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First heard at 2205 UTC for about 2 minutes on 6924.4 KHZ or so with a boomy audio and plenty of pesky QRM. Came back on about 5 minutes later with muffled audio. No ID heard here....
Clear Insane Radio loop ID at 0228 UTC, into a song op played last night
0234 UTC Signal much clearer now! I think you scared the peskies away ;D
After a hard rocking tune, British accented comedy skit at 0243 UTC
( I think the harsh noise and static level is masking the audio to a great degree.)
0247 UTC Same mention of Corporation and Hobby Lobby as last night....(those are some interesting commandments  :o )
I believe this is a repeat of last nights program....I can hear some of it clearer tonight than last night, particularly since 0247 UTC
0259 UTC "Insane Radio" looped ID's then OFF
(No question of ID tonight! Thanks for another evening of all around craziness ;D )

2102 UTC Signal is now fading in and out of the noise here, with S2 peaks on 9300 KHZ AM...fair copy but program seems to be music and announcements.
2115 UTC Signal is improving by the minute now! Good copy amid some fading.
2122 UTC Signal seems to have dropped down to the noise level now. Man announcer so far has been reminiscing about the early days of FRS between pop songs.
2155 UTC Fading isn't as bad, but still lots of band noise...I'm hearing ID's in several languages with the Theme from Close Encounters IS
Yes Chris...I checked 7700 KHZ and it's audible, but less than 9300 here. Crummy propagation right about now....lots of fading
2240 UTC Still weak. lots of noise and fading. Now there's a T-storm coming through so I had to disconnect the antenna :'( If you are still on when the storm passes I'll try again...thanks for the broadcast FRS!

Storm has mostly passed here so the NRD is back on as of 2325 UTC :) 9300 is fair still with fades and local static is high.
2327 UTC I switched to 7700 and signal is better here! Playing "Celebration" at tune in. S7 above a noisy band.
2346 UTC Previous to this time was a long instrumental then an UNID Europop tune, then at 2346 was the Close Encounters themed IS with ID's in different languages.
2353 UTC OFF after music with man announcer talkover
Thanks for the program FRS crew! I wish that propagation and the local storm hadn't conspired to make reception difficult! I guess that is what shortwave is all about  ???

Just tuning in at 2041 UTC to a solid S8 signal here and it seems that you are closing down :(
Music ending, then Rinus with a cheerio and off abrupt at 2043 UTC. Well, nice to hear you again Cupid Radio, even if it was only for a couple of minutes

Sleep well Rinus! It's easy for us North American listeners to forget that over in Western Europe it's late and  that you probably have to work tomorrow! Thanks for using 15070  :) it's a great frequency for reception of Euro's here on the east coast of the US....

« on: August 31, 2014, 2026 UTC »
I guess this puts to rest the ID from last evenings broadcast :) Thanks Insane Wayne! I'm insanely happy to have received this QSL! Very much appreciated  ;D

Good signal here also on 6935 USB at 1132 UTC tune-in with Native American chanting, 1133 UTC Loon cry and man announcer "This is Northwoods Radio", into some haunting flute music.
( Nice to hear the Jackpine Savage again on this holiday weekend! Love these Sunday morning broadcasts :) )
1145 UTC Lady Announcer with ID
Seems to be a Native American themed program of music....great stuff! Music to soothe the wild beast....or savage ;D
Exceptional USB audio! Wish I still had my copy of "The Conspiracy of Pontiac After the French & Indian War"....one of my favorite college day reads!
1158 UTC ID and email address... northwoodsradio@gmail.com
1214 UTC Live ID mentioning this was from a 2006 broadcast...well wishes for the Labor Day Weekend and CW
Interesting similarity between the Native American and Asian music...leads one to believe the generally accepted origins of the Native Americans as Asian, crossing the Bering Sea during the last Ice Age and traveling down the Mackenzie Corridor into what is now the USA.
(Signal has been dropping a bit as daytime absorption takes it's toll...still well above the noise floor at 1235 UTC)
Had to run an errand, but left the recorder running. Special thanks for an excellent program of music that you won't hear anywhere else! Nice to travel back in time to a day when things were a lot simpler.... ;)

Heard from 0122 UTC with what sounds like false starts, but I have been told is the Wolverine IS....S8-S9 into Western MA with great USB audio as usual using the NRD-515 3.5 KHZ filter. Fire theme....tunes by Hank, the Man in Black, Jerry Lee, and the Stones thus far...
(Some clown whistling and being a jerk a few minutes ago....signal seems to have dropped a bit since 0200 or so)
After the SSTV, I could here some chat going on.....not sure what was said...also somebody played a siren...

