next door microinverter QRN at S6 wrecking any chance of hearing anything at this time of day >:(

Just tuned in at 1113 UTC on 6924.6ish AM! Fell asleep this morning at 0430 UTC to the sound of X-FM and woke up to the sound of Boombox! Transmission seems to be breaking up though...on and off and a little bit of distortion. Much like me before I have my first coffee of the day.... ;D
1125 UTC Everything seems to be ok now, but signal strength is varying quite a bit....now, what's for breakfast?
1127 UTC Signal just jumped up....nice and clear! OK, coffee is kicking in too! Good morning DJ LT!
1128 UTC ID and email for reception reports by OM, and now it's time to dance ;)
1137 UTC Ahhh...a lovely lass with a sultry voiced ID! Hmmm...looks like we'll start off with this Sunday morning with a White Chocolate Madadamia Nut CLIF Energy Bar...yum 8)
1151 UTC Signal has dropped down to just above the noise level but clear and listenable...
1200 UTC Abruptly off
Thanks for the Sunday morning Breakfast show DJ LT! Always good to hear Boombox here!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6849 AM 0312- 04/26/15
« on: April 26, 2015, 0404 UTC »
OFF at 0400 UTC?

Same details here...0202 with the end of "Another Brick In the Wall", into "Walk on the Wild Side"-Lou Reed
0207 UTC "Won't Get Fooled Again segue into "Jumping Jack Flash"

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XFM 6965 AM 01:43UTC
« on: April 26, 2015, 0205 UTC »
Just tuned in at 0157 after RFW closed down. Solid S6 signal here with a fair amount of atmospheric snap, crackle, and pop. Excellent audio is coming through really good though!
0211 UTC DJ Redhat with chat, shoutouts into tunage at 0214 UTC
0229 UTC Thanks for the shoutout DJ Redhat!
The storm static seems to have diminished a bit over the last 15 minutes....

Between DJ Dickweed and DJ Redhat, my musical education for the new millenium has made great leaps and bounds ;)
0346 UTC "Walking On the Moon"-Police (there, I could ID one of the songs!)
Signal is a nice steady S8 here...
0410 UTC and still a great signal...time to put the NRD on the timer and fall asleep to the Power of X...thanks for the great evening DJ Redhat! :)

Sunday morning edit(Fell asleep to the sound of George Carlin....time uncertain ;D)

Just tuned in at 0042 UTC to the end of a song named "Falling Awake"...didn't know you were on until Voice of Pearl Harbor signed off! RFW is booming in here this evening with an S9++ and superb audio. Yes, we all hope for Assistant Stavin's return to the bunker!
0058 UTC "The Nurse Who Loved Me"-A Perfect Circle ;D

I was born in 1955...in the late 60's/early 70's, using the word "groovy" would get you beat up in my neighborhood :o

OFF at 0156 UTC....thanks for the entertainment this evening DJ Dickweed! Now it's on to 6965 ;)

40's tune, then man announcer at 0012 UTC with ID and email address!
"In The Mood"
(Definitely not Wolverine, but the signal had me fooled...S9+10 here with superb audio :) Much stronger than last night and no static at all ;D)

Thanks for the rebroadcast of the show KVPH! Excellent reception here this evening!

A familiar voice is fading in now here with chat and music of his choice :)
(And now I'm out of the dreaded leet land ;D)
2310 UTC ID..."This is Abu Dhabi"
(Hey Mr. Abu....you reading the postings here on the HFU? ;))
2320 UTC and about a half hour to sunset here...signal is picking up bit by bit now and I'm getting fair copy amidst some static
2250 UTC Signal has settled down to a nice S7 here with good copy now :)

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: o60dgr on air
« on: April 25, 2015, 2203 UTC »
Just a hint of music through the noise on 11550L at 2200 UTC.

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: o60dgr on air
« on: April 25, 2015, 2126 UTC »
I'm getting some weak audio here since 2119 UTC :) Occasional Ute QRM, but band is very quiet now.
2130 UTC Ute QRM and some broadband jamming like noises just came up :(
Signal in the clear since 2133 UTC but still to weak to ID the music
2137 UTC Man announcer :)

Hearing some music through the noise here at 1346 UTC....Good morning Z! Can't make out the tune but the frequency is around 6950.2ish
1404 UTC Signal picked up here a bit but I don't know the tune 8)
1415 UTC Not even a trace of a carrier...OFF?
Thanks for the Saturday morning straining through the noise workout Z!

0026 UTC Sirens, then man announcer with "This is the Voice of Pearl Harbor, signing on"...ID repeated, then 40's swing tune at 0027 UTC
0030 UTC "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B"(Hmmm...will have to listen back on this to verify...) "In The Mood" :-[
0033 UTC OM with "You're listening to the Voice of Pearl Harbor", into a news bulletin about Pearl Harbor by man announcer
0038 UTC OM with ID....broadcasting to the United States", then "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B" ;D(This one for sure textim!)
0041 UTC Newreel bulletin about Pearl Harbor attack and speech by FDR
(Signal is a solid S7 here with the same static throughout the program as in the UNID earlier on 6950 USB)
0049 UTC Interviews with various people about the attack
0051 UTC "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)-Andrew Sisters
0054 UTC OM with closing ID, then Sirens (Sends a chill down my spine)
0056 UTC OFF

 Thank you for an excellent program VOPH! I guess a point is made here that we shouldn't have to remember this Day of Infamy only on December 7th.

I'm hearing a speech by a man speaker at 2306 UTC tune in with S5 signal here. 2309 UTC Short organ music bridge, then back to speech.
2317 UTC Now there's an old comedy skit by Bob Hope with audience :)
2320 UTC UNID 1940's tune with man singer
2322 UTC Comedy skit with Bob Hope and Judy Garland
2326 UTC Old Pepsodent toothpaste commercial, then song by Judy Garland
2328 UTC Bob Hope and Judy Garland skit continued
2333 UTC Pepsodent commercial, then back to Bob Hope
2342 UTC Gargle with Pepsodent Antiseptic commercial, then "This is the National Broadcasting Corporation, then 3 tones followed by a man speaker in Italian and shouts from a crowd....(Il Duce?)
2345 UTC OFF

Thank you for the interesting program whoever you are!  8)

0022 UTC Music now :) "Changes"-Yes (S7/S9 here with a little bit of static crash)

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