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Solid S9 signal here at 0019 UTC tune in after WMFQ signed off. End of "I'll Be Home For Christmas"-?, then another Christmas tune at 0022 UTC
0025 UTC "Run, Run, Rudolph
0027 UTC "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" Heavy duty version!
0030 UTC Cool AM ID's...."relayed by Pirate Radio Boston"
0031 UTC "Naughty, Naughty Christmas"-Danger, Danger
0036 UTC Little Red Rooster (Wake Me Up on Christmas Day)...Tom Petty?
0040 UTC "Blue Christmas"-?

S9+10 here with very nice audio at 2340 UTC with end of "No Reply At All"-Phil Collins, ID at 2341, into a rather strange song opening withe Cinco, Cinco, Cinco
2343 UTC ID, then music again, ID again at 2344..."Where's My ***ing QSL"
2347 UTC "Midnight At the Oasis"-Cover version or remix of Maria Muldaur tune
2353 UTC Chorus of men with ID "WMFQ...Where's My ***ing QSL (repeated), followed by ELO's "Telephone Line"
0000 UTC Men announcers..."Tired of wasting postage on stations that never answer?...write us...WMFQ, into Elton John's version of "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds"
0006 UTC Bunch of ***ing ID's followed by "Army"-Ben Folds Five
(Hmmm...lots of skips on the CD being played this evening 8))
0013 UTC A cacophony of "California Girls"-Beach Boys mix with an ID in there....(my ears are starting to bleed :o)
0018 UTC Men announcers with something unprintable here about Sal Ammoniac, ID and OFF
Thanks for the eye opener tonight WMFQ! Haven't heard you in quite awhile. I'll be waiting for my ***ing QSL!

S5 here at 2250 UTC with decidedly Caribbean music
2253 UTC Different song, sounds like a Cuban tango or samba...wish I had a nice Cuban cigar!
And next up is a little bit of Cuban jazz!
2314 UTC X-L-R-8 ID followed by a little bit of Afropop hilife music
XLR8 opens up a new era of Cuban-American relations! ;)

« on: December 20, 2014, 2240 UTC »
Thanks ROR!!! I must say that your QSL policy is OUTSTANDING! Tip of the old pirate hat to you!

I'm getting music fading in and out rather quickly here at 2221 UTC. Man announcer I think at 2222 UTC, then music again. Fading in and out of the noise floor but peaking at S2/S3

Thanks for the ID Chris S! The signal is rising in and out of the noise too fast to get a good ID, although I can hear the announcer each time. Mostly UNID European pop tunes, but nice to hear any Euro at all these days :)

Huh? / Peskie Party Radio Christmas Card
« on: December 20, 2014, 1905 UTC »
My very first pirate radio Christmas card!!! Merry Christmas to you too Tony and extended family! ;D

Nice to hear this on a Saturday morning with fair signal well above the noise level and in the clear at 1245 UTC with "The 2,000 Year Old Man" :)
1258 UTC Man announcer ..."We will be signing off now, email address, child saying Happy Hanukkah, then numerous repeats of the IS, ending with man announcer..."Happy Hanukkah Interval Signal on zero", then "5, 4, 3, 2, then more IS
1301 UTC Child saying Happy Hanukkah, then IS
1303 UTC Man announcer with "Happy Hanukkah Interval Signal on zero", then more IS
Opening song "Miracle of Miracles" Fiddler On the Roof
1311 UTC "Antiochus"
Hmmm...is the baseball clip the famous back to the infield catch of Willy Mays of Vic Wertz's 400+ foot blast in the 1954 World Series?
Rather than post more details, I listen.... :)
Happy Hanukkah to you Mr. Goldberg from a pirate Gentile!

1331 UTC Man announcer ..."Happy Hanukkah Interval Signal on zero...5, 4, 3, then OFF!

QSLs Received / Re: Bangalore Poacher QSL
« on: December 20, 2014, 1044 UTC »
Here also..thanks Mr. Poacher! And a Happy Boxing Day to you and yours! :)

(Duplicate postings, so I removed mine and reposted in this thread)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Happy Hannukah R 6875 AM 2305z
« on: December 19, 2014, 2308 UTC »
S9 here with xylophone IS at 2306 UTC, then child singing "Burn Little Candle" and "Happy Hanukkah", more IS, then child again.
2309 UTC Man announcer, then man singer with a song about "Miracles"
2311 UTC Hava Nagila sung by choral singers
2313 UTC Lady talking, then "Antiochus"
2317 UTC Man and Lady announcer, then clip of baseball game mentioning '54 World Series..."great catch...sacrifice fly"
2318 UTC Fiddler on the Roof clip?
2320 UTC "2,000 Year Old Man" with Bob Reiner and Mel Brooks
2328 UTC Fiddler on the Roof clip with Man and Lady intro, then song-"Long Way From Home"-Lady Singer
2331 UTC Lady said something about Maccabees, then man announcer with "We have to sign off now", email address given 4 times, child saying Happy Hanukkah twice, IS played one and a half times (abrupt off during second time!)

Thanks for the show on this Fourth Night of Hanukkah! Happy to catch the whole program this evening! :)

Mostly carrier here since 2245 UTC, but audio fading up now and then....2258 UTC a bit of thump, thump music. 2300 UTC maybe a lady announcer...too weak to be sure, but pop tune now at 2303 UTC. In and out of the noise...

S6-S7 here at 2219 UTC with fading. Man and lady announcer with bizarre advertising and nonsense numbers...could this be our good friend the Poacher and his lady friend? Boxing Day is coming up and there should be some good sales on Mazdas, Toyotas, and Fish Pakora in store ;D
2226 UTC Man announcer repeating the words "Boxing Day" several times, Lincolnshire Poacher IS, then OFF
Thanks for the earlybird special BP! Love those post Christmas sale prices...

S8 into Western MA at 0046 UTC with a baseball game clip, Song, 2,000 Year Old Man, Song, then close down statement by man announcer, email address, child giving ID, IS repeated several times, man announcer mentioning Happy Hanukkah interval signal, IS once more then off at 0102 UTC
Thanks for the show tonight..still missed the sign on, so I'll have to try again tomorrow 8)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: TCS 6850 AM 0000 UTC 19 Dec 2014
« on: December 19, 2014, 0019 UTC »
Rough prop here at 0009 UTC tune in on 6850.5 ish with fading, but signal mostly above the noise.
0014 UTC with TCS ID, into rock/pop tune lady singer...
Signal picked up a bit around 0020 UTC :) JP playing some obscure tunes tonight....

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6928 LSB 2333 UTC 18 Dec 2014
« on: December 18, 2014, 2344 UTC »
Weak here in Western MA at 2339 UTC, but above the noise. UNID music, then man with live song intro at 2342 UTC into rock tune. It does not sound like Bon Scott's voice though....
AC/DC tunes at 2347 and 2351 UTC...audio sounds a bit thin, but signal peaking nicely between fades at S4-S5.
2356 UTC Another AC/DC tune
Listened back a dozen times here after last song played, but no ID heard...
Thanks for the AC/DC program tonight! Need some kick ass tunes to shake the flu out of the system

She took her orders from Cuba through a shortwave radio that spewed out 150 numbers she decoded into Spanish-language text.

It would seem to me that the ongoing loggings of Spanish spy numbers stations indicated the prescence of other spies here in the US subsequent to the capture of Ana Montes. Are they still here, or will there be a recall? Does this new era of US-Cuban relations mean that these stations are soon to be discontinued? What does this mean for the future of Radio Habana? Will they continue to spew anti-American rhetoric or will they tone it down? Questions to consider while enjoying a nice Cuban cigar!

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