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Fair signal here at 0208 UTC tune in with songs by Gary Numan, Jim Stafford, ID and long chat at 0218 UTC, songs by Leo Sayers, Mark Lindsey, Harry Nillson, 0044 UTC another long chat.
Thanks for the shoutout at 0253 UTC after My Generation by the Who!
(I have been retuning during the broadcast as the frequency changes....otherwise the audio is just fine!)
0256 UTC Lawyers, Guns, and Money by Warren Zevon
0303 UTC King of Pain by the Police
0308 UTC Muskrat gets his request played! :)
0311 UTC Air That I Breathe-Hollies
Over the last 20 minutes the frequency has settled down very nicely!

Great signal tonight Herman! First tuned in at 0020 UTC and you were S7 here in Springfield, Massachusetts! Listening now at 0050 UTC and still punching through the static here...good propagation from Europe tonight!
0056 UTC Thanks for the shoutout! ;D
0102 UTC Strong QRM on USB....white noise...you're best on LSB here now.
0109 UTC QRM is gone now and we are back listening on AM!!!
0148 UTC Still punching through here with Romantics "That's What I Like About You"
0202ish UTC Off
{Thanks for the entertainment tonight Mustang Radio! Great signal into Western Massachusetts tonight. Come back soon!} :)

Strong here at 2302 UTC tune in with Louis Armstrong. ID as Jimmy Stewart Show with live date and time check.

Weak signal at 2222 UTC tune in...S3...this frequency is very stable!
2240 UTC signal getting better...S5 now.
2250 UTC Still no frequency drift

« on: May 24, 2014, 0855 UTC »
Found this in the inbox this morning when I woke up! For an April 27, 2014 reception on 6240 KHZ. Thank you very much Radio Experience!!! Very Happy to get this QSL! Also verified my email to them during the broadcast. Hope to hear you again in the future!

Fair here at 0100 UTC on 6880.6 with OTR program of indeterminate origin. Last night I googled Old Time Radio, and there are numerous websites streaming these programs. With my puny dial-up connection, I didn't bother logging into them to see if one was a match. Nice to have this though. A little too much storm noise here for decent copy though.

The worst of the T-Storm here seems to have passed, so I hooked my antenna up after jonesing for some pirate activity. XLR8 I presume here on USB at 0049 UTC with...uh...esoteric music pieces ;). S7 peaks amidst lingering storm noise.

Here we go again! Fair signal above the storm noise here at 0005 UTC tune-in.
0016 UTC Frequency started to drift...now at 6880.8
0018 UTC now at 6881.... :-\

Open carrier first, then audio here at 0023 UTC with poor to fair signal just above the noise floor...frequency drifting down slowly from 6880.3 at 0023 UTC to 6879.9 at 0033 UTC
Back up to 6880.2 at 0036 UTC and yes, the noise has pretty much overwhelmed the signal here.
Seems to have settled down on 6880.2 and the signal has improved a bit over the last 10 minutes. Poor to Fair copy at 0048 UTC

Tune in to Rush-"Limelight" at 2333 UTC with S7 signal while eating dinner. Off abruptly at 2336 UTC. Peskies heavy on LSB. Good audio!

The mysterious old time radio is on again with fair signal here above a rather low noise floor. Anyone have any ideas on this? Tuned in at 2225 UTC....Lone Ranger. S5-S6 signal with good copy.
2232 UTC Signal dropped down a bit, just above noise floor.
2322 UTC Still going, but not strong enough for good copy...I wonder if it was like this in the old days, straining through the noise on the old family console...
0022 UTC Still going! Tough copy, but audible above the noise.

Weak here at 2343 UTC tune in, but signal getting better as the sun declines...good copy now. This is the 3rd time I've heard this...same frequency. Strange thing with this broadcasting audio from old TV programs...or is it old radio programs?

Busy in the chat room last night and forgot to post this! Tune in at 0255 UTC on about 6925.2 kHZ with reggae song lady singer "Turn, Turn, Turn, Turn Me On" with ID over music near end of song "Captain Morgan Shortwave...this is Captain Morgan Shortwave".
0256+ UTC Same ID repeated 3 times, into Twilight Zone music
0258 UTC Song "Half Pint A Whiskey"
0302 UTC Song Unid blues tune...Fun, Fun, Fun....I'm going to crawl like a big fat hound.....I'll be a monkey eating sauerkraut...have a ball in the great beyond"....cool lyrics!
0305 UTC Song "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
0308 UTC Song "I'm Stepping Out"
0311 UTC Strange sci-fi voices and sound effects until 0313 UTC off abrupt
(Some really great old blues tunes tonight Cap'n! Great audio too...rather short broadcast but we take what we can get here on the receiving end! ;) Thanks!)

Actually, Peter King is a Republican who has announced that he will be running for President in 2016! It's a scary world out there Pete...bigger fish to fry than the illegal immigrants running 10 watts on FM for the local communities in the Big Apple....

Checked Wolverine out a few times between 0150-0200 UTC while listening to Northwoods Radio, and both at S9+ here on the East Coast! Almost like tuning the MW clear channels! Both powerhouse signals, but Wolverine with the edge. Nice to have a choice between dancing and rocking out!
When RFW signed on later, also was able to compare signals...Wolverine was over the top, but RFW was a solid S8 here with a repeat of the nights earlier broadcast. Great night for killer signals! Thanks Wolverine....well, except for Men With Hats.... ;)

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