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Bob Crewe either wrote, cowrote, or produced the following hit songs....some I like, some I don't ;D

US peak chart position on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart follows the song title. Only singles that reached a position of #30 or higher on the Hot 100 are listed here.

1957: "Silhouettes", #3.
1957: "Daddy Cool", #10.
1958: "La Dee Dah", #9.
1959: "Lucky Ladybug", #14.
1962: "Sherry", #1
1962: "Big Girls Don't Cry", #1
1963: "Walk Like a Man, #1
1964: "Dawn (Go Away)", #3
1964: "Ronnie", #6
1964: "Navy Blue", #6
1964: "Rag Doll, #1
1964: "Save It For Me", #10
1964: "Big Man in Town", #20
1965: "Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby, Goodbye)", #12 ("Bye Bye Baby" on initial release)
1965: "Let's Hang On!", #3
1965: "A Lover's Concerto," #2
1965: "Silhouettes," #5 [Herman's Hermits cover]
1965: "Girl Come Running," #30
1965: "Jenny Take A Ride," #10
1966: "Devil With A Blue Dress On," #4
1966: "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine," #13
1967: "Sock It To Me, Baby," #6
1967: "Music To Watch Girls By," #15
1967: "Silence Is Golden," #11 [Tremeloes cover]
1967: "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You," #2
1967: "I Make a Fool of Myself," #18
1967: "To Give (The Reason I Live)," #29
1969: "Jean," #2
1969: "Good Morning, Starshine," #6
1974: "Lady Marmalade", #1
1974: "Get Dancin'," #10
1975: "Swearin' To God", #6
1975: "My Eyes Adored You," #1
1975: "I Wanna Dance Wit' Choo," #23
1975: "The Proud One," #22 [The Osmonds cover]
2001: "Lady Marmalade", #1 [Christina Aguilera cover]

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Insane Radio 6924.2 AM 0205z
« on: September 13, 2014, 0225 UTC »
Strong signal here with moderate fading at 0220 UTC with "Mind Games"-John Lennon, into "Nobody Told Me"-John Lennon at 0225 UTC. Man announcer with email address... yourradioisinsane@gmail.com at 0228 UTC, then OFF.
(Thanks for the show tonight Insane Wayne! I think my clock is off a minute or so ???....too tired to check WWV now...will do it in the morning! ;) )

EDIT-Yes, my radio room clock is 2 minutes ahead and the PC clock is 1 minute ahead....no way to run a playground ;D OK class...recess is over! >:(

Radio Free Whatever at 2355 UTC with end of song and ID with DJ Dickweed giving rundown of songs played, into "Jailbreak"-Thin Lizzy, then AC-DC? Fair to good signal tonight in AM mode. Best in USB because of pesky QRM. Moderate amount of fading tonight with all this solar activity.
0006 UTC Signal buried in noise and pesky QRM very quickly! Did the CME just hit us? :o
0012 UTC Signal back up with DJ Dickweed with rundown of songs played
Off at 0020 UTC?

Here also fading in and out of the noise floor with fair peaks from 2143 UTC tune in. Sounds like a 70's rock tune, into another tune at 2148 UTC seemingly by same group. Clear ID at 2155 UTC, into yet another tune by same group? Vocalist sounds like Paul Rodgers of Bad Company.
2205 UTC Jimi Hendrix
2207 UTC Man announcer with ID and email, then more Jimi Hendrix
2210 UTC Led Zeppelin
2217 UTC Man announcer with ID, then off

Huh? / Re: You Were On My Mind
« on: September 11, 2014, 0109 UTC »
Honestly Al, I would never suspect you of exhibiting such prurient interest in paleolithic Hallmark ornaments. On the other side of the story, I found the following that might confirm moof's observation. This from the We Five official website...also see attachment....

Bob Jones joined the pre WE FIVE Ridgerunners shortly after meeting Mike and Jerry at the University of San Francisco in 1963. His electric 6 and 12 string guitar work is one of the signature sounds of the "You Were On My Mind" and "Make Someone Happy" albums. In addition, Bob recorded five albums with Michael Bloomfield on which he played drums, guitar and sang. They also toured the United States and Canada for ten years including playing the Newport Jazz Festival.

General Radio Discussion / THE SKY IS FALLING
« on: September 11, 2014, 0028 UTC »
When I logged into AOL this evening to check my email, I was amused to find out that this afternoon's X1.6 solar flare was making headlines! Nothing at all in the article about us hapless shortwave enthusiasts. I did notice that earlier today, WWV on 10, 15, and 20 MHZ was basically inaudible. Anyway, isn't solar activity supposed to be on the down cycle?


Huh? / Re: You Were On My Mind
« on: September 10, 2014, 0106 UTC »
Wow, haven't heard that song in ages....I think I was 10 years old at the time. Are you referring to the girl in the group, Beverly Bivens? I know they made a lot of money off this song, which was originally recorded by Ian & Sylvia. Just around this time, I was getting some vague stirrings while watching "I Dream of Jeannie"...there was something about Barbara Eden that was making me feel a little uneasy ;D

Fading in and out over a really low noise level here at 2135 UTC with a pair of Jimi Hendrix tunes, into an eerie electronica mood music instrumental. 2152 UTC electronica mood music with a techno dance beat. The noise level is so low, I am getting good copy during the fade ins, which are about 50+ % of the time. My first time for this station, although I haven't heard an announcement or ID yet.
Faded down to threshold at 2158 UTC, then back up again at 2208 UTC still playing spacey techno instrumental music.
2215 UTC Clear ID by man announcer! Nothing heard after this, so maybe off?
(Very pleased to hear this :) )

OK, now this should complete the information for anyone interested in having a program broadcast over a licensed station in Germany for a small fee :) Go for it! :)

I'm hearing the Linconshire Poacher IS at 0031 UTC! I was parked on 6925 USB when it came up all of a sudden with some pesky QRM. 0037 UTC Man repeating nonsense numbers.
{I thought it was a man with a high pitched voice, but the other posts are correct...it does sound like a woman's voice. Hmmm...Son of the Lincolnshire Poacher ??? (I'll listen back on the recording)
ID by man at 0036 is tough copy...all I get is "Lincolnshire Poacher". No copy on the ID at 0041. Overall signal was fair at peaks.}
EDIT-Listened back again today and this program does not seem to be the same as the zany Bangalore Poacher parody....maybe a copy of a legit recording from back when this was originally being heard, with a little augmented voice ID added in? Still can not hear the " Son of " in my recording, so I'm going with the other posts on this one....ummmm, please QSL? 8)
EDIT #2 Question Mark removed in Subject....

Tango Italia fading in and out of the low noise floor here tonight since 2358 UTC tune-in. Some static bursts here and there, but not nearly as ear crunching as last night!

Following up on the original posting, I received this further information. Not familiar with the conversion of Euro's to US Dollars ???, so I don't know how much this costs. Interesting operation at a time when shortwave broadcasters are shutting down all over the world!

OTR with the clearest signal I've heard yet here with minimal noise at 1105 UTC on 6770 KHZ AM. Solid S5 and nearly 100% copy! Love that dramatic organ music that bridges the story....still very good at 1145 UTC.

Huh? / Re: Al, what do you know about whales?
« on: September 07, 2014, 0230 UTC »
Thanks myteaquinn !!! I'm hearing that right now at 0226 UTC and it sounds like the mobies from hell are on their way to make bacon of those who would set up harpoon batteries on the bluffs and cliffs from Pacific Palisades to Humboldt County :o And someday those cold fusion experiments will turn out to be the solution to global warming! Al, I'm with you when Whale Armageddon arrives to take us to the creator ;D

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