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FM Free Radio / Re: 87.7 MHz FM, Monday 09/29, Livonia, Michigan
« on: October 02, 2014, 0011 UTC »
Jordan, if you're going to make a decision to report or not report a station to the FCC based on your personal musical tastes, then for the sake of argument, I should be able to do the same. So let me play devil's advocate and say that I'm parked in my driveway and I hear a bluegrass station on 87.7.  I'm going to report them to the FCC(if I had the time). I sincerely hope it's not you deciding to start up a harmless operation based on your musical tastes. In the real world though, I happen to like bluegrass music....so you would be safe. I don't particularly care for rap music either....so I simply tune away. The FCC's decision to bust an unlicensed station is generally in response to a complaint, which atrainradio has pointed out in a very polite manner. Local AM and FM broadcasting is a very competitive market, with stations often going for millions of dollars. They don't like some little nickel and dime operation taking away their potential audience (that means advertising dollars). So they have legal routes to take care of the problem. You are not telling the FCC anything they aren't already aware of. I doubt that your distaste of rap or hip/hop music is going to rally an expensive direction finding search out of some local FCC office hell bent on busting up some harmless 10 watt operation on an FM channel that nobody ever tunes to, unless they're looking for pirates or perhaps some E-skip FM DXing. You seem to be straddling the fence on whether or not it's ok to listen to pirate radio. I don't see that you have posted any loggings yet....hopefully you get it straight in your mind that it is legal to listen and illegal to operate. This is irrespective of whether they play bluegrass music or rap...

Again today at 2130 UTC tune in at S3 level amid some static, but in the clear. Yesterday there was no contact address given and a quick check of Iann's chat today reveals that there is no further info on this station. The signal reminds me somewhat of my Horizen FM receptions from earlier this year.

0035 UTC tune in with S7 peaks and nice clear audio amid static bursts....sounds like a kid singing a song about a freight train.
0042 UTC Man announcer with ID..."X-L-R-8"
Some pesky QRM on LSB

Fairly strong signal here playing mostly European pop tunes with ID's since 2234 UTC. Still going at 2312 UTC. No email address given yet
2319 UTC "Message In A Bottle"-Police
2322 UTC "Stuck On You"-Lionel Ritchie
2340 UTC The static is getting rather heavy here....must be a storm brewing somewhere. Signal not quite as good as earlier.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 AM 2242 UTC 28 Sep 2014
« on: September 28, 2014, 2310 UTC »
Strong open carrier at 2253 UTC with pesky QRM, then I think I heard someone say "Put on the program", just before "Born To Be Wild"-Steppenwolf. "Don't let them see us....", into "Frankenstein"-Edgar Winters Group.
2305 UTC "Walk This Way"-Aerosmith
2308 UTC Undercover Radio ID :) with email address  :)
2309 UTC "Baba O'Reilly"-Who
2314 UTC Dr. Benway story about having a flashback.
2319 UTC Undercover Radio ID's, into "Radar Love"-Golden Earring
2326 UTC Dr. Benway live! "...been awhile...get the cobwebs off the radio...hope you had a good summer", followed by shoutouts to all the posters here!!! Thanks Dr. Benway!!
2328 UTC Dr. Benway reminisces about his pirate radio career
2336 UTC Undercover Radio ID's and email address, followed by Rush and one really annoying pesky.
2341 UTC Dr. Benway switching over to USB....2342 UTC USB! (Sounds great, and that pesky is gone)
2342 UTC ID-You are tuned to Undercover Radio, pirate radio broadcasting from the middle of nowhere, then Dr. Benway live mentioning he's doing some testing...Ultra Side Band ;D then shoutouts to ByteBORG, Rafman, and Dick Weed.
2345 UTC Reminisces about the Kenmore TS-430 and going mobile, stopping at the phone booth...
(Details, details, details) OFF at 0001 UTC after some more shoutouts....Thanks for the show tonight Dr. Benway! Aways a good thing!

Been listening on and off for almost 2 hours with a super signal here into Western MA. Thanks for the shoutouts and the fun tonight Black Bandit....enjoyed the World Service...and you're still going strong at 2352 UTC!  :)
(Polkas, folk music, country tunes, and what have you....get it all at the Black Bandit World Service ;))
Off around 0115 or so UTC. Betcha you could fry a steak on that xmtr ;D
Thanks for the marathon from across the big pond BBR!

European Pirates and Private Stations / Re: tip and elvis show 6205 khz
« on: September 27, 2014, 2114 UTC »
Band starting to open up a little now...I recognize "Money For Nothing"-Dire Straits at 2108 UTC. Signal still hovering around the threshold.
2113 UTC Man announcer
Signal has picked up really nicely over the last hour....great Euro opening tonight.
2223 "Jumping Jack Flash"-Rolling Stones
Closing announcements, bye bye's, music, then OFF at 2300 UTC.
(Thanks for the show T&E!!!! One of the best signals into Western MA in a long time from across the pond)

Rock solid S9 electric blues music here at (looks at the Captain Morgan clock)...0137 Pirate Zone Standard Time
0144 Buzzing noise, then ID... captain morganshortwave@gmail.com
"I'm the one, the one and only seventh son"
0150 UTC ID, into more electric blues...sounding good tonight Captain!
0200 UTC ID, then "911, you better get here fast"
0210 UTC That tune had some killer electric guitar licks and blues harp!(and some buzzing noises)
0215 UTC "Hail, Hail, Rock & Roll" ...with no particular place to go...
0217 UTC OFF
Thanks for some kickass blues tonight Captain! I think I got last nights bubble gum out of my teeth now 8)

