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I'm hearing something weak, but steady amidst the static on 6305 since 0105 UTC with pop tunes, man announcer at 0110 UTC, followed by "Where Do You Go To My Lovely"-Peter Sarstedt. (Borderhunter was on this frequency earlier with a much stronger signal....)

(Frans on air reply tonight about this UNID posting from last night was that it was another station and that he had closed down earlier...I think that's what he said ???)

(Along with a very nice full data eQSL, the following was received! I thought I would share this one...the first names of the ops have been omitted from the end of the letter just in case...don't want to compromise such a fine operation from across the pond!!!)
Dear Chris,

Thanks a lot for your mail and report regarding Sunday June 15th 2014 when we did a repeat of the evening broadcast one week earlier. During that evening broadcast conditions were unstable and far from good making us decide to do it all over again one week later.
The 15th June BC started later in the evening, at 20:00 hours CEST and ended just after 02:00 CEST. For both transmissions we received a good number of reports from all corners of Europe and beyond (USA). Many listeners reported fair/good reception in their area. On the 15th June FRS-Holland was ‘only’ active on one channel being 9301 kHz/31 metres whereas the week before FRS was on 7700 kHz (our main channel) as well (in parallel with 9301 kHz). Because the 15th June BC ended in the nightly hours, listeners in North America were able to tune in to FRS, sometimes with good results. All in all we are pleased by the postive response and encouraging comments!
I have enclosed our standard QSL as a separate pdf file. A high quality printed hard copy of our QSL has a different (better looking) back side and is of course much more desirable compared with the e-QSL. Anyway, it’s of course up to each listener what he prefers…

In the mean time FRS has lauched a new series of QSL cards entitled ‘FRS Through the Years’. This series consists of a number of different QSLs showing objects which played a vital role in our 30+ year history. Although we realize that an e-mail report is a quick and easy way in reporting, we feel  that a ‘letter’ report to our mailbox (POB 2702) is a more ‘charming’ and personal way.

Reception from your side seemed to be fine looking at your mail. Also good to know that you were so positive about the audio, I’m sure that our tx engineer will be delighted! In most areas of Europe listeners reported fair/good reception.
Certainly it was a thrill to do a full evening broadcast. As you perhaps won’t know FRS normally operates on Sunday mornings/ afternoons. We started life back in August 1980 making us almost 34 years. Yes…we have a long (and interesting!) history lying behind us. And I sincerely hope we will be able to continue for some time…
Thanks Chris for your nice comments, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you on the other side of the Atlantic.. It was your first FRS reception I can read. Our current team consists of a number of enthusiast and experienced SW FR presenters…most of them were already active on SW in the 1980s either with their own station or on another SW FR station.  
If you are interested in our history…you can obtain a hard-copy of our specially produced ‘30 Years of FRS-Holland’ booklet (24 pages, in colour!). Send 5 euro/ 7 US dollars to FRSH, POBox 2702, 6049 BE Herten, the Netherlands. A very interesting read is guaranteed!!
I have added your mail address to our mail listing….in future you will be automatically receive an informative mail prior to a FRS broadcast.
I surfed to the http://www.hfunderground.com/ site, great you added  your report and thus made a bit of promotion for us. I will compile an item about the hfunderground.com site for a future edition of FRS goes DX, our DX show. I’m sure may Euro listeners will like to hear the info about hfunderground.

The next FRS broadcast will take place either late August (another evening broadcast) or in the 2nd half of October. The latter will be our traditional start of a new season. Remember: FRS always transmits on a Sunday.

Solid S9 here since 0015 UTC tune in seemingly spot on 6950 USB with great audio! Very soothing spacey instrumental music...possibly one long song until 0028 UTC? Music ended at 0036+ UTC, Carrier off at 0038+ UTC.
Thanks for the show tonight! One of these days, I'll actually hear an ID!!! :)

Heard briefly here at 2143 UTC between deep fades with a shoutout to Evil Elvis followed by email address for reception reports, then an UNID song. Techno beat heard at 2146 UTC but signal disappeared completely into the noise floor by 2150 UTC. T-Storms in the area, so I disconneced the antenna!

Fading in above the noise floor with some really nice S5 peaks since 2313 UTC tune in. Lots of static bursts from local T-Storms though. Mixed bag of polkas, European dance/pop tunes. No announcer heard until 2342 UTC just before an UNID folk/pop tune. Nice to hear you again Borderhunter! It's been awhile...  :)
Fairly steady S5 here since with regular talk between tunes. Ahhh, one I recognize at 2357 UTC..."Ring of Fire"-Johnny Cash!
As darkness descends here in Western Massachusetts, the signal is pushing S7 now with great audio at 0002 UTC (Men at Work-"The Land Down Under)....ahhh, now we are back to polka time!!! ;)
OFF at 0011 UTC

QSLs Received / Re: FRSH-Free Radio Service Holland eQSL received
« on: August 01, 2014, 2335 UTC »
Also received here today along with a very nice personal letter for my June 15, 2014 reception. Thank you very much Peter and the FRS team! I am very pleased to get this and look forward to your next broadcast in either late August or in the 2nd half of October!  :)

