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Nice S8 signal here at 0236 UTC tune in with end of a jazz/pop tune with some nice lead guitar licks.
0237 UTC A funky kind of jazz fusion tune with great lead guitar licks.
0242 UTC A song that sounds like Santana, only with a wailing sax solo!
0248 UTC Some old style lounge lizard blues with smooth keyboards and           funky upright bass
0253 UTC Some funky jazz fusion riff
0258 UTC Languid keyboard funk tune
0302 UTC Some third world jazz with carnivorous clarinet(or is that a freestyle flute?)
0305 UTC Silence? I guess it was sign off time!
Thanks for a jazz cap to a long night of pirate radio! Hope to hear you again some time :) Hope you liked my descriptions of the songs  ;D

Usual awesome signal into Western MA here tonight S9 +10
0143 UTC "I Only Have Eyes For You"-Flamingos
0146 UTC Wolverine Radio ID
              "Mine Eyes Have Seen You"-Doors
0149 UTC "Girl With No Eyes"-It's a Beautiful Day
0153 UTC "Temptation Eyes"-Grassroots
0155 UTC Wolverine Radio ID
              "You Can Close Your Eyes"-James Taylor
0157 UTC "Behind Blue Eyes"-The Who
0201 UTC "Girl With the Far Away Eyes"-Rolling Stones
0205 UTC Wolverine Radio ID
              "Eyes Without A Face"-Billy Idol
0210 UTC Hmmm....
0214 UTC Hmmm....
0219 UTC Wolverine Radio Echo ID,
0221 UTC "Brown Eyed Girl"-Van Morrison
{Did I miss Suite Judy Blue Eyes?}{I hope I missed Eric Carmen!)
0224 UTC "Green Eyed Lady"-Sugarloaf
0231 UTC Wolverine Radio Echo ID
              QSO with another op! ("Thank you for another fantastic show tonight"...."Thank you")
Thanks Wolverine op....great audio using USB with 6 KHZ filter....smooth!

Also hearing some music here at 0112 UTC on about 6300.7 KHZ using USB and 2.4 KHZ filter. AM is getting clobbered by some kind of killer broadband QRM covering 6297-6300 KHZ. I'm getting weak music, so far songs with lady singer, but hard to tune accurately.
Irish Pauls blog says Summermeeting Radio is broadcasting on this frequency. I have it here just barely above noise threshold. Poor copy, but other than the QRM blob, the band is pretty quiet!

Killer signal at 2334 UTC with S9 +10 here and Jimmy Stewart giving frequency, email address, problems with the cell phone, into "Theme From Dragnet" at 2337 UTC.
2340 UTC JS with ID, TC as 2341 UTC..."Perry Como just broke", TC as 2342 UTC, mention of Saturday JUNE 5th(sounded like it to me!)...talking about soccer, into Perry Como song at 2344 UTC. Took Perry Como off...talk of sending out some QSL cards and got a positive response.
2349 UTC "Huckleberry Duck"-Raymond Scott
0006 UTC JS says "4th of July was 2 days ago...so today is JUNE 5th, or JUNE 6th...For Independence Day...here's Kate Smith"
{Does anybody really know what day it is? ;D }
0010 UTC JS says 4th of July is coming up, and today is Sunday June 6th, so I guess this is replay of last months program?
0102 UTC "Star Spangled Banner"-Kate Smith
{Thanks for another entertaining program James Stewart! Whatever day it is... :-\ } ;D

QSLs Received / KCPR 4th of JULY eQSL
« on: July 05, 2014, 2010 UTC »
Received this very interesting eQSL today from Doc....unsure who the man pictured is. I was very happy to hear your program last night....even happier for you to verify my reception...thank you very much indeed! ;D

Ahhh, Robert Leroy Parker's (aka Butch Cassidy) mugshot from the Wyoming Territorial Prison in 1894. Nice!

General Radio Discussion / Re: The HF Underground Wiki
« on: July 05, 2014, 1404 UTC »
Thanks Chris! It seemed a formidable task to edit the Wiki, so the link to the Wiki editing is especially appreciated.  :)

Finally! I'm getting audio above the noise here at 0336 UTC with C&W tune by man singer that the boys in the chat room say is "Yellow Rose of Texas".
UNID CW at 0344 UTC
0354 UTC CW then song by lady singer...yes, I believe it's Linda Rondstadt doing her version of the Eagles "Desperado"!
0357 UTC Sounds like some Rock & Roll, but I can't make out the tune with all the static crashes
0406 UTC CW then either SSTV or electronica?
0409 UTC I'm hearing music now, so I guess that was some electronica at 0406
(Signal lost completely now, but I see that Rockpicker has posted an SSTV! So I did hear an SSTV scan at 0406 UTC!)
Thanks for the show, or what I could hear of it kcpr op! Thanks for the link too...I will check that out in the morning later on this morning...time to hit the sack..it's way past my bedtime!
Ooops, I hear CW at 0423 UTC and a man announcer just after that! Then a man singing a song without instrumentation.
0427 UTC Man announcer briefly, then CW followed by a familiar sounding tune, then SSTV again at 0430 UTC then off.
I listened back on the song just after 0427, and I still can't quite ID it...almost sounded like Amazing Grace but I think it was something else. Well, that's all folks...good night from Skipmuck!