The Comrades back again, not the same program as earlier tonight. Solid S7 with great audio well above the noise. Sounds like an older program? I see that I am in error ;)....
Reception here good, but not nearly as good as the earlier show on 6925 USB
0120 UTC Signal fading into the noise a bit...or is the noise fading above the signal ???
0135 UTC Pretty much buried in the noise now...sounds like the ionosphere is acting up! :o

Excellent audio at S9 here at 2350 UTC with end of Soviet Anthem, into opening chat with Dick Weed and Stavin. Talking about the great feedback from the last program and Stavin needing some soda rehab, into request for Richard Pistek...."Coine". (EDIT- I guess I spelled that wrong :-[)
2358 UTC ID, then semi rocking rap tune
(After last nights marathon of bubble gum, this is like Bazooka Joe rehab ;D)
0007 UTC Awesome! New U2 :) "Miracle"
0035 UTC "Golden Years"-David Bowie....seems I remember some poster from last program asking for some Bowie ;)
0049 UTC OFF after an extended release of excess carbonation....
Thanks comrades!  ;D

Here also with S5 peaks at 2251 UTC with instrumental EZ listening tune. Deep fades and fairly high band noise though...sounds like man announcer at 2257 UTC.
2259 UTC Music...little bit a thump, thump... techno tango? ;D

Huh? / Re: Fusion breakthrough at Sandia Labs?
« on: September 26, 2014, 0210 UTC »
I recall reading recently that the costs involved in reaching the break even point were astronomical. If we want fusion power, all we have to do is set off a nuke and run a power line from it, or maybe take a trip to the sun and get some there...we could always go at night....
Al...it's a cold bowl of chili when love lets you down...

0021 UTC Strong open carrier
0023 UTC Sign On with UNID bubble gum tune
0024 UTC Man announcer with ID..."You're listening to The Crystal Ship...Bubblegum Express, followed by "Green Tambourine"-Lemon Pipers
0028 UTC "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy"-Ohio Express
0031 UTC "Chewy, Chewy"-Ohio Express
0033 UTC "Sugar, Sugar"-Archies
0036 UTC Man announcer with ID, followed by "I'm A Believer"-Monkees
0039 UTC "Tracy"-Cufflinks
0040 UTC (Lost signal for a moment there! Back up quickly though)
0041 UTC "My Baby Loves Lovin"-White Plains
0044 UTC "Jingle, Jangle"-Archies (Signal breaking up a bit)
0047 UTC Man announcer with "TCS Shortwave Relay Network ID", PSA for NORML, ID again "Bubblegum Express"
0049 UTC "Elenore"-Turtles
0051 UTC "I Woke Up In Love This Morning"-Partridge Family
0053 UTC "Jennifer Tompkins"-Street People
0056 UTC "Snoopy Vs Red Baron"-Royal Guardsmen
0059 UTC Man announcer with ID, then "Mirage"-Tommy James & Shondells
0101 UTC "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight"-Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart
0104 UTC "Indian Giver"-1920 Fruitgum Company
0107 UTC "Red Rubber Ball"-Cyrkle
0109 UTC Man and Lady Announcer with skit, Tarzan call, email address for QSL
0111 UTC "Love Goes Where My Rosemary Goes"-Edison Lighthouse
0114 UTC "She'd Rather Be With Me"-Turtles
0117 UTC "Lay a Little Loving On Me"-Robin McNamara
0119 UTC "Baby I Love You"-Andy Kim
0122 UTC Man announcer with ID..."You're riding the Bubblegum Express on the TCS Shortwave relay network...followed by "Bang Shang-a Lang"-Archies
0125 UTC "Dizzy"-Tommy Roe
0128 UTC "I Think I Love You"-Partridge Family
0130 UTC Man and Woman PSA for "Why aren't you a Democrat"
0132 UTC "I Think We're Alone Now"-Tommy James & Shondells
0135 UTC "Indian Lake"-Cowsills
0138 UTC "Build Me Up Buttercup"-Foundations (oops, technical difficulties)
0141 UTC "Julie Do You Love Me"-Bobby Sherman (more technical difficulties)
0143 UTC Lady and Man announcer with email & ID
0144 UTC "Simon Says"-1910 Fruitgum Company
0146 UTC "Last Train To Clarksville"-Monkees
0148 UTC "Return of the Red Baron"-Royal Guardsmen
0151 UTC Man & Lady announcer with ID and email, then a short little ditty sung by a man
0152 UTC OFF

 (Thanks for the entertainment tonight JP!! Special thanks to the TCS Shortwave Relay Network too :))
 (I appreciated the eQSL for my posting of the Bubblegum Express show on April 11, 2014! Thanks again!)
 (Signal was good to excellent most of the night with some selective fading, occasional dropouts, but almost completely above the noise floor...I had to remind myself that I owned many of these 45's  ;D :D)

Oly1959...Awesome TCS LOGO!!!

Just above noise floor here at 2155 UTC with Techno music, Man announcer at 2200 UTC with ID and email address, them OFF at 2201 UTC

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925 AM 0052z 9 25 14
« on: September 25, 2014, 0125 UTC »
Same here until 0053 UTC. The pesky on 6925 LSB made AM impossible...even bleeding over into the USB.

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