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I'm hearing some weak audio here since 0008 UTC with lady singing a blues tune
0014 UTC Another old blues tune lady singer...thought there might have been a man announcer before the song, but not sure.

Strong open carrier noted at 2228 UTC, into opening announcement at 2230 UTC as "Pirate Clip Radio" and email address as pirateclipradio@gmail.com Very nice S9+ signal here, much better than the first broadcast! Nice to catch this from the beginning :) I'll just kick back with my copy of the 2014 Pirate Radio Annual and follow the proceedings with the "program schedule" ;D
Frequency changed around the time of the Borderhunter clip from 6924.9 KHZ to 6924.7ish KHZ
2307 UTC OFF after ID/email address

Thanks for the repeat broadcast Pirate Clip Radio! Much better reception this time!

QSLs Received / Re: X-FM Radio eQSL for December 2014
« on: March 21, 2015, 2024 UTC »
Thanks for the awesome pair of QSL's and the showlogs for the December 2014 broadcasts Redhat! Very much appreciated here ! :)

Had this at 0140 UTC just before hitting the sack but the audio was at the noise level and copy was an across the board nada :(

0040 UTC Fair signal here with clear ID at 0042 UTC..."This is Abu Dhabi Radio...Good Morning"

I'm getting rock music at 2330 UTC on 6323 AM with a fair signal peaking up to S3 and above the noise. No ID heard yet.
2334 UTC Man announcer, but the flutter fading and noise make it difficult to tell who it is! Sounds like either Borderhunter or Cupid ??? Hmmm, could be Black Arrow too!
2354 UTC Signal took a jump up in strength just now!
2358 UTC ? Radio International? Or was it Mustang Radio from the Netherlands?
There were 2 more ID's since 2358 and they were spoken very fast! Announcer sounds familiar, and I thought he said Black Arrow International? and would be closing down. Hmmm, darn propagation :o
0008 UTC Man announcer mentioned Big Al! Still can't make out the ID though
I listened back on the recording and the winner is MUSTANG RADIO!
I knew the announcer sounded familiar! Thanks for the show Herman :)
0015 UTC Thanks for the shoutout Mustang Radio ;D
0020 UTC Mentioned that he will be closing down
0030 UTC OFF (Been a long time since I heard Mustang Radio! Come back soon!)

Per op, the ID was Mustang Radio International!

QSLs Received / Re: Pirate Clip Radio eQSL
« on: March 19, 2015, 0055 UTC »
This just showed up in my inbox here also! Much appreciated Gus! A fitting tribute to our pirate radio friends :)

Despite several trips out to the backyard last night from 0030-0330 UTC and a frigid 0730 UTC early morning trip to the back deck in my bathrobe, I was not rewarded with a light show :( Fortunately, I was an obsessed shortwave enthusiast when the massive March 1989 flare resulted in about an hour or so of green and red colors across the sky and large shifting formations of shifting light patterns here in Springfield, Massachusetts. Of course, shortwave reception was abysmal that evening, but I made it a point to call up half a dozen family and friends to alert them to this wondrous display. But it would be nice to see another auroral display in my lifetime!

General Radio Discussion / Re: SEVERE SOLAR ACTIVITY ALERT
« on: March 18, 2015, 0057 UTC »
18-Mar-2015 at 0015 UTC
SFI = 114   A = 117   K = 8

I don't recall the last time the A-Index was higher than the Solar Flux ???

General Radio Discussion / SEVERE SOLAR ACTIVITY ALERT
« on: March 17, 2015, 2241 UTC »
After a quick tune around the bands around 2200 UTC, I noticed that the propagation was very disturbed and the noise was really bad...things just weren't making it through that are daily loggings here. I checked the NOAA propagation report and sure enough...A-index of 100 and K-index of 7. Aurora watchers should have a field day this evening!
 Should I put on my tinfoil hat just to be on the safe side ;D

EDIT:Technically speaking, this is actually a geomagnetic field activity alert ;)
         "Coronal Mass Ejection" or CME from March 11th has reached us

QSLs Received / The Crystal Ship "70's Jukebox" eQSL
« on: March 17, 2015, 0759 UTC »
This one arrived in my inbox yesterday! Thanks JP and relay! :)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: unID 6935 AM 0106z 3/16/15
« on: March 17, 2015, 0126 UTC »
Listened to this while I was reading myself to sleep last night. Left the recorder on but haven't listened back yet. Good signal while I was awake though, with some deep fades and ever present noise in the background. Seem to have caught the whole program on recording before the timer shut off. Mostly political discourse somewhat at odds with mine....far right wing doom and gloom and a plug for Ron Paul in there while I was listening.....

Just tuned in at 0005 UTC and the signal is fairly clear on 6935 AM at S7 peaks with some fading. During the fades, the QRM is annoying though. RFW ID at 2305 UTC into UNID tune.
0010 UTC The QRM on USB is pretty heavy duty, but there is a peskie now on LSB....caught between the rock and the hard place tonight DJ Dickweed!

Tuned in at 2301 UTC to what seems like clips of various pirate station ID's. Heard Black Cat Radio, Blue Ocean Radio, Borderhunter, Channel Z with Andy Walker, something about "SuperChicken"
2312 UTC MAC with James Stewart
(S8 signal here with select clips of various station ID's and email addresses)
2319 UTC Pipeline Radio
(What a hoot trying to tune in a recording of someone else's reception ;D)
2322 UTC Radio Casablanca
2323 UTC Hmmm...the last clip gave an email address :)
Double hmmm....I think I have this CD....came with a book I bought recently!
EDIT: The email address given at the end of the program was pirateclipradio@gmail.com I tried it twice, but it bounced back to me :'(

Thanks Chris L! 0024 UTC and it hasn't bounced this time! :)

Similar response here too! But my thank you email bounced!

QSLs Received / Re: X-FM Radio eQSL for November 2014
« on: March 16, 2015, 0033 UTC »
A major tip of the hat to Redhat on yet another eQSL! Truly a labor of love to clear all this backlog of reports and loggings! I truly appreciate it :)

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