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Andy Walker and Channel Z here at S9 level here with great AM audio with "Before They Were Famous"...tunes by Barry White and Elton John. Good to hear you again tonight Andy and Z!
Ahhh, Neil Young & the Squires giving us a taste of things to come with that trademark lead guitar work!
(I'm getting some broadband "fan flutter" QRM during the early Freddie Mercury tune).
Off abrupt at 0045ish UTC....

S5 here with nice AM signal at 2322 UTC with some swingtime jazz tunes, ID at 2226 UTC, and ID at 2229 UTC..."pour yourself another shot of vodka"
2330 UTC email address and some more ragtime
{A pleasant change of pace to start off the Holiday weekend!}
2335 UTC DJ Dickweed ID'd the previous songs played, and the next tune "Christopher Columbus"... "RPM", then tune.
2340 UTC ID, then slow jazzy tune
2343 UTC Nice S7 peak now
2353 UTC DJ Dickweed ID'd previous tunes and next tune by Count Basie "One O'clock Jump"..."Radio Free Whatever RPM"

Just caught the end of this at 2043 UTC with a man singing a song "I'd Like to be a Pirate", into military band version of Star Spangled Banner at 2045, then some Woody Woodpecker type laughing. Hope this is rebroadcast later! A rocking S9 signal here....

S3 here above the noise floor at 2243 UTC with UNID heavy metal tune.
Listened to this until 2315 UTC with various metal tunes. Signal slowly fading below and above the noise floor with nice S5 peak during tune at 2259 UTC. Buried in the noise at 2315 UTC. No snap crackle pop atmospherics tonight! Plenty of pescadores on LSB though...

S9 into Springfield, MA tonight at 0115 UTC tune-in with "Sunshine"-Johnathan Edwards, 0116 UTC, man gave email address into "Everyday People"-Sly & the Family Stone.
0118+ UTC "Mama Told Me Not to Come"-Three Dog Night
0126 UTC "Brandy"-Looking Glass
0128 UTC "Slip Away"-Dobie Gray
0131 UTC man announcer ... captainmorganshortwave@gmail.com
0135 UTC "You Really Got Me"-Kinks
0138 UTC Dueling ROCK N ROLL! "All Along the Watchtower"-Jimi Hendrix and "Who Are You"-The Who back and forth with a email address in there too!
(Thanks for the tunes tonight Cap'n!)

Open Carrier briefly, then into "Band On the Run"-Paul McCartney at 0048 UTC with Solid S8 signal well above the noise floor. Nice AM audio too!
Tunes by the Eagles, Brewer & Shipley, then ID at 0100 UTC "You're listening to the 70's Jukebox on The Crystal Ship, into "Ballroom Blitz". Signal still S8 above the noise.
Frequency seems to have moved a hair closer to 6876 during "My Woman From Tokyo"
0122 UTC "Killer Queen"-Queen
0125 UTC "Waterloo"-Abba
0132 UTC "Bad Bad Leroy Brown"-Jim Croce
0135 UTC "You're 16"-Ringo Starr
0142 UTC "Kodachrome"-Paul Simon
0143 UTC ID's, NORML clip, 70's Jukebox ID, into "Me and You and a Dog Named Boo"
0147 UTC "My Chevy Van"
0150 UTC "Go All the Way"-Raspberries
0153 UTC ID... 70's Juke Box...Crystal Ship Relay Network, into "Dust In The Wind"- Kansas
0157 UTC "Ride Captain Ride"-Blues Image
0200 UTC "Brandy"-Looking Glass (Hey, I just heard this earlier on 6950...honest, I was just checking out the Cap'n!) :o
(Time for slumber...3:30 PM arrives much to fast...off to work we go! Thanks for the tunes JP! Always appreciated....)

2358 UTC "Taking Care of Business"-BTO
2359 UTC Man announcer with ID "Radio Mushroom", into "Rebel Yell"-Billy Idol
(Signal really good here at S8 and great USB audio....much better than the other night RM op!!!)
Great sound during "Smoke on the Water"! Well above the noise floor here. Frequency a hair above 6930 KHZ.
0015 UTC RM op..."skedaddle and get out of here before things go haywire... Until next time...73's". Off at 0016 UTC
Thanks for the repeat of the last show! I got a nice cassette ;D recording of it this time! My cats eyes are glowing again....