Funky sounding tune at 0002 UTC, Insane Radio loop ID at 0003 UTC, into funky dance tune.
( Have to synchronize my clock...I'm half a minute off here! :) )
0013+ UTC Bit of a comedy skit, into punkish rock tune
Hmmm...Man Cave, He Man, Insane....it's all semantics  8) Anyway, S9 with minor selective fading here.
0018+ UTC Looped ID (Still sounds like Insane Radio to me....)
Program of craziness interspersed with interesting musical selections
Off at 0050 UTC after repeated loop ID's
(Thanks for an entertaining program tonight IR op!!! ;D )
{After listening back on the 2 best loop ID's, it just might be He Man Radio and not Insane Radio...hey op, if you're following this could you email one of us? Pretty please! ??? }

Thanks Insane Wayne!! And the final answer is INSANE RADIO!

Fair above a high noise floor at 2243 tune in on 6950.5 KHZ AM with Turn Me on, ID's at 2245 UTC. 2254 UTC "One Shot, One Bourbon, One Beer". Signal fading in and out of noise here in Western MA

Just above the noise here at 2310 UTC tune in with end of song, man announcer with "BBR" ID, into Dutch folk tune at 2312 UTC.
Thanks for the shoutout Mr. Black Bandit operator!!!
OFF at 2344+ UTC Thanks for the show! Didn't hear any espanol though ;D

Dear  FRS Friends,

Next Sunday it will be exactly 34 years ago that FRS officially started broadcasting on short wave.
As it doesn't happen that many times that August 31st coincides with a Sunday, we felt this was a good opportunity to do
'something special'. Listen out for yourself next Sunday !! And: go tell your friends.
The broadcast starts at 17:52 UTC/ 19:52 CEST and will last just over three hours. At just over 21:00 UTC a full
repeat will start. Freqs will be 7700//9300 kHz.
A special QSL will be issued..more information next Sunday!
All the best,

73s, FRS Crew

a Balance between Music & Information joined to one Format....

POBox 2702
6049 ZG Herten
The Netherlands

e-mail: < frs@frsholland.nl>
(They were heard on 9301 KHZ with a very good signal here in Western MA for their last broadcast!)

Popping up above the noise floor here in Western MA at 2351 UTC with "Sounds of Silence"-Simon & Garfunkel, man announcer at 2353 UTC. Man announcer with ID at 2357, into "She's A Rainbow"-Rolling Stones. Deep fades and tough copy, but audible.
Short announcement at 0002+ UTC, then OFF

(Thanks for the tip Jari  :) )

Fair at peaks with long deep fades here at 2211 UTC tune in with "Down In the Boondocks"-Billy Joe Royal, clear ID's and email address at 2212 UTC.
2217 UTC ID, then "Graceland"-Paul Simon
After tunes by Cyndi Lauper and the Animals, the signal pretty much buried in the noise.
Signal was picking up around 2250 again, until 2255 UTC when some International broadcaster came on with an S9 +10 carrier and almost broke my speakers :( (Radio Exterior de Espana)
Thanks for the show Sluwe!

Pounding into Western MA with S9 at 0032 sign on...I was parked on the frequency waiting for some entertainment tonight...thanks Captain! ID at 0034 UTC after first song ended.
Off abruptly at 0042 UTC! :(

My first time for Over 60 Degree Radio here :) First logged from 2208-2213 UTC on 11405 USB with threshold signal, ID at 2209 UTC, then op QSY to 9305 USB, mostly inaudible. Finally with fair signal amidst lots of noise on 13595 KHZ with blues and blues/rock tunes...Allman Brothers, Leon Russell. ID's at 2229 UTC and again at 2236 UTC (Several ID's repeated slowly...thanks Mick!). Off at 2303 UTC
S3 at peaks and some partial copy of announcements. Thanks for the show and the chat Mick!!!

Hello Rinus! You are making it over here with a fair signal here in Western Massachusetts at 1432 UTC tune in with "Every Day Is A Winding Road" by Sheryl Crow followed by another tune by a lady singer.
1439 UTC Man announcer talking about reports received from Europe
1440 UTC Shoutout to Dimbulb! Followed by pop tune. Signal has deep fades, but at peaks is S5 here!
1445 UTC UNID song with short talkover by man announcer..."Cupid Radio". I'm measuring the frequency here at about 15069.6 KHZ
1449 UTC Thanks for the shoutout Mr. Rinus Outlaw!!!!! Thanks for the kind mailing I received yesterday also! ;D
1453 UTC Signal is fading in and out of the static here every few seconds now. Sounds like Green Day but not sure.
(I checked the NOAA propagation site and there was an M5.9 solar flare at 1217 UTC, so that explains the fading and the static!)
1505 UTC I'm getting almost nothing now...bits of audio popping up above a high noise floor  :(
Signal picking up around 1510 UTC....sounds like Sheryl Crow again
Yes, "If It Makes You Happy" clearly at 1514 UTC
1516 UTC Shoutouts again to the HFU posters...(Mr Skipmuck from Springfield says thank you!!! ;D)
1519 UTC OFF
(Thanks for the Sunday show Rinus! Now it's out to the shed for me to get the lawnmower and do some yardwork... :'( )

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