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S5 here with some deep fades at 2346 UTC with Traveling Wilbury's/Roy Orbison tune in progress. Dutch music and some Elvis Presley in there too. BB doesn't seem to be doing much talking tonight.

Darn...I ran an errand and came back to catch the last minute or so at 2333 UTC. Off with the same 4 note IS as the earlier logging on 6900.4 AM

S5 here amidst lots of band noise at 2253 UTC with a man talking rather slowly. Hard to copy. Frequency seems to be about 6900.4 KHZ AM and the man seems to be mentioning frequencies.
It does sound like a reading of times and frequencies....several mentions of "shortwave".
2348 UTC Music with man talking...mention of electromagnetic field?
2350 UTC 4 tones (IS?) repeated several times, then some strange music with man talking. Sounds like a recording being played at slow speed
Truly bizarre snippets of music, talking, and laughter...seemingly unrelated!
2358 UTC Off with the 4 note IS played once

Thank you for the interesting program whoever you are! I think you got the voices in my head all riled up :o
Ummm...QSL pretty please?

Nothing like capping off a nice Christmas Day with "Don't Fear the Reaper" ;D

S9 here into Western MA with very nice audio since 0035 UTC tune in. I'm tired of posting...so instead I'm listening and enjoying! Thanks Jingle Bells...you ROCK! ;D
OFF at 0056 UTC or did the band go long....

S8 here at 2218 UTC with "In The Mood"-Glenn Miller ending, into "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"-Andrews Sisters
2221 UTC "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree(With Anyone Else But Me)-Andrews Sisters
2223 UTC UNID Jazz/Swing tune
2226 UTC Man announcer with ID..."You are tuned to Radio Casablanca...send your reception reports to radiocasablanca1@gmail.com
This was followed by a WW2 News Clip and then an UNID Jazz/Swing tune by Man singer and some nice clarinet playing
2230 UTC UNID tune by sultry voiced Lady Singer
2233 UTC Swing tune by Man singer..."I'll Be Seeing You"?
2236 UTC UNID Jazz/Swing tune Lady singer
2239 UTC Man announcer..."This is Radio Casablanca" followed by a clip from movie "Casablanca"
2241 UTC Song "Lets Misbehave" (Frequency is about 6939.8ish with some signal fading)
2244 UTC Song "My Girl Pussy" Man Singer
2248 UTC Song "Life Goes On Without You"?-Man Singer
2250 UTC song Young Lady singer cabaret style-Shirley Temple?
2253 UTC Man announcer "This is Radio Casablanca", followed by brief WW2 clip, then Song "Drinking Rum and Coca Cola"-Andrews Sisters
2257 UTC Song Uptempo Swing tune Man and Lady singers
2300 UTC Song Swing tune Man singer
2303 UTC Song Lady Singer-"Somebody's Rocking My Dreamboat"
2306 UTC Man announcer with ID..."You are tuned to Radio Casablanca. Send your reception reports to radiocasblanca1@gmail.com followed by movie clip from Casablanca and song "As Time Goes By" Man singer
2310 UTC Song by Lady Singer in German?
2313 UTC Song "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"-Lady singer
2316 UTC Song Man Singer (I should know this song but it escapes me...)
2319 UTC Man announcer with ID..."This is Radio Casablanca...Here's looking at you kid", into an UNID Swing/Jazzy tune
2321 UTC "Cheek to Cheek"-
2324 UTC Song "Without Your Love?-Lady Singer
2326 UTC Song "Night And Day"-Lady Singer
2329 UTC Man announcer with ID..."You are tuned to Radio Casablanca" followed by a clip from the movie then Song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
2333 UTC Jazz/Big Band Song (Sounds like Shirley Temple...hmmm another song I've heard but draw a blank)
2337 UTC "If I Didn't Care"-Man Singer
2340 UTC "I Don't Want to Set the World On Fire"
2343 UTC Man announcer with ID..."This is Radio Casablanca. Send your reception reports to radiocasablanca1@gmail.com , then UNID Swing tune
2347 UTC Jazzy/Swing tune Lady Singer with long piano outro
2350 UTC UNID slow Swing tune-Man Singer
2352 UTC UNID Jazzy Swing tune Lady Singer..."Send Me Your Love"?
2355 UTC Man announcer with ID..."You are tuned to Radio Casablanca.Send your reception reports to radiocasablanca@gmail.com followed by song Man singer..."Girl I don't know where we began...I don't know where, I don't know when"
2357 UTC La Marseille and OFF

Thanks for the time travel back to a decade or so before I was born! I don't know a lot of these tunes, but some of them I did! Excellent show to end a nice family holiday. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Radio Casablanca! It's always a good day to be American...