Booming in here at S9 at 1131 UTC tune-in with those good old (new!) Boom Box dance rhythems! Hey DJ LT....long time no hear!
1135 UTC Some kind of chanting mantra intro to rock tune!
1150 UTC signal starting to deteriorate..down to S3 now. Still above noise floor.
1154 UTC Pretty much buried in the noise here now....tough copy.
(Thanks for the show this Sunday morning DJ LT! Now it's time for a long day of yard cleanup).
1157 UTC Signal back up again...S5! End of song, DJ LT, then a sultry voiced lady with a funky techno dance beat. Rock solid signal now!
1202 UTC DJ LT with several ID's, email address boomboxshortwave@gmail.com, into electronica tune.
1215 UTC S7 signal and my feet have been sufficiently motivated to boogie out in the yard with the rake and a winters full of yard crud ahead of me. Nice to hear Boom Box again!

I hear some screechy scratchy kind of vocal tune here at 0022 UTC, then another song started at 0025 UTC, but song ended abrupt at 0026 UTC. Off? Impossible copy with the high band noise...back to 6940 we go!

Bad prop and loads of static here....just above an S3 noise floor, but as usual Wolverine punches through! 0108 UTC signal about S5-S6 here cutting through the snap, crackle, pop with bluesy jazz tunes. With the A-index at 25, only Wolverine could cut it tonight! RIGHT!
0038 UTC Chrissie Hyndes tune
0049 UTC (The noise and bad prop are taking it's toll...this is like straining through the noise to catch an ID by a weak euro! Time to hit the sack...maybe the band will clear up a bit in the wee hours of the morning.)

Received today also via regular postal service! Nice glossy photo QSL #265 and photo of the Commando homebrewed xmtr, along with a very nice letter from Z. Thank you very much Z and special thanks to Andy Walker for his "Before They Were Famous" program series!!! Looking forward to hearing Part 4  :)

QSLs Received / Re: Radio Mushroom eQSL
« on: April 12, 2014, 1746 UTC »
Also received that awesome eQSL here! Thanks Radio Mushroom! Don't get too close to any Geiger counters....  ;D

0627 UTC with S5 signal here with discoesque tune followed by unid techno dance tune at 0629 UTC (Ya Gotta Lick It?!)
0634+ UTC "Rocky Mountain Way"-Joe Walsh (song cut short!)
0636 UTC "Reeling and Rocking"-Chuck Berry
0640 UTC False start on song, then "Stay", which was cut short into "There Goes My Baby"
0645 UTC ID...XLR8, then "That'll Be the Day"-Buddy Holly

Weak signal above the noise floor here at 0546 UTC tune-in with unid song 0547 UTC Man announcer with ID's and email address, into unid rock song, then "Double Vision"-Foreigner, another song maybe Dire Straits? then Man announcer at 0603 UTC followed by Summer In the City-Lovin Spoonful? Signal gone after a few more minutes...off?
{What am I doing up at this time anyway! Going back to sleep and will listen back on the recording in the ummm...morning?}

Solid S8 signal here at 0003 UTC tune-in with "Taking Care of Business"-BTO
0006 UTC Man announcer with "Radio Mushroom" ID, into "Rebel Yell"-Billy Idol
0011 UTC Man announcer with ..."This is Radio Mushroom, the only pirate powered by ?" and "Radio Mushroom". (I'm getting a het on the frequency now, but Mushroom much stronger), into UNID rock tune.
0016 UTC Man announcer with ID, talk about the "residue from the power plant", gmail address
0017 UTC "Smoke on the Water"-Deep Purple
0022 UTC Man announcer with closing chat..."When you look up into the sky and see a mushroom cloud, you'll know that Radio Mushroom was on the air".
0023 OFF
{Thanks for the show Radio Mushroom! I'm afraid to look outside at the sky!}

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