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S7 and well above the noise here at 0058 UTC with Beethoven, into electric blues tune at 0059 UTC. Very nice audio!
Pirate zone standard time ;D 0107 UTC "This is Captain Morgan shortwave", into some more electric blues
0130 UTC A very impressive run of ID's and jingles! A little Jimi Hendrix too....
0136 UTC OFF
( Super show tonight Captain! Mucho appreciated :) )

Tuned in at 2254 UTC to 6235 LSB and I'm getting threshold audio. I can make out music, but darned if I can tell what's playing! There was nothing here earlier on 6226 LSB.
2303 UTC "Just The Way You Are"-Billy Joel ;D
(I'm getting nothing since 2313 UTC)

It's 2141 UTC and the 49 meter band is starting to open up for Europe. I'm hearing 6200 KHZ fading in and out of the noise floor with music.
2200 UTC Signal up to S5 here with great audio...some fading.
2220 UTC Solid S7 now with fairly good copy on announcements. Wish I was more up to date on the European popular music scene :-[
(The Laser Hot Hits announcer talks really fast :D Lots of shoutouts between songs to listeners! Also IDing as Laser Hot Hits INTERNATIONAL :)
2235 UTC "Love Train"-O'Jays
2238 UTC "Boys of Summer"-Don Henley
(There, that's 2 songs in a row this old timer ID'd)
2340 UTC Just checked back in and signal seems to have dropped a bit into the noise with more fading than before, but still quite listenable at S5 peaks
2347 UTC "My Sharona"-The Knack
2352 UTC "Why Can't We Be Friends"-War
0028 UTC "Losing My Religion"-REM
0211 UTC Signal is amazing right now! Solid S9 with 100% copy of LHH DJ's talk! Song at 0213 UTC is like a local now. NICE!
(A quick check of the NOAA prop conditions show that the sun has quieted down rather nicely!)
Time to hit the sack....thanks for the LHH relay today RMI!!! It is appreciated :)

At threshold here when op switched frequencies. Still better than 15880 USB here, but too weak to ID music.

Twice in one day here! Tuned in at 1604 UTC with "This is Sluwe Vos Radio" into "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"-Cyndi Lauper, followed UNID Pop/Dance tune.
1613 UTC ID, then "Twilight Zone"-Golden Earring
1223 UTC ID, jingle, then "Nights In White Satin"-Moody Blues

Thanks Hans! I listened back on the tape and I think you closed down at 1335 UTC while I was posting my logging! Oh well, maybe some day I'll hear you again ;)

I'm getting a bit of dance music at 1333 UTC fading in and out of the band noise here....
I finished posting the above comment, and then it was gone :'(

Music rising in and out of the noise here at 1231 UTC tune in, with S3 peaks here in Western MA. Nice to hear you today Sluwe!
1248 UTC Man announcer with ID's, frequency, mention that he will be closing down shortly, and thanks to listeners in the United States.
1250 UTC "Born To Be Wild"-Steppenwolf
1253 UTC Man announcer with ID and "closing down", into "Beat It"-Michael Jackson
1256 UTC  :) Man announcer with "Bye, Bye, then UNID Rock tune
1300 UTC "Land Down Under"-Men at Work (during song op said he'll be playing a few more records! :))
Signal is really peaking nicely between fades Sluwe! Nice audio too :)
1304 UTC Familiar rock tune I forget the name of....(during song mentioned something about sending recording by email)
1308 UTC  ;D "Born In the USA"-Bruce Springsteen  ;D
1312 UTC Jingle, 6 time pips, then Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll Be Back" ;D
(Thanks for the Saturday morning show Sluwe!!! Much appreciated and signal was awesome today :))

Huh? / Re: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy
« on: October 04, 2014, 0124 UTC »
Light bulbs are just a filament of our imagination

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XLR8 6925U 0011 4 October 2014
« on: October 04, 2014, 0026 UTC »
S7 here at 0020 UTC tune in with a long sustained note until UNID tune with man singer at 0022 UTC. Signal still above the moderate noise level and audio sounds great here!

Fair signal here in Western MA tonight with European pop tunes and announcer between songs since 2320 UTC. Some band noise and rapid fading tonight, but otherwise sounds good here through the stereo system.

Huh? / Re: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy
« on: October 02, 2014, 2255 UTC »
Seriously Al, it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that something like this would happen in the corporate world. I doubt that the Phoebus Cartel were the first to come up with the bright idea of "planned obsolescense". They certainly won't be the last. Now all we need is DimBulb to weigh in on the subject and further enlighten us.... ;)

Nice steady S5 signal here at 2232 UTC with "I Won't Back Down"-Tom Petty. No contact address given yet, at least not that I've heard. Still, it's nice to have a regular Euro audible here in the USA!
Hey, whoever you are, how about an email, Magic op? :)

Huh? / Re: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy
« on: October 02, 2014, 2158 UTC »
Thanks for providing an illuminating link that sheds light on an interesting subject, despite detractors who attempt to make light of the situation.... ;D

I'm getting a weak carrier here in Western MA with threshold audio at 0031 UTC check. The static is just too much here for decent copy. I've never been able to get a clear logging of LHH on this frequency.

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