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I'm getting some weak fadey music here at 2109 UTC tune in...
2115 UTC RFW ID! Wow, the Subject box corrected all by itself! Thanks Chris S!
Signal strength is up and down like a yo-yo here....strange prop indeed.
2125 UTC Signal seems to be picking up a bit now...clean audio!
2128 UTC DJ Dickweed and Assistant Stefan/Steven/Stephen ID'ing the previous tunes (New Pornographers and Veruca Salts)
{Without sounding too patronizing, you comrades play a lot of cool songs I never heard before and do the right thing by identifying them for us old folk whose musical tastes were overdeveloped in the 60's and the 70's}
2139 UTC ID's previous song by Rammstein and next song by Bob Mould-"I Don't Know You Anymore"
2151 UTC A skit with lots of bleeps....
(Propagation is still kinda sketchy here...deep fades followed by S8 signal...must be some kind of proton bombardment by the Auroral Deity)
2209 UTC "Until Next Time...Do Whatever"
Thanks for the Sunday afternoon matinee!

Fair signal amid heavy T-Storm static here...0314 UTC tune in with "Africa" by Toto, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor at 0317.
0321 UTC "Spirit of Radio"-Rush
0327 UTC "Hotel California"-Eagles
0331 UTC "Renegade Radio" ID followed by "Suicide is Painless" aka the Theme from MASH
0333 UTC OFF

Lots of ear bleeding static bursts marring an otherwise solid S7 signal here. Thanks for the  Saturday evening show!

Thanks for the explanation! I did a double take when you played that....even the troublemakers riffraff pirate enthusiasts in the chat room were laughing at that! ;D

Just tuned in at 0109 UTC during the last song I think  :( ...Dutch folk tune/polka at fair level amid the static crashes, then open carrier at end of song 0112 UTC, carrier off at 0113 UTC. If this is the station, it was my first logging! Maybe tune in earlier next time!

0049 UTC Nice audio here with Soviet Anthem in progress, then DJ Dickweed and Stefan opening announcements. Stefan wearing a tuxedo tonight and drinking a martini. RPM show with genuine 45's. Into old time radio instrumentals. Solid S9 here...
0101 UTC The audio on the song was a little jumpy at first! Seems to have settled down....

EDIT Hey DJ Dickweed...now that I've heard this particular RPM program twice, what is with the Big Butts song amidst all that old time radio music? Not sure the strip club answer covers that disparity!

S7 signal here with a bit of noise, but the usual excellent audio on 6924.5ish KHZ. Tune in at 2351 UTC to "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" already in progress.
2352 James Stewart ID'ing song and giving time checks and the correct date! Next song up from a disc jockey copy. Mentioned the Spanish and Portuguese fishermen and then song by Lou Monti.
0001 UTC "Do You Know How I Feel"-Lou Monti
0004 UTC Weather Report....love it!
0006 UTC Tommy Dorsey
0010 UTC (Still talking about June Alyson!)
0012 UTC Glenn Miller
0016 UTC "You Are My Sunshine"-Gene Autry for Grasscutter and Sunshine Radio
0020 UTC Sandman
0024 UTC "Chapel In the Valley
0028 UTC A Polka by Spike Jones
0031 UTC (JS, you need a smile... :) ) Then song by Jerry Lewis
0035 UTC No ring from special listener  >:( ...nothing to do with Glenn Hauser or Timtron...not even at the same location...primitive eQSL cards... mention of HF Underground, Free Radio Cafe, Antique Radio. Closing down and feeling down. Then a song by Mary Small
0042 UTC National Anthem, laugh track, then off.
(There was a brief QSO by a man who said "Thanks for the show...I enjoyed it")

I'm getting an S3 carrier, but no audio coming through at all on 6968.

Sign on announcement at 0301 UTC, into jazz tune at 0302 UTC
0307 UTC Canned "Wild 100" ID into jazz pop instrumental with nice lead guitar licks
0312 UTC Killer acoustic guitar/mandolin/dobro instrumental wth electronic keyboards, vibrophone etc. NICE! Is this what the other posters say is named "BAU"?
0320 UTC Jazzy pop instrumental with Bensonesque guitar licks
0323 UTC ID, then another jazzy pop instrumental
It's midnight at the oasis here and time to sing the camel to bed...thanks for an interesting evening of music that you don't ever hear on the pirate bands! :)

Strong carrier but badly undermodulated here at 0238 UTC.
0240 UTC "Running With The Devil"-Van Halen
0247 UTC Off?

