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0627 UTC with S5 signal here with discoesque tune followed by unid techno dance tune at 0629 UTC (Ya Gotta Lick It?!)
0634+ UTC "Rocky Mountain Way"-Joe Walsh (song cut short!)
0636 UTC "Reeling and Rocking"-Chuck Berry
0640 UTC False start on song, then "Stay", which was cut short into "There Goes My Baby"
0645 UTC ID...XLR8, then "That'll Be the Day"-Buddy Holly

Weak signal above the noise floor here at 0546 UTC tune-in with unid song 0547 UTC Man announcer with ID's and email address, into unid rock song, then "Double Vision"-Foreigner, another song maybe Dire Straits? then Man announcer at 0603 UTC followed by Summer In the City-Lovin Spoonful? Signal gone after a few more minutes...off?
{What am I doing up at this time anyway! Going back to sleep and will listen back on the recording in the ummm...morning?}

Solid S8 signal here at 0003 UTC tune-in with "Taking Care of Business"-BTO
0006 UTC Man announcer with "Radio Mushroom" ID, into "Rebel Yell"-Billy Idol
0011 UTC Man announcer with ..."This is Radio Mushroom, the only pirate powered by ?" and "Radio Mushroom". (I'm getting a het on the frequency now, but Mushroom much stronger), into UNID rock tune.
0016 UTC Man announcer with ID, talk about the "residue from the power plant", gmail address
0017 UTC "Smoke on the Water"-Deep Purple
0022 UTC Man announcer with closing chat..."When you look up into the sky and see a mushroom cloud, you'll know that Radio Mushroom was on the air".
0023 OFF
{Thanks for the show Radio Mushroom! I'm afraid to look outside at the sky!}

Thanks for the Bubblegum Express verie JP! Keep those groovy tunes alive! Congrats on your dedicated service to the Free Radio community also...Here's the reverse side of an old TCS QSL from my 80's archives.

Nice S8 signal here at 0037 UTC tune-in with "Jingle Jangle"-Archies.
0039 UTC ID, plug for NORML, "Bubble Gum Express", email
0041 UTC "Elenore"-Turtles
"I Woke Up In Love This Morning"-Partridge Family
0051 UTC "Mirage"-Tommy James & the Shondells
0058 UTC I'm getting RTTY QRM now during "Indian Giver"...best on USB
I was a starry eyed adolescent when these songs came out....some were good...some were bad... in retrospect, some were REALLY bad! so I won't admit to having purchased most of these "45's". :-X

Fair here at 2344 UTC tune-in with instrumental tune.
2348 UTC "Cars"-Gary Numen
0010 UTC "XLR8" ID and off
{Hey XLR8 op...how about some chat  between songs!}

Nice AM audio here at 0030 UTC with Channel Z and Andy Walker playing first songs of artists before they were famous. This is a repeat of a previous broadcast....listening to early Lemme with Dandy at 0046 UTC. Great to hear a truly professional free radio show in the 49 meter band! Solid S9 at 0050 UTC...thanks Andy and thanks Z!!!
Since 0050 UTC, I've been getting some QRM sounding like an electric fan...signal still over the top of that though!
0106 UTC End of Part 2 and then right into Part 3...awesome! Song by the Mascots? at 0110 UTC
{Time to turn off the PC and relax with Channel Z on the radio until slumber takes over from the real world! Thanks again Andy and Z!}

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: TCS 6851 2354z 4-8-14
« on: April 09, 2014, 0041 UTC »
Fair signal at 0024 UTC tune-in with "I Had Too Much to Dream"-Electric Prunes, into "Incense & Peppermints"-Strawberry Alarm Clock". Lots of band noise and fading at about 6850.5 KHZ or so. 0029 UTC "Venus" Shocking Blue

UNID playing B-52's music here heavily QRM'd by UTE and Pesky on LSB, but rising well above the noise level, sometimes quite good. Silence between songs..."Living In Your Own Private Idaho" at 0003 UTC April 9, 2014. Off abrupt at 0021 UTC. This may have come back on as Chris S.'s UNID at 0023 UTC

What best sums up this nonsense is the phrase "Crackpot Documentary". A close second is the term "Actress" Kate Mulgrew. I can't believe that anyone would actually fall for this crap.

