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S8 at 2339 UTC with Radio Mushroom ID..."new show for 2015....infiltrated a nuclear reactor", into "Cocaine"-Eric Clapton
2344 UTC "LA Woman"-Doors (Here's where I picked up last weeks program!)

Thanks for the superheated blast of Radio Mushroom tonight! Catastrophe was narrowly averted at the last moment when you pulled the plug...the horizon has a strange green glow 8)

Folk tune at 2325 UTC at S6 here....presumably Abu Dhabi :)
0004 UTC Ahhh, the familiar voice!

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: o60dgr on air
« on: March 28, 2015, 2118 UTC »
I'm getting some threshold audio here at 2115 UTC, but unable to ID the song.
No joy in Skipmuckland again today...the deities of propagation will not allow me good copy above 59 degrees :(

Thanks for the test MiCk  :) One of these days I'll hear you again and actually ID a song or two!

Weak music through the noise noted at 0042 UTC. Peskie on LSB, so using USB, but the static crashing is brutal :(

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: unID 6290 AM 2336z
« on: March 27, 2015, 2343 UTC »
Solid S7 peaks for the carrier, but the audio is buried in the static. Sounds like Abu Dhabi talking about a microphone.....best in USB here.

Other / UNID 6232 USB 2317 UTC MARCH 27, 2015
« on: March 27, 2015, 2335 UTC »
I've been hearing some electronica voiced music here with an S3 signal amidst the noise. Doesn't seem like a Euro...
2327 UTC Lady speaking
2330 UTC Gone...I guess this was just a freebander playing radio or something!

By the way, pay attention to the title of this thread. "Fansome's right". This is almost always true.

"almost" ??? Can we trust Mr. Pigmeat to be the final arbiter of the rare moments when you might be wrong?

Well...not exactly, but according to todays FCC press release, it will be is allowed under certain conditions!

QSLs Received / The Crystal Ship "The Beat Goes On" eQSL
« on: March 27, 2015, 0814 UTC »
Thanks for the new show and the QSL, JP!!! The songs resonated with my inner circuitry 8)

2320 UTC   Open Carrier noted at S6/S7
2322 UTC   "The Beat Goes On"-Sonny & Cher
2325 UTC   "Black Is Black"-Los Bravos
2328 UTC   ID..."You are listening to The Crystal Ship...The Beat Goes On"
2328+ UTC "Glad All Over"-Dave Clark Five
2331 UTC   "All My Loving"-Beatles
2333 UTC   "Friday On My Mind"-Easybeats
(Signal is now S8 with moderate selective fading, but well above the noise)
2336 UTC   "Thank The Lord For the Nightime"-Neil Diamond
2339 UTC   ID same as 2328 UTC
2339+ UTC "I'm Henry the 8th"-Hermans Hermits
2341 UTC   "The Game of Love"-Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders
2343 UTC   "Love Potion #9"-Searchers
2345 UTC   "Little Red Riding Hood"-Sam the Sham & Pharohs
2348 UTC   "These Boots Are Made For Walking"-Nancy Sinatra
2351 UTC   "She's Not There"-Zombies
2353 UTC   "It Ain't Me Babe"-Turtles
2355 UTC   "Different Drum"-Linda Rondstadt & Stone Poneys
2357 UTC   TCS ID and FCC statement, electronic lady voice with email
2359 UTC   "The Letter"-Box Tops
0001 UTC   "Fortunate Son"-CCR
0003 UTC   "Mothers Little Helper"-Rolling Stones
0006 UTC   "A Boy Named Sue"-Johnny Cash
0010 UTC   YL, then "Wild Thing"-Troggs
0012 UTC   (Hmmm...not ready for prime time...baaaaad)
0014 UTC   "What's New Pussycat"-Tom Jones
0016 UTC   "Hungry For the Good Things"-Paul Revere & Raiders
0020 UTC   "California Dreaming"-Mommas & Papas
0023 UTC   "Valleri"-Monkees
0025 UTC   "Western Union"-Five Americans
0027 UTC   ID
0028 UTC   "Up, Up, and Away"-Fifth Dimension
0030 UTC   "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things"-Cowsills
0034 UTC   "To Sir With Love"-Lulu
0036 UTC   "Never My Love"-Association
0039 UTC   "Get Together"-Youngbloods
0044 UTC   "Time Won't Let Me"-Outsiders
0047 UTC   "Him Or Me"-Paul Revere & Raiders (Thanks chat room guy :))
0050 UTC   "This Diamond Ring"-Gary Lewis & Playboys
0053 UTC   "This Magic Moment"-Jay & the Americans
0055 UTC   ID
0056 UTC   "Turn, Turn, Turn"-Byrds
0059 UTC   "Tell Her No"-Zombies
0101 UTC   "Spill The Wine"-Eric Burdon & War
0105 UTC   YL with email address, then Spanish Ladies
0106 UTC   "We Want The Airwaves"-Ramones
0107 UTC   Program seems to be repeating with "The Beat Goes On" 8)

