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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6945 USB 0229z
« on: June 29, 2014, 0236 UTC »
Great signal here at 0230 UTC with ending of Soviet anthem, into DJ Dickweed dedicating his show to the Old Time Radio op on 6770 (that's his currrent frequency). Into a song by a lady singer who was born in the Soviet Union by the name of Regina. This was followed by a song by the Black Keys (yes, that is one of the best tunes I've heard in along time...it's off their latest album CD...nice melodic lead guitar work)
0243 UTC "It's All Quiet"-Bjork
0247 UTC Thanks for the shoutout DJ Dickweed! Into song "Black, White, and Blue"-Ladyhawk
(I'm getting nice clean audio here...USB with my 6 KHZ filter! Almost sounds like AM.)
0256 UTC A little techno for the rave fans!
0303 UTC More shoutouts...thanks!
0304 UTC Song "Let's Eat You Up"-Sleeper Agent
0308 UTC "From Here to the Ionosphere...Radio Free Whatever", followed by a song by the Arctic Monkeys.
{Time for this one to hit the sack...up since 4:30 AM...up tomorrow morning the same! Thanks for the show DJ Dickweed...like these request shows and the live chat....hope to hear more of the same!} {Also thanks for ID'ing the songs for me to post if I don't already know them!}

Nice S9 here with a little fading at 0004 UTC tune in with "Pebbles".
0005 UTC with James Stewart giving live TC, date, frequency, email address. Said it's going to be another all 78 record show. The next song had a bit of a skip, so went on to another tune. Ray Block His Orchestra
(Hey Jimmy, just tape a nickel to the tonearm!!! :) )
0013 UTC "Let's see if Perry Como puts you to sleep" (Too early Jimmy!)
"I Wanna Go Home"-Perry Como with the Fontaine Sisters
(Jimmy says he can't get to the computer, so no shoutouts...he'll check after the show...no problem! We know you know who we are!)
Anybody out there know a Peggy? Dr. Who is the engineer.
0025 UTC Song "That's Peggy O'Neil"
0033 UTC Thanks for the weather report...I just stuck my head out the window and you were correct!
"I Want to be Happy"-Glenn Miller (flip side to "In the Mood")
0043 UTC Another record with a crack in it? I don't know if we can tolerate such low fidelity on the pirate bands 8)
E-I-E-I-O ....Spike Jones up there on the box...dagnabbit
0126 UTC OFF after Sinatra tune, I want to be a pirate, and NA
(Thanks for a great show tonight James aka Jimmy!)  :)

General Radio Discussion / Re: Propagation
« on: June 28, 2014, 1538 UTC »
Although there is no question that prop has been somewhat disappointing over the last couple of weeks here, I attribute much of the tough copy to the Rice Krispy atmospherics courtesy of the Summer T-Storm season. Nothing worse than straining through the noise and having a major static ear bleeding blast from a lightning strike somewhere! And yes, that was a surprising TA opening last night Chris! I'm just listening back now on the recording I made of Black Bandit on 6320 and it was nothing less than amazing!

Listened back to my recording and about 3 minutes after Renegade signed off on 6935, a much stronger signal came on at 0404 UTC. Herman Munster clip with Herman getting a ham radio set and calling CQ, followed by the skit about the Ham radio op cashing his paycheck at the Ham Radio Outlet! UNID lady op chastising him for spending all his time and money on ham radio...."that's why we don't sleep in the same room"...ham op prefers the couch because he has a radio there. Off at 0408 UTC.  No ID...when they came back on at about 0438 or 0439 UTC, there were no ID's between songs that I could hear. I drifted off to sleep during a live version of Bob Seger's "Main Street". Anyway, thanks for the show whoever you are...

Edited some speculative details...

UNID Ham radio skit starting at 0404 UTC. It was a classic Ham radio wife complaining about her husbands hobby....short broadcast.  Started up about 3 minutes after Renegade shut down at 0401 UTC. Excellent signal...sounded like they were reading from a script.... ??? Signal was stronger than Renegade and the audio was different.
0439 UTC Hearing what I believe is same station again with "Go Your Own Way"-Fleetwood Mac, as no retuning was necessary, into an interesting guitar instrumental at 0441 UTC.
0446 UTC "Keep On Rocking Me Baby"-Steve Miller Band
(I will listen to this as I fall asleep...for now it's nighty night....)

Edited out some speculative details...

Poor to fair here at 0306 UTC tune in. Signal picked up nicely around 0310 during punk tune, ID at 0314 UTC, then more punk music.
0328 UTC Thanks for the shoutout! I'm getting the microphone clipping here also, but the music audio is just fine!
Interesting conversation just before close down at 0400ish UTC. :D

EDIT: Listening back on the tape this morning...about 0348 UTC, Renegade op with guest...."and now your favorite showmaster...?...". This was followed by a reggae tune. Conversation between op and guest was rather flatulent.... ;D
Off at about 0401 UTC with "this violates every standard of pirate radio...you have been listening to Renegade Radio".
(The microphone clipping seemed to have went away during the last 20 minutes or so of the program.)