0002 UTC with killer USB signal playing a heartbreaker of a CB "good buddy" tune...seemingly dead on 6949 KHZ with S9 signal!
0007 UTC "Bird Dog"-Everly Brothers
0010 UTC "Downtown- Petula Clark
0013 UTC "Lollipop"-Chordettes
0015+ UTC "I'm Not You're Stepping Stone"-Monkees
0017 UTC Dick Weed & Stephen with mention of "RPM-Revolutions Per Minute"
0018 UTC "Everybody Loves Somebody"-Dean Martin
0021 UTC "There's a Kind of a Hush"-Hermans Hermits
{The USB audio quality is fantastic! I can even use the 6 KHZ filter.}
0023 UTC "Help Yourself"-Tom Jones
0026 UTC "This is Radio Free Whatever, followed by "Winchester Cathedral"-New Vaudeville Band
0029 UTC ? Jay and the Americans?{Dick Weed says "Forget Him"-Bobby Rydell}
0031 UTC "Spinning Wheel"-Blood, Sweat, and Tears
0033+ UTC Dick Weed with ID, naming previous songs and next song
0035 UTC "In the Ghetto"-Elvis Presley
0038 UTC UNID C&W tune(Dick Weed says "Hello Darling"-Conway Twitty)
0040 UTC Dick Weed with ID and "RPM", into "In the Year 2525"-Zager & Evans
0044 UTC "Great Balls of Fire"-Jerry Lee Lewis
0046 UTC "King of the Road"-Roger Miller (one of those good old scratchy records!)
0048 UTC "Catherina"-Perry Como
0050 UTC "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden"-Lynn Anderson
0053 UTC "Hot Rod Lincoln"-Commander Cody
0056 UTC Dick Weed talk..."That about wraps it up", ID'd songs played, gmail address then "DO WHATEVER!
0058 UTC OFF
(Thanks for the entertainment tonight DJ Dickweed and assistant Steven! Now I can hit the sack...3:30 AM arrives early!)

Nice clear signal here on 6949.1 KHZ at 2302 UTC tune-in with Dick Weed and Co chatting... Dick Weed hoping for some female DXer to stalk him...into Song "Hustle & Cuss"-Dead Weather
2330 UTC UNID tune well above the noise floor here...S7 peaks! Nice to have RFW to break the monotony of Monday night!
{Just noticed...I'm not hearing any peskies tonight. That's a nice change of pace!}
Off at 2347 UTC after mention of "Show # 225" and gmail address, along with a request for new ideas for shows.

Had that here also, but thought it was just a pesky with music on in the background....peskies are out in full force tonight, not to mention a lot of atmospheric snap, crackle, and pop! Ear bleed DXing at it's best....
0015 UTC I'm still getting that, but noticed it is best in USB, whereas the peskies are LSB.
0031 UTC Definitely a song being played...just can't make out what it is.
{Thanks for the ID DimBulb....signal too weak and too much pesky to make out what it was...anybody broadcasting on 6930 is basically Fishdrake.}

I was listening to this at 2236 UTC tune in with S3 signal with a song that I believe was done by the Sir Douglas Quintet? 2238 UTC ID "We are Cool AM Radio", into slow ballad by man singer, Lady announcer at 2243 UTC with ID, into song by lady singer...seemingly off at 2348 UTC.
Hey Andre....thanks for the show and thanks to the relay, but shouldn't this be COOL USB RADIO for this broadcast? ;)

Popping up above the noise floor here at 1544 UTC tune-in with Seagulls and ID at 1545 UTC and songs by Stray Cats and Steppenwolf. Nice to hear this again....songs fading well above noise at times!
1658 UTC Seagulls, clear ID and email address, into Chubby Checker

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