Had it briefly at 0201 UTC, then nothing until 0204 UTC with some kind of strange song. S5, just above the noise level here.
0207 UTC Seemingly gone again

Also getting a carrier here since 2348 UTC with brief moments of audio. Too weak to copy over the noise. Is this a Euro?
Thanks Chris L and Chris S(in the chat)...I'm getting occasional audio here mixing with a loud pesky on LSB.
0048 UTC OFF? No audio, no carrier...hmmm
EDIT I listened back on the recording and I get no yodel  :(

I'm getting our friends here just above the noise from 0113 UTC tune in. Fragmented copy here with the T-Storm noise generated by the Plutonium Underground. Interesting mid-eastern sounding music with talks by Friendly Overlord and Niavi. Occasional phrases come through..."Don't Go To Work" was a nice one! I like that....
Closing announcement directed to "People of Earth" and email address just before closedown at 0130+ UTC.
(I can't wait to hear these programs later on this year when the noise level and T-Storms aren't conspiring against our friends from the Crab Nebula.)

At threshold here, July 10, 2014 at 2345 UTC fading in and out of the noise and static with UNID comedy program. No trace of that annoying QRM that's been showing up here over the last week or so. OTR just keeps on and on and on!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 3389.73??????
« on: July 09, 2014, 0115 UTC »
I checked this out and it was on until about 0112 UTC or so. Simply too much static to copy here. The first harmonic of this puts it in the range of our old friend OTR, which I get no trace of tonight. Hmmm...
I have it back here also at 0116 UTC, but still too much noise. Let's see...this could be a harmonic of an X band xmtr on 1695ish KHZ. OTR could be a harmonic of an X band xmtr. Just speculating!
Thanks for the tip DaveJV... Nice catch! :)
(And the mystery deepens....)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925 AM 2350 UTC Jul 8 RFW
« on: July 09, 2014, 0003 UTC »
Nice signal here at 2356 UTC tune in on 6924.4ish KHZ with end of music, "Radio Free Whatever" ID by DJ Dickweed, followed by some EZ listening instrumental music. Sounds like Old Time Radio drama background music...rather soothing after a hot day at the shop! Clean AM audio here, but there seems to be a little bit of selective fading on an otherwise solid S8 signal.
0007 UTC DJ Dickweed ID'ing songs played and chat with Steven about the music reminds him of the "Sound of Music" with the Swiss Alps in the background, then ID'ing the next 45 with 4 songs on it. "Day by Day"...etc
(Interesting propagation tonight...pretty good size solar flare today, and with the 6 KHZ filter, I get different fading patterns on each sideband. LSB with slow flutter and USB with rapid fluttering of signal}
0016 UTC RFW ID during songs started at 0007 UTC
0018 UTC Dickweed ID'ing songs played...reminds him of listening to music in the Dentists chair getting his teeth drilled...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...drops of blood..., then with Steven, ID'ing next set of 8 songs...(Al Goodman?).
(The music reminds me of what I used to hear back around 1960 or so on my parents radio/phono combo with the flip down lid with the little push buttons above the little slots with the radio station names on them. The station I recall was WTYM-1600. This station is now the well known WAQY AM 1600/WAQY-102.1 FM) They played this kind of music for the grandma and grandpa crowd!)
(Using the 2.4 KHZ filter and switching sidebands, most of the fading is very slow...I guess the sidebands are clashing when you throw in the carrier and listen in AM...I think this is the reason for having ECSS?...I wish I had a Sherwood SE-3!)
0034 UTC Dickweed and Steven with ID....RPM
(What a great evening for taking a nap in the elevator!)
0043 UTC ID during songs..."smoke another cigarette and pour yourself another shot of vodka...Radio Free Whatever"...then back to the music
(Nice evening for a walk in the cemetary!)
0046 UTC Dickweed & Steven ID'ing the 8 pack of songs and next song up..."Night Train"...song from some movie..."this is your caffeine...your cup of coffee after all that relaxation", then the song
(Nurse, come quickly! The nursing home has gone berserk! Their cutting the straps and having wheelchair races in the hallways!)
0052 UTC Rap music? (Spock, can you get a fix on that?)
0057 UTC Dickweed and Steven chat about the last rap tune..."strip club transition...our great artistic perception of music"...gave email address, then "Until next time...Do Whatever" and off at 0059 UTC
Thanks for the exciting entertaining relaxing program tonight! I will have no problem going to sleep now ;D

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