S5-S7 here at 1410 UTC with a nice Christmas tune in progress on 6949.1 KHZ AM. Nice audio too!
1411 UTC BZN ID followed by SSTV
1413 UTC BZN ID and email followed by another Christmas tune

Tuned in at 1225 UTC because I woke up late and caught the last 2 minutes of a very weak signal. Hmmm, what's this? 1230 UTC and an S7 signal signing on again...This is awesome! Caught the beginning!
Hmmm..Gland Hoser? Review of International Broadcasting only 56 dollars a month! Etith, OK!
Don't hear many pirates...keep sending those cards and letters...nonsense reading of the WRTH...see us next week....might have a tip from rational living today...hell with it....73's from Gland Hauser
1244 UTC Another show, this one different! ;D Tips from VOA, DOA, DEA...
If you get some money send it to me...need a new tape recorder...record it in a barn and smells like *** out here...OFF at 1255 UTC

 Thanks Gland! DXing just a took a giant step...backwards?
 Please QSL! I couldn't understand the Zip Code..ummm bad fading?

Was going to hit the sack here and heard this at 0336 UTC. 0338 UTC "Little Drummer Boy" just ended at 0341 UTC. Looking at the posting from kgb and Rafman, I betcha this was the UNID mixing with WHYP-6925 earlier on this evening! Come All Ye Faithful was playing before abrupt sign off and on 6924.1 too!
0341 UTC "Little Saint Nick"-Beach Boys
0345 UTC Signal seems to have headed for the noise.... :(

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6940 USB 0204 UTC DEC 25, 2014
« on: December 25, 2014, 0214 UTC »
Somebody signed on after Wolverine and has been playing Frank Zappa. S7 here in Western MA

 Hmmm, seen that before, earlier this year. Think it was posted too...

Merry Christmas Wolverine! Been listening since 0115 UTC and enjoying the Christmas tuneage here. Signal about S8 tonight....sounds good through the stereo system with the 3.5 KHZ filter.... ;D

Tuned in at 0051 UTC to a blazing lead guitar version of "Silent Night"...signal strength varying a bit, but pretty much S5-S7 here in Western MA!
0058 UTC SSTV time...
0101 UTC Strange noises
0104 OFF, then a bit later a man said something...hmmmm
Thanks for the program whoever thou be this Christmas Eve!

S8 here at 2304 UTC tune in with "It's Been Awhile"-Staind ( ;D From my hometown!  ;D)
2305 UTC Hard rocking UNID tune
2307 UTC Seemingly the Beatles clip of "Number 9" repeated many times, then at 2309 UTC "Nine Sixty Five"
2310 UTC Man announcer IDing as "Bingo Radio" followed by contest details
2313 UTC Man then Lady Announcer giving bingo numbers O-61 and I-16, followed by "stay tuned...73's...Captain Ron" over the tune "Abracadabra" by Steve Miller Band
2316 UTC More #9's then some bingo numbers
2319 UTC Lady announcer with mention of earlybird special....winner was "Al Fansome" (name was repeated several times), then last years lottery
2322 UTC Man making some strange animal like noises, followed by some #9's, then "I don't know, No I don't, Yes I do...Captain Ron..73's...I don't know, No I don't, Yes I do
2326 UTC Mention of Yahweh's Helmet? Background Pink Floyd music with talk of Yahweh "Yahweh never promised comfort did he?"...then Pink Floyd noises.....
2330 UTC Pink Floyd music from Dark Side of the Moon, then a truly strange version of Junior's Farm with man singer :D (Daddy's Farm?)
2335 UTC Man saying "I just want young men out there...I just want Cops????
2336 UTC "Band on the Run"-Paul McCartney with man adlibbing over the song "Man On the Run" with mention of "Anderson on the run and George Zeller and Glenn Hauser"
2341 UTC "Whip It"-Devo (sort of...looped at first) Hmmm...I'm hearing James Brownyard singing along ;D
2345 UTC This earlier part seems to be a segue into the WHYP's Christmas Through the Years! Nice!
Audio so far has been exceptional, as has the signal strength!
Now I can sit back in the armchair and listen....Thanks James Brownyard!
0048 UTC OFF

Thanks WHYP! That was memorable :)

Caught this for the last minute after the station on 6924ish signed off at 2249 UTC. Playing Jimi Hendrix then OFF at 2250 UTC

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