Weak C&W tune at 0241 UTC, into SSTV at 0244 UTC
Music after SSTV, then another SSTV....hope someone who can decode posts the scan!!! After 2nd scan, mention of WWV....couldn't catch exactly what was said. Nice puppy and nice peace sign...thanks for the show UNID op ;D
Any chance of a QSL?

Fair to good here with some static crashing...best in LSB here for some reason on 6949.2 or .3 ish. Tune in at 0151 UTC to music.
0157 UTC Whole bunch of ID's, into techno kind of R&B pop tune lady singer.
(Hey DJ LT....thanks for being the first to entertain us sordid pirate listener types...the chat room was getting lethargic!)
0204 UTC Scary sounding electronica :o
0210 UTC Signal picking up nicely during the current techno girl group tune!
OFF during the tune playing about 0230 or so....
(Thanks for the show tonight DJ LT! Bagel and a bottle of Sprite for the 10PM breakfast show.... ;D )

Nice clear signal here at 0018 UTC tune in with polka, then man announcer at 0019 UTC with 2 clear ID's, followed by Roll Out the Barrel
Still going strong at 0057 UTC with a man announcer with a deep voice, chatting between and during songs with a slow deliberate talk. Mostly EZ listening tunes, Dutch music. Haven't heard a full song played yet! Lots of polkas....ID's..."Black Bandit on the shortwaves".
OFF at 0126 UTC
(Thanks for the show tonight Black Bandit! My first time hearing you. :) )

« on: June 26, 2014, 2106 UTC »
Found a very attractive Northwoods Radio QSL in my real mailbox today! Very happy to get this! Thanks Mr. Jackpine Savage! ;D

Nice S7 signal here with great audio on about 6924.4ish KHZ at 2325 UTC tune in. Nice to hear you again DJ LT!!! A bit of fading here, but sounding crisp and clean tonight. It's been a long day at work, so forgive me if I don't get up and dance ;D
2333 UTC Several ID's with echo effect.... boomboxshortwave@gmail.com and "Breakfast With Boombox". (It's dinner time here, but I guess it's breakfast time somewhere!).
(Thanks for the email....yes, I remember that program from back in February...the weather is much nicer now though! And it really is hot dogs and macaroni salad with potato chips here ;))
0000 UTC Lots of selective fading, so I switched to USB....frequency seems closer to 6924.3
(I'll trade you some macaroni salad for those sweet potatos!)
0033 UTC OFF (Thank you DJ LT for the breakfast show tonight!)

Let's see if we can clear some of this up after reveiwing my recording! I was already parked on 6925 AM because of the strong carrier when a man came on at 0111 UTC with ID..."Man Cave Radio". Signal was distorted, but could make out "In the Summertime"-Mungo Jerry with man announcer talkover(I couldn't make out what was said). I went to USB and the signal cleared up quite a bit. This was followed by what sounded like Rascal Flatts at 0115 UTC, and "Summer Breeze"-Seals & Croft at 0120 UTC. 0124 UTC Sounded like some kind of remix of "Blurred Lines"-Robin Thicke??? Signal dropped out to almost nothing at around 0127 UTC, but I could catch moments of very weak threshold audio until around 0145 when the audio picked up and I could hear an off tuned "Summer Breeze"-Seals & Croft again. I retuned to 6924.4 KHZ USB and the signal cleared up a bit until OFF about 0158 UTC. I confirmed this frequency with markokpik who said he was getting hets on 6924.4 and 6925 KHZ also. Chris S's UNID post is almost certainly Man Cave Radio, only the op changed the frequency and hasn't got the bugs worked out of the xmtr!
{Thanks for the show Man Cave Op....gave my ears a bit of a workout...last night and this early evening listening to the recording!}
{I believe the 0039 UTC in the header is for that strong carrier on 6925...should be 0111 UTC for Man Cave Radio sign on....never did check at the end of the broadcast to see if that carrier was still on 6925 kHZ}

I've been getting this strong open carrier here for over an hour. Why would anyone run an OC this long for no obvious reason? I guess because the reason is not obvious! ;D

Audio at 0111 UTC in USB and LSB but distorted in AM. UNID song
0120 UTC "Summer Breeze"-Seals and Crofts
0123 UTC "Blurred Lines"
0126 UTC OFF? I still have that carrier...very strong with something weak under it...strange!
0145 UTC I'm hearing "Summer Breeze" again, this time on 6924.4 KHZ with a strong het from the carrier on 6925.

The earlier thumping rave gives way to the men with the beards from Texas. Signal is coming up nicely now after about 15 minutes buried in the noise.
2346 UTC Thrash Punk tune...

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