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Fair signal with fading on 6149.6 KHZ at 0004 UTC tune-in. Noisy, but fading well above the noise floor. RFW "RPM" ID at 0004 UTC into swingtime jazz tune. email address for QSL at 0007 UTC then more swingtime jazz. Look out "Z"! The Russians are coming.....
0014 UTC "RPM" ID....signal here is about S6 with nice clean audio...repeat of previous RPM program of big band jazz.
0020 UTC I'm getting that fan flutter QRM now....is this some kind of OTH radar or something? Same broadband interference when Channel Z was on recently.

Just like the old days! Open the mailbox, and there is a reply from a broadcaster amidst the junk mail and bills. Thank you very much R.T.P, Senor Transmitter Engineer! Very pleased to get this one!

Open carrier here since at least 0015 UTC, on suddenly with Tommy Dorsey with killer S9 signal here....slight hum on the frequency.
2336 UTC "Chairman of the Board Radio"...announcer gave titles of songs....including rare song by Frank Sinatra with Tommy Dorsey..."Chairman of the Board Radio....Good Bye". Off at 0037 UTC

Ahhh, come back from my Easter dinner to hear "Little Drummer Boy"....do I have the right holiday here? Superb S9+10 here on 6924.6 ish KHZ at 2337 UTC tune-in.
2339 UTC Man announcer...."you get the image...all we have here...Easter Sunday...Jimmy Stewart...MAC Shortwave". Gave 2 email addresses
2340 UTC "Blue Hawaii"-Benny Goodman, then "In The Mood"-Teddy Wilson  2345 UTC (Jimmy Stewart)...ID'd tunes, TC, and "6925"..."MAC Shortwave"...James Stewart...(gave email addresses)
2349 UTC"I've Got You Under My Skin"-Hal Kemp
2353 UTC ?-Andrews Sisters
2355 UTC Jimmy Stewart ID last songs..."going to wrap it up... one or two more...6925...2357...Ozzie Nelson"
2357 UTC "Jersey Jive"-Ozzie Nelson
Off abruptly at top of the hour
{Thanks for the Easter show Jimmy Stewart and MAC Shortwave!}

Got it here on 6913.3 ish kHZ with music at 2220 UTC. Fair signal with a slight het but above the noise. Unusual tune
2230 UTC Tough copy
2333 UTC Some kind of skit going on....two announcers I guess! Damned noisy band....
2237 UTC Signed off I think!

I'm getting threshold audio here since 2029 UTC....sounds like man announcer, but I can't make out what he's saying. I have the frequency as 6925.4.
2035 UTC Song....hard to copy, but sounds like Ian Anderson's flute! Maybe Jethro Tull tune?
2039 UTC Man and Lady announcer I believe? Or is this some kind of skit?
2040 UTC Song
2050 UTC Man announcer but poor copy as the signal floats just above and below the noise floor. Followed by a song-Lady Singer
2110 UTC Signal getting better during the fade ins, but still can't ID the tune!
2115 UTC announcer chatting about something!
2123 UTC Man announcer with what sounded like ? Radio, into another song by lady singer
2128 UTC Nice peak during song with lady singer and flute
2134 UTC sounds like a CD is stuck, with the same thing repeated over and over by man...going on for several minutes! What is this and who are you?
2142 UTC Sounds like a jamming signal now....oh well. Stange indeed!
Thanks for the show anyway!
2146 UTC Ooops! Music is back now! Signal still battling the noise...
Headed outside for a bit and came back at 2205....gone!

QSLs Received / Re: Thinking Man radio eQSL
« on: April 20, 2014, 1941 UTC »
Also received here for last nights broadcast! Thanks TMR op!!! Much appreciated.  ??? Cogito Ergo Sum  ???

Tuned in to Swing time jazz tune at 1802 UTC, ID at 1803 UTC. Solid S9 signal here! Nice Easter afternoon with RFW!
1810 UTC ID followed by some lazy big band swing music from the old days.
1813 UTC DJ Dickweed and Stephen ID'ing tunes played and "Until Next Time...Do Whatever"....a short time after that, a ladies voice saying something like..."Come down here or we're going to lose the GD house", then off at 1816 UTC.

S8 signal here with UNID tune at 0316 UTC...much stronger than 6925 or 6940.
Gone at 0319 UTC....just noticed that the noise floor here is S5!
Music back on at 0325 UTC tune in, but weaker than previous....
Off again at 0330 UTC...I think it's time for slumber here at Poor Brook Valley.

Just above the high noise floor here at 0244 UTC....lots of snap, crackle, and pop....must be a storm somewhere! I believe this is my first log of BOR!
Reception tonight has taken a turn for the worse...music at Euro level...well, except for the finger picking music! Don't hear much bluegrass from overseas! We have bluegrass, they have polkas...

Tuned in at 0204 UTC to "Let's Go Get Stoned"-Ray Charles, Wolverine Radio ID at 0206 UTC, into "Eight Miles High"-Birds, and 0210 UTC "Along Comes Mary"-Association. Excellent wide band USB audio and no QRM....but there seems to be a buzz coming from the radio :-X
Now Arlo's coming into Los Angeles with chickens flying everywhere;
0219 UTC Cheech & Chong segue into Brewer & Shipley (I think I'll leave that as is!)
0223 UTC Panama Red will steal your woman and rob your head.....and what is that strong buzz coming from the radio...what do you think this is the 60's?, 70's?, 80's?, 90's?, the new millenium and we're hanging out in Colorado?
Mr. Marley and Mr. Petty making some serious social statements.
Scotty at 0241 UTC Should be a real smoker!

Did a quick Euro search and heard a clear ID at 0138+ UTC by man announcer..."This is Radio Star International"....signal in and out of the noise floor, but another clear ID at 0043 UTC. Announcer's voice is heard, but rest of audio really low in the mix. A new log for me!

Nice S7 signal here at 0106 UTC with "Flip, Flop, Fly...I Don't Care If I Die", a swinging blues tune with nice Sax, into another rocking blues tune at 0109 UTC. No interference here, just a little selective fading.
Getting some annoying pesky QRM on LSB during swinging blues tune at 0127 UTC. Switched to USB and much better copy.

Solid S5 here at 2353 UTC tune-in....man announcer with ID..."Thinking Man Radio on 6930 Upper Side Band". Into "Venus"-Shocking Blue
2356 UTC man announcer with some thoughts... thinkingmanradio@gmail.com
2357 UTC "Jumping Jack Flash"-Rolling Stones

Edit (After sending reception report I add this thought from the closing announcement... THINK...RESOLVE...BE AT PEACE)

Fair signal here popping up above the noise with Euro fade pattern since 2305 UTC with mostly EZ listening tunes that I don't recognize....wish I had a smart phone with Shazam app :-\
Harry.... ;D
2345 UTC EZ listening ballad by sultry voiced lady (how's that for a description?)

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