Now that was one dynamite trip down memory lane! Thanks JP and relayer! Only got me on one tune tonight...

Utility / Volmet 6604 KHZ USB
« on: March 25, 2015, 2227 UTC »
I generally get an excellent signal here at many times of the day, but today at 2220 UTC I chanced upon a double ID! First was "This is New York Radio", immediately followed by "This is Gander Radio" with the second overlapping the first ID. Hearing only a single broadcast with no echo or anything else. Does this happen often?

QSLs Received / The Crystal Ship "Rock and Roll Art Show" eQSL
« on: March 25, 2015, 2141 UTC »
Thanks again JP! Nice to hear the long version of "In A Gadda Da Vida" on the shortwaves!

Huh? / Re: Computers are here to make our lives easier....
« on: March 23, 2015, 2204 UTC »
I think comedian Steven Wright said it best.....
"I went to the hardware store to buy some batteries, but they weren't included, so I had to buy them again."

Tuned in as soon as Radio Mushroom signed off at 2345 UTC and caught the last few minutes of the long version of "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"-Iron Butterfly
2349 UTC Lady announcer with electronic TCS ID (Signal seemed to drop out at this time to almost unlistenable! Weak for several minutes, but picked up at 0000 UTC with "Ride My See Saw"-Moody Blues (S5 now and above the noise :))
0003 UTC "Living Thing"-ELO
0007 UTC "Telephone Line" Hmmm "Hold On Tight"-ELO (I'm getting deep fades and then S5 peaks)
0011 UTC "You are listening to the Crystal Ship on the TCS Relay Network", then
               "Court of the Crimson King"-King Crimson
0019 UTC "Roundabout"-YES
0028 UTC "Time"-Pink Floyd
0036 UTC "Love Is Like Oxygen"-The Sweet
0042 UTC TCS echo ID, followed by "Jungleland"-Bruce Springsteen
0050 UTC "Nights in White Satin"-Moody Blues
0058 UTC "TCS echo ID", then Lady with electronic voiced email address
0059 UTC Spanish Ladies-Man singer
0101 UTC "We Want the Airwaves"-Ramones
0103 UTC A bit of piano composition then OFF

Radio Mushroom here at 2333 UTC with S8 signal on 6930 KHZ USB playing "LA Woman"-Doors
2334 UTC Man announcer with "This is Radio Mushroom"...something burning...too many googlewatts... radiomushroom@gmail.com
2335 UTC "Come Together"-Beatles
2339 UTC Man announcer with "You are listening to Radio Mushroom broadcasting from a nuclear reactor near you"....in addition to the smoke...bells and whistles going off...we create a mushroom
2340 UTC "Barracuda"-Heart
2344 UTC Man announcer with "This is Radio Mushroom"...We're going to skedaddle...one more time... radiomushroom@gmail.com
2345 UTC OFF

Had to post this late as I was downloading some music with my dial up connection! Thanks for the show Radio Mushroom op! I'm going outside now to see if there are any ominous looking mushroom clouds outside :o

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