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Fair signal with high noise floor here over the last half hour. 0030 UTC with UNID tune at good level.

Huh? / Re: Jack Bruce, bassist of 60ís band Cream, dies at 71
« on: October 25, 2014, 2139 UTC »
I was just coming of age when I heard "Sunshine of Your Love" for the first time and the riff has been running through my head hundreds of times over the years :) Jack was the one who wrote and did lead vocals for the song. Eric Clapton overshadows the other members of Cream, but Jack Bruce was a phenomenal bass guitarist and not only wrote some of Creams best songs, but also "Theme For An Imaginary Western", which was done up really nicely by Leslie West & Mountain. I read somewhere that Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce had an adversarial relationship on stage over the years. It is too bad that Jack Bruce never got the commercial success in his solo efforts after the breakup of Cream. A somber tip of the hat to one of Rock & Roll's royalty :(

Very weak here, but able to ID "Just Another Brick In the Wall"-Pink Floyd at 1407 UTC tune in. Was able to hear bits and pieces of man announcer and music popping up over the noise floor, but otherwise poor copy. Thanks for the test though Trans Europe!

Strong open carrier here at 0027 UTC, 0129 UTC music and Undercover Radio ID and gmail address repeated a few times, into "Born To Be Wild" at 0131 UTC
0135 UTC "Radar Love"-Golden Earring (Nice clean crisp audio!)
0140 UTC "Don't Fear the Reaper"-Blue Oyster Cult
0146 UTC Dr Benway on live! Shoutouts to the posters here on the HFU...THANKS! Talking about a new project....new antenna. Fishing reel method of getting antennas up into the trees!
0156 UTC "Walk This Way"-Aerosmith
0200 UTC ID and gmail address, into "Baba O'Reilly"-Who
0205 UTC Dr Benway with ID and gmail, then live mentioning will be closing down soon...."Undercover Radio on Medium Wave-1720". May try other frequencies but there's too much there...just testing things out
0207 UTC "Back In the USSR"-Beatles
0210 UTC ID and gmail address, into "Never Been Any Reason"-Head East (always loved this tune...never heard anything else from them though)
0215 UTC ID, then live again talking about the emails...best ever....always been on shortwave...
0217 UTC Intro music, then the Dr. Benway flashback story....
0222 UTC ID and gmail address, then live...welcoming first time listeners...antenna is definitely working...
shoutouts to danlewis and rafman...then the story about meeting up with the humanoids on the firetrail
0229 UTC "We're An American Band"-Grand Funk
0232 UTC talking about 1720 MW and the overflowing mailbox...mention of HF Underground and then the story about the first broadcast in 1974
0238 UTC Dr. Benway live with ID and gmail, into "Fly Like An Eagle"-Steve Miller Band
0242 UTC Dr. Benway live...mentioned first time listeners and shortwave 6925, then I'm Dr. Benway, goodnight and OFF abruptly at 0044 UTC

 Really great to hear you tonight on the top of the medium wave band from start to finish! Great audio and reception was generally excellent with the occasional fade into the noise. Happy that the new antenna was such a success and hopefully you will be back soon! Thanks for the entertainment tonight!

Very weak here with bits and pieces of talking since 0033 UTC
0039 UTC Some fast CW cutting through the noise now

Here also at 2359 UTC with end of a Jimi Hendrix tune,  into some kind of looped audio clip
0001 UTC "Right Place, Wrong Time"-Dr. John (aka Mac Rebennack aka the "Night Tripper")
0002 UTC strangeness and an UNID song, ending with a looped clip of someone saying What(?) over and over again. Off abrupt at 0004 UTC

Fair signal here for the last hour using the remote RX in Barrow, Alaska ;D The eskimos just can't get enough of the Black Bandit World Service! Actually, fair to middlin' signal here in Western MA with the always entertaining Mr. Abu Dhabi...thanks for the shoutouts! Still S5 here at 2335 UTC with noise and some bouncy fading from the X-3.1 flare earlier.

Here also with better signal than some US pirates! Closed down a few minutes ago. Thanks for the shoutout earlier Mustang op!!!

Very good signal here at 2357 UTC with Soviet Anthem, then DJ Dickweed chatting about testing into the dummy load but was actually on the air! Oh well, sometimes the dummy load is the space between Sir Skipmunk's ears ;D. Short chat about the recent WBCQ program, into a song by Tom Veck(?)
0015 UTC Rundown of songs played and shoutouts to the HFU posters...thanks DJ Dickweed! :), into an old classic tune..."On The Border"-Eagles (No assistant Stavin tonight...DJ Dickweed going it alone)
0029 UTC Rundown of songs, mention of the last song as being for Brother Stair..."Dear God"-XTC, into a tune by the Cheerleaders-"Perfect Vision"
0043 UTC Rundown of tunes, last one by The Dears-"Disclaimer", then mention of playing the jingles he got from CoolAM, into tune by Nine Inch Nails
0058 UTC Rundown of tunes played including song by Nirvana, shoutouts to all the HFU posters (THANKS!), said that he was closing down and off with "Do Whatever" at 0101 UTC

 Thanks for the Thursday evening show here Comrade! Always good to have you in the "Skip" zone ;)

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: CFRX Back On 6070
« on: October 23, 2014, 2321 UTC »
Booming in here at 2315 UTC with cochannel interference from somebody else in the background. Nice to hear CFRX again!

Despite the high band noise and loud static bursts from an approaching storm, I'm getting fair to good audio from Magic at 2357 UTC with "Just The Two Of Us"-Grover Washington Jr & Bill Withers, into U2 at 0000 UTC Oct 23 :)
0011 UTC "The Heat Is On"-Glen Frey

Rising above the noise here at 0020 UTC with some thump, thump techno music....I think there was an XLR8 ID at 0022 UTC. Tough copy tonight, but mostly above the high noise and static levels.

QSLs Received / Radio Tidalwave eQSL
« on: October 21, 2014, 2206 UTC »
Just when you think that all hope is gone, the long awaited QSL finds it's way into the Skipmuck inbox! Thank you very much EJ!!! I am a truly happy to get this for my Pirate Wall of Fame ;D Hope to hear you again in the "Skip" Zone!

Hearing this weakly at 2345 UTC....eerie sounding no matter who plays this tune :o

Started off with really bad reception...signal buried in the noise and lots of pesky QRM on LSB. I tuned away, and when I came back at 0120 UTC, I was getting this killer S9+ signal with perfect wideband audio. Nice to hear the show in this quality after straining through the noise on 1720 earlier :)
Thanks Dr. Benway....I'll be listening as I fall asleep...ahhh, Edgar Winters classic...Frankenstein :o
EDIT:As I was falling asleep last night, the signal took a nosedive at 0153 UTC :(

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