The sound of the Soviet Anthem now at 0124 UTC, so I get to hear the beginning of the program that I missed! S9 here with almost no fading and no peskies. DJ Dickweed with no Stavin tonight, so he can raid the oldies. Time Warp from 1964, into "She's Not There"-Zombies
0128 UTC "I Should Have Known Better"-Beatles
0130 UTC Clip about Beatlemania, including interviews followed by the Beach Boys (where I came in on the 6924.4 KHZ program)
{Great show, great tunes DJ Dickweed! Time to hit the sack though...3 AM is sooner than I would like it to be :( )


Fair signal here at 0035 UTC tune in with lots of fading...propagation on the bad side tonight! "Mr Lonely"-Bobby Vinton already in progress, followed by "When I Grow Up to Be A Man"-Beach Boys at 0036 UTC
0038 UTC RFW ID, into "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying"-Gerry & The Pacemakers
0041 UTC Radio Caroline clip followed by "Not Fade Away"-Rolling Stones     0044 UTC "World "World Without Love"-Peter & Gordon
0046 UTC "Girl From Ipanema"-Astrid & Gilberto
(Signal really picked up nicely during this time...S9 now with some fading)
0049 UTC "Going Out of My Head"-Little Anthony & the Imperials
0051 UTC News clip about the effect of computers on the democratic process (election returns)
0057 UTC Radio Free Whatever...Time Warp ID followed by "Rag Doll"-Four Seasons
0100 UTC "Suspicion"-Terry Stafford
0102 UTC "Come A Little Bit Closer"-Jay & the Americans
0105 UTC "Under The Boardwalk"-Drifters
0108 UTC "Navy Blue"-Diane Renay (I had to google who did this song!)
0111 UTC "Let It Be Me"-Everly Brothers
0113 UTC "You Don't Own Me"-Lesley Gore
0116 UTC "My Guy"-Mary Wells
0118 UTC "Baby Love"-Diana Ross & the Supremes
0120 UTC DJ Dickweed with sign off announcements then off at 0122 UTC
{Thanks for the Time Warp back to that magic year when I was 9 years old and ALL the songs on the radio were GOOD! Yes, it was magical... :) )
Hmmm, something happening on 6935 USB...yes, it's the Soviet Anthem!

At threshold level here in Western MA, 2336 UTC tune in with UNID music, 2342 UTC Electronica sounding tune. Signal picking up a bit around 2350 UTC. Relatively quiet band...signal not even moving the S meter.
Audio on songs sounds good at peaks.

Fascinating to watch this update all by itself! Now I have 3 sites to supply me with sufficient information on whether or not it's time to disconnect the antenna (not including the Weather Channel)

http://www.strikestarus.com/ (link courtesy of Al Fansome)

http://thunderstorm.vaisala.com/explorer.html (The old reliable standby)

And yes, there is one other method..."stick your head out the window". (Courtesy of James Stewart) Hmmm....not recommended for this kind of weather!

Just reconnected the antenna here after a T-Storm blew through. Tuned in at 2351 UTC to an easy listening tune by lady vocalist, then a Dutch? pop/folk tune at 2353 UTC, interrupted briefly by Man announcer. The T-Storm static is brutal, but the audio is above most of it.
2356 UTC Sounds like "The Old Man Down the Road"-John Fogerty
0003 UTC A low key laid back tune with talkover by man...clear ID as "BBR Radio". The op sounds like the same one as I heard a couple weeks back on 6320 KHZ.
0004 UTC OFF

Other / Re: Nonsense on 14313 USB
« on: July 27, 2014, 1440 UTC »
The funny part of all this is that this behaviour on the ham bands would not be totally out of place on the pirate bands, or better yet in the IRC chat room (last night for instance). I've heard some entertaining animal noises on a few pirate programs, and have read extensively about the backstabbing and backbiting on the former FRN. I was told by a straight and narrow long time ham operator that the pirates didn't bother him as long as they didn't interfere with legal broadcasts.. Some of the good natured swiping in the pirate community is actually entertaining until it gets abusive. I really don't like to see anybody getting busted, but stupidity is stupidity no matter how extensively you overanalyze it. These guys that got busted were warned several times and the FCC gave them just enough rope to hang themselves. I think there is a message here for both pirate ops and listeners to give some thought to.

I'm hearing a distorted signal here...hard to tune but definitely LSB. Sounds like a TV program or something with bits of music and a man talking. Signal off and on. Still on as of 0408 UTC. Time to hit the sack, so i will leave recorder running and hopefully someone can ID this? S5 and well above the noise.

Same here as others....was already in progress when Wolverine closed down...tough copy, but believe I heard the op at 0322 UTC say something about "I'm surrounded by f***ing idiots", unless that was part of the song! Hmmm...

Tuned in to usual killer signal here after end of RFW program!
0245 UTC Dreams-Fleetwood Mac
0249 UTC Sweet Dreams (Are made of this)-Eurythmics
0301 UTC "Running Down A Dream"-Tom Petty
0310 UTC Wolverine Radio echo ID into SSTV

EDIT: Hmmm, didn't notice it last night but this was posting #500. Wolverine Op, you made a Hero out of me ;D

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