Thanks for saving the evening Red Hat! Fair signal with great AM audio here at 0206 UTC amidst some static! ID and now at 0212 UTC we have Dirty Laundry.
0218 UTC "Who Loves You"-Frankie Valli
0221 UTC Casey Kasem intro to "Lying Eyes"-Eagles
0226 UTC "Island Girl"-Elton John
0245 UTC Signal down quite a bit from 15 minutes ago...the bass is booming in nicely, but the high end is lost in the static.
0300 UTC I believe you were giving shoutouts to the HFU posters....heard one to rdla4 and RCCI...if I was in their somewhere I missed it, but thanks if you did!
In addition to some tunes I can't ID, were "Saved by Zero" and Lunatic Fringe which ended at 0325 UTC. Couple clear "Power of X" IDs here and there also.
0332 UTC Thanks for the shoutout! Heard it that time :)

Other / Re: 6945USB at 0035 on 5 July 2014
« on: July 05, 2014, 0047 UTC »
I'm getting this also, but in LSB with man and lady announcers, music, etc since 0042 UTC. Music now at 0047 UTC with lady talkover(or man with high pitched voice). ID...? Radio at 0053 UTC, and after that a mention of "Portugeusa". I think this is either a pesky playing radio, or a US pirate relaying a Brazilian station. Hmmm...
0104 UTC Man announcer buried in the noise now...

I'm getting fair audio through the static here from 2342 UTC, easy listening tune, polka/dutch pop at 2344, easy listening tune at 2353 UTC, then man announcer at 2356 UTC. Static crashes presumably from Hurricane Arthur, as most of the Eastern and Midwestern US is relatively free of lightning per Vaisala map. As the grey line approaches, maybe I can get a clear ID.
0004 UTC July 5, 2014 now here and man announcer but no clear copy.
0005 UTC "Nights In White Satin"-Moody Blues
(Hearing this direct!)
0009 UTC OFF after Moody Blues song
(Irish Paul's blog has "Summermeeting Radio" listed as being on earlier, but I can't get an ID from my recording...too much static!)
Thanks for ID Chris S!
Thanks also Andre!

« on: July 04, 2014, 2138 UTC »
While searching my old cartons of shortwave stuff looking for my Radio Apintie pennant, I found the last of my missing pirate QSL's from the mid 1980's. I guess this isn't the place to post these, but I am not registered to post these on the Wiki. If the powers that be deem these worthy of posting there, feel free to delete this post.
 I received the handwritten one first, and the pro done sometime later. Note the missing letter on the handwritten one!!! I don't recall what ever happened to Radio Free Insanity....I think they might have got the knock that year. Electric Buddha, are you still out there in radio land somewhere these 30+ years later?

QSLs Received / Re: X-FM QSL Received
« on: July 04, 2014, 1115 UTC »
Also found one in my inbox this morning too! QSL #643 along with program log....thank you very much Red Hat!!! That program was a good one, I remember it well... ;D

That irritating QRM heard last night is gone tonight...I'm getting weak audio at 0045 UTC, but poor copy with the static from the T-Storm that just went through Western MA.

Tough copy here since 0104 UTC with end of music, man talking..."they own you"...I have it on 6924.2ish in AM, but best in LSB. Will have to listen back tomorrow on the tape as I am too tired to focus on this with all the T-storm static. Different...
Listened back on the recording and heard same thing as Sealord at 0120 UTC...sounded like a loop just saying ?-ra-radio-?-ra-radio or something like that. Off at 0122 UTC
EDIT I believe Sealord is correct....it does sound like "kids playing radio". Also, at around 0105 UTC, the man announcer starts off with "You're listening to ?", but the rest of the sentence is buried in the noise.
EDIT 7/7/14 Ahhh, so they were saying "Insane Radio"!!!!!!  ;D

I can zero beat the carrier here to 6770, but all I get is a wideband noise like an airplane going overhead. No traces of audio underneath. Hope it goes away! Almost like a white noise jammer....

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